Football Index Offer – Trade £500 Risk-Free

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt

With the football season now in full swing, the offers are coming thick and fast, but there is a huge one out there that many of you won’t be aware of. Football INDEX offer 7 days of risk-free trading up to £500.00. This gives us a risk-free shot at making a big profit and here’s how…

What is Football INDEX?

Football INDEX is basically a stockmarket where we can buy and sell virtual shares in the World’s top footballers.

It’s a blend of sports betting and fantasy football and it works very much like a traditional stockmarket.

The aim is to buy shares in players that you think will increase in value and then sell them at a higher price for a profit.

I won’t go into how things work any further here, as you can read all about it on my Football INDEX Review page.

The offer

As a Football INDEX newbie, we can trade risk-free for 7 days, up to a maximum of £500.00.

Football INDEX - Risk-Free Welcome Offer

All you need to do is sign up for an account, deposit £10.00+ and then invest in footballers whose share prices you think will increase in value over a period of time.

It’s entirely up to you how you play it. My advice would be to spread your investment across a number of players as this will increase your chances of making a profit.

Profit or Loss?

The aim of the game is obviously for your shares to increase in value over time. If, however, your portfolio decreases in value, you can claim a cash refund within 7 days, up to £500.00, by contacting Customer Support.

Football INDEX aim to credit refunds within 48 hours. As mentioned in my Football INDEX Review, I’ve used this offer myself and received the refund very swiftly.

It’s not uncommon for a players’ share price to rise 25-50% in a day… It can be even more in some instances and with dividends now being paid out on the top performers, there’s never been a better time to get involved!

It really is an offer not to be missed and that’s because Football INDEX know that people will love the platform if they give things a go.

It’s absolutely zero risk and if you manage to invest in the right players, you could make yourself a tidy profit!


  1. luke

    If your player loses 50%.. Do you cash in and then claim the remaining amount? When do you need to put the claim in by? Interested in trying this

    1. Matt

      Hi Luke. They will only process the refund once your players have been sold and your portfolio is empty. As long as you submit your claim within 7 days of your initial deposit, they’ll refund your losses up to a maximum of £500.00…

      ‘7) To request a refund:

      a) Please contact Customer Support [email protected] within 7 days of your first deposit.

      b) A Customer Support Representative will provide instructions on liquidating your portfolio.

      c) Once your portfolio is empty we will refund any losses and commission up to a maximum of £500.

      d) Your account will be credited within 48 hours with funds (up to £500) totalling your deposits during the Trade Risk Free Period of 7 days.’

      1. luke

        Ok so i need to make a profit or lose all the deposited funds? Sorry just with it being a high amount i want to make sure i understand it correctly. I have the funds to do this so could be a nice earner

        1. luke

          Matt sorry just read your guide totally makes sense now just looking to see what the best time to do the offer is… Has the £500 offer being going long?

        2. Matt

          There’s no need to deposit any more than £500.00 Cameron. If you deposit more than £500.00, you’re not completely covered by the risk-free offer. Share prices are driven up and down by users buying and selling players, so with all the transfer speculation flying around, now is the perfect time to give this a go. It’s also ideal to get this one out of the way in order to free up your bankroll for the start of the new season.

  2. Cameron

    Hi Matt,

    Would I not be better off waiting until next weekend for the start of the premier league season before signing up to this? Also if I’m allowed up to 500 of loses how much should I be putting in? Was thinking 1000 but seems unlikely that would lose half the value but then 2000 seems like a lot. Any tips would be great!

    Thanks for all your help!

    1. Matt

      The aim is to make a quick profit Luke. If you do happen to make a loss, those losses will be refunded in cash. The £500.00 risk-free offer has been around since July last year and is currently scheduled to run until 31st December 2017.

      1. Matt

        Good luck Cameron.

  3. Chris

    Are any refunds subject to any conditions before we can withdraw?

  4. David

    Neymar would’ve been a good one?!

  5. Harry

    Hi Matt
    So after reading your guide
    If we buy shares in a player who then falls out of 1st team then do their value go to zero?
    Does it stay zero until they back in the squad or do we just lose anything we bought on them??

    1. Matt

      He certainly would have been David. Currently priced at £5.38 a share, he was as low as £0.97 towards the start of the year!

