A screenshot of the Smarkets betting tool.

Get 0% Commission on Smarkets for 30 days, up until Monday 31st July 2023, even if you’re not a new customer!

All you need to do is opt in, connect your Smarkets account, and then place a bet via my Smarkets betting tool. Once done, you’ll get 0% commission for 30 days, which renews every time you place another integrated bet.

This offer expires on Monday 31st July 2023. Smarkets have extended it multiple times, so while I can’t guarantee it, I expect this promotion to be extended again beyond this point.

How to claim your 0% commission

Step 1

Opt in to offer

Use the same email as your Smarkets account.

Step 2

Connect Smarkets account

Link your Smarkets account to your Matched Betting Blog account.

Step 3

Place integrated bet

Place any bet on one of my featured events. No minimum stake.