Football INDEX Review

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a fantasy football guru, you’ll absolutely love Football INDEX.

Football INDEX is a fantastic blend of football betting and fantasy football, where users can make serious profits using their football knowledge and passion for the beautiful game.

The hype around Football INDEX has been building steadily since it’s inception in October 2015 and after hearing their advert on radio station, talkSPORT, I decided to see what all the fuss was about and give it a go myself!

What is Football INDEX?

Football INDEX is the world’s first football stock market, allowing users to buy and sell virtual shares in the world’s top footballers.

Just like buying shares in a company on the London Stock Exchange, Football INDEX allows us to buy shares in footballers with cash, build a portfolio, earn dividends and hopefully sell at a profit.



Unlike traditional football betting where we back an outcome and potentially lose our entire stake, trading with Football Index is different. Instead, we are gambling on a player increasing in value over time, which means our stake will fluctuate up and down until we decide to sell.

Football INDEX is provided by BetIndex Ltd which is licensed and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission and by the UK Gambling Commission.

1st Team & Squad

There are over 1,000 footballers on the INDEX. The top 200 players make up the 1st team and the remaining players can be found in the Squad. We can only purchase shares in 1st team players.

Football INDEX - 1st Team

Each week, we can vote Squad players up and down for promotion into the 1st Team. The top two players in the Squad at 09:00 each Friday, will win promotion, and the bottom two players in the 1st Team will be relegated into the Squad.

Football INDEX - Squad

Once a Squad player has been promoted into the 1st Team, they are protected for 8 weeks, which is denoted by a padlock symbol on the player’s avatar. This means they cannot be relegated straight back into the Squad.

Buying and Selling

So, you’ve got your eye on a player and you’re ready to dip your toes in. Buying and selling on the INDEX couldn’t be easier.

To purchase shares in your selected player, just hit the BUY button and select how many futures you wish to buy. The shares are called futures because we are betting on the future value of the player. Once purchased, the shares will be added to your portfolio. That’s it… you are now a Football INDEX trader!

Football INDEX - Buying

If you decide you want to sell your shares in a player, just hit the SELL button and you’ll be presented with two options.

Your first option is to ‘JOIN SELL QUEUE’. This allows you to sell your shares back to the market where they can be purchased by other users at a specified price. You should go for this option if you believe there is a demand for your player. Yes, you’ll be in a queue, but you’ll get a better return and it shouldn’t take too long to sell them.

Football INDEX - Selling

Your second option is ‘INSTANT SELL’. This allows you to sell your shares instantly at a reduced price. You should go for this option if you don’t feel there’s a great demand for your player. It saves you waiting around for a sale and means your cash is available straight away to reinvest elsewhere.


Footballers accumulate Buzz points throughout each day based on the amount of press coverage they receive. The player with the most points and therefore top of the Buzz come midnight is declared the winner.

If you have the Buzz winner in your portfolio, you’ll receive a 5p dividend for every share you hold in that player.

Football INDEX - Buzz

Buzz points are allocated by collating information from 25 UK based football news feeds, such as the Daily Mail and the BBC. The sentiment of the article is also taken into account, so the more often your player is mentioned in a positive light, the more points they will earn.

Footballers make headlines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so the Football Buzz never sleeps!

How to make a profit on Football INDEX

There are two different ways to make a profit on the INDEX.

As explained above, we can earn dividends if our player tops the daily Buzz. With a dividend of 5p per share up for grabs, these can quickly add up to a nice little return on your investment.

So, for every 100 shares you own in the Buzz winner, £5.00 cash will be added straight to your balance!

Therefore, selecting players who are loved by the media (AKA ‘Buzz magnets’) is a great starting point when thinking about your long-term strategy.

The main way we can make a profit though is by building a portfolio of players that we think will increase in value over time. We need to buy low and sell high!

If a player is in good form and playing well, this is likely to have a positive impact on their share price. As demand increases and more shares are purchased, their price will increase too. This gives us an opportunity to sell for a profit.

On the flip side, if a player gets injured, this is likely to have a negative impact on their share price. Users would be looking to offload their shares in order to reinvest their money elsewhere. So, as demand decreases and more shares are sold, their price will decrease too.

It’s just basic supply and demand. Share prices will fluctuate up and down depending on the market and knowing when to sell is just as important as knowing when to buy!

Football INDEX - Gabriel Jesus

A great example of both scenarios is Gabriel Jesus. On 19th January 2017, his transfer to Manchester City was confirmed and his share price increased almost 40% from £1.36 to £1.90. After hitting the ground running with some impressive displays, his share price continued to rise to a high of £4.01.

A bad injury, however, on 13th February 2017 and the news of a two-month lay off saw many traders sell their stock. His share price duly plummeted 21% before stabilising at £3.05.

This was all in the space of a month so he’s a perfect example of how share prices can move very quickly in a short space of time.

Can I lose money on Football INDEX?

The value of shares can go down as well as up so there is always a possibility that you will have to sell your shares for less than you paid for them.

The main scenario to avoid is your player being relegated from the 1st Team into the Squad. If you are concerned that your player is in real danger of being relegated, you can sell your shares instantly and cut your losses.

If you fail to sell your shares before the player is relegated, they will lose their value. You will never lose more than the amount you have invested.