      1. Matt

        Hi Harry. If your player is relegated from the 1st team, you lose the value of those shares completely. Obviously you’re covered against this during the 7-day risk-free period.

  6. John T

    Hi Matt. Have just done this offer. I see you can only buy 100 futures of any player at at time. Unless I’ve missed something? Then you can keep buying more up to the limit of your funds. And the price creeps up the more you buy. It’s fun though.

    1. Matt

      That’s correct John.

      1. Matt

        It’s fast becoming a very popular site Jamie. I’ve been trading with them since the start of the year. In theory, it is possible to lose £500.00 within the 7-day period but in practice it’s very unlikely. The refund amounts are more likely to be in the region of anything from £0.00 to £200.00. Of course, the hope is that newbies will enjoy the platform and keep investing beyond the 7-day trial period.

  7. Jamie

    Is this legit? Never heard of this and seems suspicious they would refund £500

    1. Graham

      so why dont we all get together and buy the same footballers so they all increase?

      1. Matt

        Nicely done Ben!

  8. robin

    hi matt
    does the offer only apply to your first deposit or all deposits up to 500 pound in the first week.

    1. Matt

      The share price increases as shares are purchased, but it also falls when shares are sold.

  9. Jack

    Just deposited £500. I don’t wanna mess around so wanna just do the whole lot on one player. I don’t really understand it though so can someone suggest who they think is good to buy? And do I do 1st team or buzz? Thanks

    1. Matt

      I believe it applies to all deposits within 7 days of your first deposit Robin…

      1) The Trade Risk Free Offer is based on a New Customer’s deposits at Football INDEX during the 7 day Risk Free Period.
      6) Risk Free Period is 7 days from the date of your first deposit.

  10. Mike

    Think I will wait until transfer deadline day coincides with the seven days, should make it a bit more interesting !

  11. Tom

    I am new to this site and have clicked on the offer banner. Can’t find the T&Cs on the footballindex site for this offer. Am I missing something

    1. Matt

      Yes you should be fine if you give yourself a few days beforehand. Also, I wasn’t trading this time last year but I imagine any new signings that hit the ground running performance-wise will do very well.

      1. Mike

        But wouldn’t “selling on the news” being selling when the deal is done ? So leave deadline day as day 5 or 6, and buy on the run up to it ?

        1. Matt

          It’s up to you Mike. In my experience though, speculation drives prices up a lot more than confirmed transfers. The old adage “Buy on the rumour, sell on the news” is very apt.

  12. Tony L

    Just deposited £500, I’m left over with 35 pence in my bank after buying shares which I assume isn’t a problem. If I wait to the sixth day and my player had decreased in value, do I still sell all my shares then email asking for a refund back up to £500? Probably obvious but it wasn’t too clear in the guide and want to be sure. Thanks!

    1. Matt

      If you remove ‘stockmarket’ from the URL, you’ll find the terms at bottom of that page Tom. I must admit, the navigation could be better in that respect.

  13. James Eley

    So if my share(s) make a profit in the first couple of days I can sell them and withdraw the £500 plus my share profits or will I need to e-mail to withdraw the lot. I am just worried about loosing all my money should the unthinkable happen and I am unable to e-mail them before the 7 days are up.

  14. luke

    Currently losing £47 on this.. Bale and Coutinho don’t seem to have been good choices. Fingers cross they pay it back on Wednesday.. Don’t think this is really for me but worth ago

    1. Matt

      Yes that’s correct Tony.

  15. Dave

    I think this a good time have go as the season starts this weekend as your player my have a great weekend or get a transfer. Sale at a profit or if not sale and email for a refund on Sunday night. I went Philippe Coutinho as may get a transfer and Nemanja Matic who may do well for Man Utd. As the bottom 2 on Friday go down (unless locked) I did see Andrés Iniesta is at 197 so may go down into the squad!

    1. Matt

      You have to email them before the 7 days are up.

  16. Chris

    Has anyone had to claim a refund before and is it that straight forward?

  17. Matty J

    I lost £37.20 in my weeks trial. I’ve just put a request into support for a refund. I’ll let you know how smoothly this and the subsequent withdrawal goes.

    It’s not a game for me, but was worth a shot.

    1. Matt

      I had no issues Chris, it’s just a case of selling your shares and dropping them an email.

