Greyhound Offers

The daily greyhound offers are a great way of topping up your matched betting profits. There are plenty of opportunities available each day and you’ll find them listed in the table below. Just keep your qualifying losses to a minimum and hope to hit the refund triggers. For an idea of how these money back offers should be tackled, please see my Money Back Offers guide.

NOTE: The liquidity at Betfair for greyhound racing does not improve until approximately 5-10 minutes before the race starts. You should therefore only get involved if you’re comfortable with that. If you’ve not done greyhound offers before, you may want to just observe the changing odds or at least use lower stakes until you get the hang of things.

Betfair Exchange Welcome Offer - 0% Commission up to £500

Tuesday 11th December 2018

Time Racecourse Bookies Offers
08:12 Henlow QuinnBet
10:41 Henlow QuinnBet
11:01 Crayford QuinnBet
11:09 Central Park Paddy Power + QuinnBet
11:24 Central Park Paddy Power
11:39 Central Park Paddy Power
11:54 Central Park Paddy Power
12:09 Central Park Paddy Power
12:24 Central Park Paddy Power
12:39 Central Park Paddy Power
12:54 Central Park Paddy Power
13:08 Central Park Paddy Power
13:22 Central Park Paddy Power
13:39 Central Park Paddy Power
13:49 Crayford QuinnBet
13:57 Central Park Paddy Power + QuinnBet
14:06 Monmore Bruce Betting + QuinnBet
14:12 Hove QuinnBet
14:22 Monmore Bruce Betting
14:42 Monmore Bruce Betting
15:02 Monmore Bruce Betting
15:19 Monmore Bruce Betting
15:39 Monmore Bruce Betting
15:59 Monmore Bruce Betting
16:19 Monmore Bruce Betting
16:39 Monmore Bruce Betting
16:58 Monmore Bruce Betting
17:18 Monmore Bruce Betting
17:37 Monmore Bruce Betting
17:54 Monmore Bruce Betting
18:09 Monmore Bruce Betting + QuinnBet
18:19 Hove QuinnBet
18:27 Henlow QuinnBet
18:33 Crayford QuinnBet
21:26 Henlow QuinnBet
21:30 Crayford QuinnBet

10Bet – Money back as a free bet, up to £10.00, if your first bet on greyhound racing doesn’t win.

Bruce Betting – Back a winner at Monmore today with a Starting Price (SP) of 3/1 or bigger and receive a free bet equal to your stake, up to £10.00 (minimum 6 runners required).

Paddy Power – Money back as a free bet, up to £25.00, if your greyhound finishes 2nd to the SP Favourite at Central Park today.

QuinnBet – Money back as a free bet, up to £10.00, if your greyhound finishes 2nd to the SP Favourite in the first and last race of every meeting today (minimum 6 runners required).