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Betfred Liverpool v Aston Villa – 2nd Half In-Play TV Offer

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 18/01/2014 5:30pm

A nice In-Play offer from Betfred.  Place an In-Play bet during the second half of the Liverpool v Aston Villa match and if it loses Betfred will refund your stake as a free bet up to £10.00.  Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a potential profit of approximately £6.00.  And here’s how…


Step 1:

We need our Betfred bet to lose in order to receive our free bet.  We therefore need to select a bet with long odds and hope it doesn’t come in.  As the qualifying bet is an In-Play bet, we won’t know what odds are available until the start of the second-half, but the following odds will give you an idea of how this offer might work out.

Place £10.00 on Aston Villa to win @ Betfred @ 10.00 = Potential profit of £90.00.

Lay £8.73 on Aston Villa to win @ Betfair @ 11.50 = Potential liability of £91.66.

Step 2:

Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the two outcomes…


Aston Villa win +£90.00 – £91.66 = -£1.66
Aston Villa don't win -£10.00 + £8.29 (£8.73 minus 5% commission) = -£1.71


So if Aston Villa were to win, we would lose £1.66 with no free bet.  If Aston Villa don’t win, we would lose £1.71 and then receive our £10.00 free bet.


Step 3:

By using straightforward matched betting, we should be able to extract at least 75% of the free bet, so approximately £7.50.  If we take into consideration our estimated loss of £1.71, we should make around £5.79 profit on this offer.

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