  18. Chris

    I’ve been rubbish at this too, £36 down after a day.
    Not sure how people choose what players to go for, transfer speculation doesn’t appear to be that much of a factor as I’ve lost money on Van Dijk and Coutinho.
    Anyway will let it run especially as its start of the season this weekend but looks like I’ll be requesting a refund.

    1. Matty J

      I’ve received my refund, and put in a withdraw request. Gone smoothly so far.

  19. Simon

    Good Morning, is the offer still running as it isn’t showing on the page as it would with a Welcome Offer on a betting site. I’m looking forward to giving this a go. I would put some shares in Zlatan in short term as it looks as though he is going to sign a new deal. I would also hold out on Coutinho as I think Barca will make it happen and speculation isnt going to go away. It may even happen as late as deadline day.

  20. Chris

    If you are down in terms of profit do you need to withdraw and then email them, or email them first? I just want to make sure I’d not be doing myself out of any cash by breaking the Ts and Cs

    1. Matt

      Yes the offer is still available Simon. If you remove the /stockmarket… part from the URL, you should see the offer and terms.

  21. luke

    Fyi I did this offer and had around a £55 loss. Emailed them after selling my remaining shares. They topped the balance to £500 and I have just withdrawn it. Says it should be 2-4 days. Really nice website and I might actually use it later in the season as a full season bet. £20 just to pay with over the long term as I reckon you could make a couple of quid and its something to keep me watching players for my company dream team

  22. Matty J

    Have received my full refund of £500 to my bank now.

  23. gareth

    hi, regards above. I note that Coutinho is currently trading at £3.43. Should he go to Barca would his stock definitely rise and to, (very approximately), what price? My thinking is that he is around 5/6 each of to stay or go so I am wondering whether I could almost lay the bet by backing him to stay at 5/6?


  24. Luke

    just got cash into my bank. Very good site and service.

    1. Matt

      I wouldn’t advise that Gareth. It’s impossible to know for sure which way players are going to fluctuate and to what extent. A lot of the transfer speculation will already be factored into his share price and should he make the move, it’s possible that a few people would sell their stock which could bring his share price down.

  25. Dave

    Thinking of trying this offer with Coutinho end of the week, anyone advise me not to? I mean if his price does drop/he doesn’t go I can just hit the refund yeah?

  26. John T

    Hi Matt. Don’t want to put too much of a dampener on this offer but the quoted profit is not what you will end up receiving when you try to sell. As with buying, you can’t sell more than 100 futures at a time; and the sell price pretty much drops with ever 100 you sell when you use ‘instant sell’. I had £79 profit showing on my £500 but by the time I’d converted it to cash my profit had reduced to £38. I did not try joining the ‘sell queue’ however so I don’t know if this option works better ?

    1. Matt

      Yes exactly Dave.

  27. Ben T

    @John T, if you sell any shares you have in small quantities (eg 20-40) you wont send the price down and you’ll maximise profits. Also, always avoid instant selling and just offer them to the market. (They’ll sell quickly anyway as the market is very liquid). Great idea and I’m 100% going to carry on using the platform, its been a license to print money so far.

    1. Matt

      Yes you need to account for commission when selling your shares John. I would always recommend joining the ‘sell queue’ when selling shares. You lose more value when selling instantly as you’re taking a lower price to offload them quickly. With the sell queue, you may have to wait a bit longer for other users to snap them up but you generally get a much better price.

  28. Chris

    Anyone looking to do this I’d suggest paper trading before signing up. Took me a few weeks to work out trends etc

  29. Richard

    For what it’s worth just signed up and spent the whole £500 on Mahrez. Brighton at home this weekend so hopefully turns in a good performance or the transfer speculation heightens.

    1. Ben T

      I invested in Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Messi and Lewandowski. The two english lads are in the media all the time so you’re more likely to win buzz dividends and Alli especially never gets injured. When one of them dips, the others will normally stay the same/ rise, and I’ve made over £200 in a week from my initial £500 investment. I’m going to be putting a further 2k in this weeknd.

  30. Rachel

    It’s funny, I never see any female comments on this blog so maybe I’m in a small minority, but this sight is great…I do great with the MB & love horse racing so it’s a ‘win win’ for me….I’ve been hanging back from this offer as I have no knowledge of football or it’s trends….difficult to know who to go for here….pot luck me thinks as a week is a small window to play in with this game???

