BetRegal Sign Up Offer – £50 Deposit Bonus

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If you’ve not yet got an account with BetRegal, you’re in the right place, as I show you how to tackle their sign up offer for new customers. Simply sign up with BetRegal and they’ll give us a 20% deposit bonus, up to a maximum of £50.00. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a potential profit of £30.00 and here’s how…

BetRegal Welcome Offer

Qualifying Deposit:

BetRegal will give us a bonus equal to 20% of our first deposit, up to a maximum of £50.00.

Therefore, to receive the maximum bonus of £50.00, we need to deposit at least £250.00, which is perfect as it’s best that we stick to round numbers.


Our bonus should be credited instantly and will be held in our Sports Bonus Balance along with our qualifying deposit.

Our deposit and bonus must be wagered 10 times (x10) before it is released into our main balance.

A maximum of £50.00 will count towards the wagering requirement per bet and bets must be placed at odds of 1.95 or greater. Horse racing bets will not count towards the wagering requirement.

We can keep an eye on our remaining wagering requirements via My Account > Active Bonuses.


This welcome offer used to be much easier, but as expected, BetRegal have tightened up their terms.

With a wagering requirement of £3,000.00 and a contribution cap of £50.00 per bet, this offer is only really profitable if you lose your deposit and bonus straight into your exchange account.

It’s therefore entirely up to you whether you get involved with this welcome offer.

You could place all of your deposit and bonus on something using the underlay method described in my Bonus Rollover Strategy guide. The aim here would be to lose it straight into your exchange account, which would make you a profit of around £30.00.

The risk here is that if your bet wins, you’ll have a large wagering requirement to play through within 30 days, having only contributed £50.00 towards the wagering requirement so far.


  1. Ryanb

    I went on live chat (stupidly) and they stated as because i had made a withdrawal before using my free bet they had taken it off me.

    Make sure you use the free bet first before withdrawing!

    1. Danny

      How long did the withdrawal take?

  2. Leon

    Hi Matt – Do we under-laying to meet the rollover requirement if our free bet wins?

  3. Jay

    So to get the £50 free bet, the initial deposit would have to be £167, right?

    1. Matt

      You can underlay your first rollover bet but if you keep winning, your stake amounts will increase and then it depends on odds as to whether it’s best to underlay or just lay normally.

  4. Alex

    Can I just deposit, use the free bet, then withdraw?

  5. Jay

    Right, apologies for missing that.

    Another question, when using the “Underlay Method, do we just have to click the ‘UNDERLAY’ tab, or do we have to move around the slider in some scenarios?

    1. Matt

      That’s correct Alex.

      1. Matt

        You’re welcome Dave.

        1. Rob

          Yes Danny, I did… means your main balance won’t be affected then

  6. Rob

    Just placed multiple bets on same event after my initial £50 free bet won with the bookies and the 2nd bet was taken from the main balance! Make sure you do withdraw after you the first free bet has settled

  7. Stuart

    Not received confirmation email that you need to utilise free bet bonus. Messaged them, no reply.

    1. Matt

      Clicking the ‘UNDERLAY’ tab gives you the exact lay stake required to retain the full free bet amount if your back bet wins. Feel free to adjust the slider if you want to lay a different amount.

  8. Junker

    will be in junk mail

  9. Dave

    I never got an email either but I checked my betslip and the £50 free bet option was on it….BOOM £25 profit!!

    Thank you Matt 🙂

  10. Danny

    Do I use the free bet and then withdraw my balance after the first free bet has settled?

  11. Neal Robertson

    Can’t find any decent odds…Do they share odds with any other bookie on the oddsmatcher?

  12. Rob

    If you have to do the rollover, should you be under laying these bets also?

    1. Matt

      See my response to Leon above mate.

  13. Paul

    You NEED to be WARNING people about this one and make sure they understand that the rollover is x5 of WINNINGS FROM FREE BET – not x5 £50. If you choose higher odds to maximise the chance of the lay bet winning and increasing profit, and the back bet wins – you could be stuck with a rollover well over £1000. If your subsequent bets then go on to win at the bookies also you could be looking at loosing nearly £2000 in liability from Betfair before the rollover is complete and withdrawl is possible. Add to that the £200 initial deposit and you are looking at needing a sizeable betting fund to complete this offer comfortably. STICK TO MINIMUM ODDS FOR FREE BET – which reduces profit but ensures you will only need to rollover around £300. Bit of a deceptive one this is so take care.

    1. Matt

      I’ve explained that twice Paul, under the ‘Terms’ section and again at the bottom of the post.

    2. luke

      As Matt has stated this is explained above… further more i would always advise at least glancing the Ts and Cs of every book maker you sign up with. They could change offers and conditions at anytime… It’s not the blogs responsibility to notify you. The offers are here so you can make the decision whether to take them. There are some of the new customer offers I havnt taken up due to roll over limits being to high for the potential reward (in my opinion as i been really got for the easier wins).. However this has the best of both… Chance for instant profit or a small roll over. Doing the bet365 one requires a much higher pot than this but is very profitable…

  14. luke

    Given this a shot on west ham vs Newcastle for a draw.. So will see what happens. Would be nice to make a quick profit on this

  15. luke

    Matt.. McGregor fight is on coral for a double winnings if your fighter gets knocked down and win… Ql on Floyd is about £8.. McGregor is about £3… I have gone for the later… Can’t see it but worth a punt

    1. Matt

      Thanks Luke, I’ve got that one on my list to take a look at.

  16. mark smith

    I took a risk and bet on chaponese to beat Corinthians @ 2.8 and did not underlay. Corinthians are top of the Brazilian league by miles and chaponese were in 15th. I stood to make £43.15 but then £5 of my own money when the odds got to 6, to soften the blow of the did actually win. Corinthians won 1 nil. Cheers Matt!

    1. Matt

      Nicely done Mark. It may be worth focusing on the top UK/European leagues in future though as those are the leagues mug punters are most likely to bet on.

  17. Adam

    Hi Matt
    I’m sorry if I’m asking the same question again but there is one thing I’m not sure about. My first free bet won £110 so nowI have £550 to rollover.
    When I do the rollover do I still use the Free bet calculator or qualifying bet one now?

  18. Nathanial

    Curious, just tried this one and I can’t place the full amount (£45) as it says it’s above the maximum bet amount allowed. Odds are just 6.0. Tried their live support, which isn’t actually live and just says “thanks for getting in touch.”
    All a bit odd.

    1. Matt

      That seems strange Nathanial. I’ve not heard of anything else having that problem. Hopefully you’ll hear back from them soon.

  19. Pat

    Hi Matt, this offer has now changed to 20% I believe. How does that affect this method?

    1. Matt

      Thanks for the heads up Pat. I’ve just updated the guide for you.

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