£500 risk-free welcome offer

If you’re undecided on whether to give Football INDEX a go, their risk-free welcome offer should be the nudge you need. It was for me!

You can trade risk-free for 7 days, so if you decide trading isn’t for you or you make a loss, you can simply email them to receive a full refund, up to £500!

Football INDEX Welcome Offer

All you need to do is sign up for an account, deposit £10.00+ and then invest in players that you think will increase in value over a period of time.

My advice would be to spread your investment across a number of players as this will increase your chances of making a profit.

If your portfolio decreases in value, you can claim a cash refund within 7 days, up to £500.00, by contacting Customer Support. I’ve tested this process personally and received the refund within a couple of hours.

The £500 risk-free welcome offer looks set to run until the end of 2017.

With such an innovative platform and inviting welcome offer, it’s an opportunity that really shouldn’t be missed. It’s absolutely zero risk and if you manage to invest in the right players, you could make yourself a tidy profit!

My Experience

My first trading experience with Football INDEX was a very positive one.

I decided I would use my first 7 days to find my feet and figure out how everything worked, safe in the knowledge that I would get my money back if need be.

It was the January 2017 transfer window, so there was plenty of transfer speculation flying around. I set about putting together a portfolio of around 10 players.

The first player to go into my portfolio was Wayne Rooney at a share price of £3.18. At the time, he was one goal away from breaking the Manchester United goalscoring record and I fancied him to score in his next game. I expected that if he could break the record, his price would rise and he might win the Buzz two or three times. He duly achieved the feat against Stoke City which bagged him a couple of Buzz wins. Unfortunately though, his share price remained about the same.

Football INDEX - Wayne Rooney Buzz Winner

Having spent 20% of my budget on Rooney, I decided to go cheaper on my other selections.

I opted for players who were either heavily involved in transfer speculation or who I believe have a bright future in the game…

PlayerSharesBuy PriceSell PriceProfit/Loss
Wayne Rooney30£3.18£3.16– £2.50
Virgil van Dijk100£0.90£0.79– £12.58
N’Golo Kante100£0.31£0.37+ £5.26
Eric Dier100£0.32£0.34+ £1.32
Andros Townsend100£0.34£0.35+ £0.30
Marco Verratti100£0.40£0.44+ £3.12
Thomas Muller60£0.51£0.45– £4.14
Joe Hart50£0.90£0.98+ £3.02
Ademola Lookman85£0.61£0.70+ £6.46
Manuel Lanzini90£0.54£0.47– £7.15
Oliver Burke125£0.36£0.32– £5.80

As explained above, before I sold all my shares, I was actually a few quid in profit. Having decided to sell my shares and start afresh, the commission on those sales meant I had made a loss of £9.69, which was duly refunded.

I don’t think I did too badly for a newbie. I was unfortunate to make a loss on Virgil van Dijk. His share price swiftly dipped following an ankle injury that ruled him out for two months.

I learnt valuable lessons with Manuel Lanzini and Oliver Burke. I rushed into buying Manuel Lanzini following his promotion to the first team. I should have waited for his price to settle before investing. Oliver Burke was very much an impulse buy that didn’t pay off.

As I write this guide three months on (April 2017), current share prices suggest I’ve got a keen eye for the right player…

PlayerBuy PriceCurrent Sell Price% ChangeProfit/Loss
Wayne Rooney£3.18£3.70+ 16.4%+ £15.60
Virgil van Dijk£0.90£1.42+ 57.8%+ £52.00
N’Golo Kante£0.31£2.28+ 635.5%+ £197.00
Eric Dier£0.32£0.73+ 128.1%+ £41.00
Andros Townsend£0.34relegatedn/an/a
Marco Verratti£0.40£0.89+ 122.5%+ £49.00
Thomas Muller£0.51£0.88+ 72.5%+ £22.20
Joe Hart£0.90£1.29+ 43.3%+ £19.50
Ademola Lookman£0.61£0.87+ 42.6%+ £22.10
Manuel Lanzini£0.54£0.71+ 31.5%+ £15.30
Oliver Burke£0.36relegatedn/an/a

As you can see, all but two of my selections have since grown handsomely in value!

Andros Townsend and Oliver Burke were relegated to the Squad. Anyone holding either player would have no doubt sold for a small loss before their relegations were confirmed.

Had I held onto all of my shares, my starting balance of £500.00 would now be worth around £1,000.00, giving me a profit of £500.00!

That’s a 100% increase in just three months!


Having tried my hand at Football INDEX trading, I’m convinced that with the right strategy, there’s plenty of money to be made.

It’s such a simple, innovative concept and it really is great fun!

Using the site is really straightforward and the mobile apps make it easy for us to keep an eye on our portfolio whilst on the move.

Just like Fantasy Football, the INDEX is a great source of banter, so challenge your mates and get them involved!

My one criticism is that I would like to see more detailed graphs and analytic tools. I’m sure these will come with time. I understand there are also plans to introduce a forum, which will be great for discussing strategies and tips with other users.

With over 30,000 active traders, the growth of Football INDEX has been nothing but impressive and it looks set to be the next big thing in sports betting.

Following recent adverts on TV and radio, there are sure to be more players joining the INDEX which means more money entering the market. This is sure to push share prices up, so there’s never been a better time to get involved!