  31. Petor

    Is it me or are `Tom’s Tips` (in news section.) always going to get you a profit if you buy them early enough?! Kolasinac and Alex Arnold went up %250 today after he tipped them but I was too late…any downside to this logic you think? Anyone know what time his tips come in?

    1. Matt

      Every Friday at 13:00 and 13:15, two players get promoted from the Squad into the 1st Team. Kolasinac and Alexander-Arnold were promoted earlier today. They say promoted players always join the INDEX at £0.25 per share but you’re unlikely to get them at that price… I’ve tried! That’s why now that the share prices have settled down at £0.91 and £0.83 respectively, you see daft increase figures like 258% and 223%. Depending on the player, it can be a good way of getting some shares on the cheap, but often the share price will plummet quickly as people sell for a quick profit. I prefer to let the prices settle down first before getting involved.

      1. John T

        Hi Matt. My apologies if this is a daft question but how do you know or where does it tell you which two players have been promoted into the 1st Team ? Cheers,

        1. Matt

          You can check the Squad after 09:00 on a Friday and the top two players will be the ones getting promoted. They tend to post the results on their social media channels and you’ll receive notifications if you have them enabled. The top two ‘Risers’ on a Friday afternoon/evening are almost always the two players that have been promoted as their percentage is calculated based on their starting price of £0.25. You’ll also notice a padlock symbol on their avatar, which means they are recently promoted and safe from relegation for a minimum period of 8 weeks.

        2. John T

          Cheers Matt

  32. daz

    So, as long as you deposit at least £500, if after say 6 days you aren’t in profit(after sales commission) then I can just ‘instant sell’ all my stock and request a refund?

    I’ve put £500 in but in different deposits… one of £300, one of £200. Is that still ok?

    Also, I was referred by a friend so got £10 credit. I then referred a friend so I got another £10.

    Am I still eligible for the 7 day risk free trade offer?

    1. Matt

      That’s correct Daz. The 7 day risk-free period starts from your first deposit and they’ll restore your balance up to £500.00. In terms of the referral credits, I can’t imagine that would affect the risk-free promotion but if you’re unsure, you’ll need to clarify that with Football INDEX.

  33. Bookie Bankruptcy

    If you can design or obtain a betting bot like some customers must obviously be doing, you can make a lot of money on new players entering the market at 1pm and 1:15pm every Friday.

    Just watched the price fly up from 25p to £1.20 on one player and then back down to 85p all the space of 20 seconds.

    Whoever designed the buy and sell bot for himself must be making a killing!

  34. Ken

    Ended up with a Loss. Football Index refunded me back after I messaged them. But I can only withdraw the account balance, not dividends earned?

    1. Matt

      I wouldn’t expect to be able to withdraw dividends if I made an overall loss and requested a refund Ken. The dividends received should be offset against the refund.

  35. Jamie

    Personally I would warn against playing the Index. Since the start of the season almost every player I have owned (about 30 in total) have dropped. They keep making announcements like double PB, penny stocks etc but from what I can see they are doing this because the index is struggling so traders are panicking and the whole market is dropping. Unless you have a lot of time and are prepared to buy and sell numerous times a day, even the best players in the world who are playing well are dropping. There seems to be no clear strategy to win & it’s all very random. As an example I bought lukaku at £6 a share – he dropped to £4 a share (causing me a huge loss) despite being top scorer in the league & United being top – apparently because he’s the wrong ‘type’ of player! But when I bought the right type of player – their scoring matrix requires lots of passes I think – surprise surprise they all dropped too. People claim to have made 20k playing the index – I am very dubious

    1. Matt

      Hi Jamie. You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion, but I think you’re way off the mark here. To me, the recent announcements show that the INDEX is growing. There has definitely been a shift over the last couple of months following the release of the Performance Buzz and news of the penny stocks. I think it’s the case that people started to cash in on their UK players, to enable them to buy overseas players, with the Performance Buzz dividends in mind. This has seen some of the top UK players drop in price (e.g. Lukaku) and the top overseas players rise (e.g. Messi). The INDEX is showing signs that the money is starting to go back on UK players with the likes of Kane, Lukaku and Rashford all showing a current upward trend. Man Utd players seem to do very well so I fully expect Lukaku to rise above £6.00 again in the not too distant future. There’s a lot of money to be made if you can preempt where people are going to put their money.

      1. James R

        couldn’t agree more with Matt here. If anyone is in doubt that Jamie is wrong, just go to their site and look at the historical price charts for all players. Messi for example was just over £4 at the beginning of the season and now is sat at £8.02…doesn’t seem like a bad investment to me…Added to the fact that he’s earned me over 30p per share in dividends in the past month since performance dividends were introduced. There is so much money to be made on this platform its ridiculous, thanks for introducing me to it Matt.

        (From a customer who’s made £3,200 since signing up)

        1. Matt

          You’re welcome James. Pleased to hear it’s going well for you!

        2. Matt

          I respect your opinion Jamie. In my experience too much tinkering can be a bad thing. I think a long-term strategy works best. If you consider yourself to have a solid knowledge of UK and European football, try following your gut more, rather than taking advice from other sources as it may benefit you in the long run.

  36. Jamie

    Hi Matt, thanks for your comment. Yes, just my opinion but that’s based on my experience of a few months of playing the game & additionally trying to absorb all the info I can alongside a pretty good knowledge of both uk & European football. Yes, I lost money on uk players initially – as well as Lukaku I had Morata, Lacazette & Jesus and even though seemed crazy they all dropped so much I accepted that maybe I did have the wrong type of players. So I read the blogs, twitter accounts and forums and bought all the ‘right type’ of players. Since then, I’ve lost consistently & continually on great European players that were all recommended to me – such as Dybala, Insigne, Thiago Alcantara, Rakitic, Vidal, Matuidi, Pjanic, Robben, Alves – the list goes on & on. Every player has dropped significantly & every time I log in my portfolio is only going one way. I’ve been on the forum a lot & I know a lot of traders feel the same. You are obviously entitled to your opinion too (unless your sites are affliated in some way!) but I’ve given the game more than a fair crack of the whip, I did my research and it’s not just uk players I’ve lost money on so it’s a big harsh to say my opinion is way off the mark. All I can do is speak from my own experience of playing the game which unfortunately has been overwhelmingly negative and I’m still no clearer to finding a clear strategy as to how to play & win

  37. Jamie

    Thanks Matt. Btw your site is brilliant and I use it all the time so thank you. I guess we just disagree on the Index. Maybe I’m just going through a bad patch with FI (although it’s been this way since season started) so I hope things will turn around. I will report back if they do! Respect for posting my thoughts too – wasn’t sure if you only wanted to promote them ?

    1. Matt

      No problem Jamie, great to have you on board. Good luck with the INDEX and let us know how you get on. I always publish comments unless there’s a very good reason not to. I’m a big fan of the INDEX but at the same time, I appreciate it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

  38. Luke

    Well I had shares in Kane knowing that spurs should have a good result… It paid off… However I didn’t get as much after selling off… Still a nice £26 profit but I think 7 days isn’t really long enough to make a good profit. But you do need at least £500 invested. I took up the extra £1000 they offered so £1500 all in. It’s a good site but I think you would probably need to invest for a couple of months to see good returns. So for me I don’t want the risk of loses even though it would be very minimal unless a player retires. Very good offer to try it out

    1. Matt

      That’s fair enough Luke. Like you say, it’s a great offer for people to give it a go risk-free. I think a long-term strategy works really well, but there are some short-term profits to be had if you have the time to keep track of things and be ready to act.

  39. Chris

    If everything goes your way what’s the max that can be made from this offer during the seven days? Thanks.

    1. Matt

      As far as I’m aware, there is no maximum limit Chris. You only use the offer if things don’t go well and you have to request a refund. If things go well, you don’t actually activate the offer.

  40. Aaron


    Could you please tell me how I get blog updates from this site, as and when they appear?

    Thanks, and great site BTW.

    1. Matt

      To receive promotional emails and updates, you just need to enter your email address into the ‘Keep Up To Date’ section at the bottom of the blog homepage. For new post updates, I recommend you follow the blog on Twitter as I always tweet new offers on there.

  41. Zenger

    Hi! This seems interesting. Do they provide price charts for the players? Can we go short or is it just “buy and hold”? I checked, but these are not in their FAQ.

    1. Matt

      They have charts that show how a player’s share price has fluctuated historically. It’s just buying and selling mate.

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