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Tottenham v Man Utd Offer – William Hill

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 13/01/2019 16:30

It’s Tottenham v Man Utd in Sunday’s late kick-off and you don’t want to miss this Golden Goal offer from William Hill! Simply place a bet on Tottenham or Man Utd to win the match and if your selected team scores first, but doesn’t go on to win, William Hill will pay you out as a winner, in cash, up to £50.00! Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a potential profit of £68.14 and here’s how…

Banner showing the Tottenham v Man Utd Golden Goal offer from William Hill

Key Terms:

  • Promotion available on selected matches from 00:00:01 on 5th January 2019 until 23:59:59 on 1st June 2019.
  • Qualifying Single bets must be placed on the 90 Minutes market for Tottenham v Man Utd.
  • Qualifying bets must be placed before 16:30 (kick-off) on Sunday 13th January 2019.

Golden Goal Winnings:

Golden Goal winnings will be paid as cash, up to a maximum of £50.00 (plus our stake, or the proportion of our stake that contributed to those winnings).

  • If we stake £100 at odds of 1.50 (1/2), we’ll receive £150 in cash (£50 winnings, plus our £100 stake)
  • If we stake £100 at odds of 2.00 (evens), we’ll receive £100 in cash (£50 max. winnings, plus the £50 of our stake that contributed to those winnings)
  • If we stake £100 at odds of 3.50 (5/2), we’ll receive £70 in cash (£50 max. winnings, plus the £20 of our stake that contributed to those winnings)

Qualifying Bet:

If you’re unfamiliar with qualifying bets, please see my Qualifying Bet Strategy page for a walk-through guide on how it should be done.

Having looked at the odds available, we could place our qualifying bet on Man Utd in the 90 Minutes market.

If Man Utd score first and go on to draw or lose the match, our winnings will be paid in cash, up to a maximum of £50.00.

To calculate our back stake, we just need to divide £50.00 by 2.50 (back odds – 1.00), which gives us £20.00. That’s an ideal amount as it’s best that we stick to round numbers when placing our qualifying bet.

At the time of writing, laying our bet at Smarkets gives us the smallest qualifying loss.

We can calculate our lay stake using my matched betting calculator…

Back Bet (Bookie)


Lay Bet (Betting Exchange)


Min £
Max £
Lay stake required: £
If back (bookie) bet wins
= £
If lay (exchange) bet wins
= £

Total profit: £

Optimal Underlay

Lay stake required: £
Exchange liability: £

If back (bookie) bet wins: £
If lay (exchange) bet wins: £

Optimal Overlay

Lay stake required: £
Exchange liability: £

If back (bookie) bet wins: £
If lay (exchange) bet wins: £

As you can see, the calculator tells us that our lay stake should be £18.52…

William Hill logo

Place £20.00 on Man Utd @ 3.50 = Potential profit of £50.00

Smarkets logo

Lay £18.52 on Man Utd @ 3.80 = Potential liability of £51.85


Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the possible outcomes…

Outcome Bookie Exchange Profit/Loss
Man Utd score first and win +£50.00 -£51.85 £1.85 loss
Man Utd score first and don't win +£50.00 +£18.14 £68.14 profit
Man Utd don't score first and win +£50.00 -£51.85 £1.85 loss
Man Utd don't score first and don't win -£20.00 +£18.14 £1.86 loss

So, if Man Utd score first and go on to draw or lose the game, we’ll receive cash winnings of £50.00, plus the £20.00 of our stake that contributed to those winnings, making us a nice profit of £68.14! Any other outcome and we’ll lose a maximum of £1.86. Risking £1.86 to make a profit of £68.14, gives us effective odds of 37.63, which I’m sure you’ll agree, makes this a profitable offer in the long run.

If eligible, our cash winnings will be credited within 2 hours of the match finishing or by 12:00 on Monday 14th January 2019.

Note: If your team scores first, you can either let it run as above or place an extra back bet to lock in a profit. If you decide to guarantee a profit, you just need to divide the sum of your potential profit and potential loss by the back odds. So if the back odds are 2.00 (evens), you would divide £69.99 by 2.00, giving you a back stake of £35.00 and a guaranteed profit of £33.14.

* Man Utd scored first and won the match, resulting in a loss of £1.85 on this William Hill offer. *


  1. apc43

    if the team you pick scores first, do you put the back bet in with william hill or with the exchange to lock in a profit ?

    1. Matt

      We can just place it at whichever bookmaker is offering the best odds. That way, we maximise our guaranteed profit.

      1. Tipsy Turner

        So we could use say Coral, Ladbrokes, Bet365 as our back bet. That could be good if people believe mug betting helps.

        1. Matt

          Yes if your selected team scores first.

  2. Mark

    So if we do Spurs it’s 2.05 odds so we’d need to stake £50 to maximise this offer as £47.50 would look suspicious?

    1. Matt

      That’s correct Mark.

  3. Man Utd

    Easy Man Utd win. January is the time spurs tend to start the bottle run 😂😂

  4. Marc

    Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur 🕺🏽

  5. Alan P

    Hi Matt, in your calculation if Man U win should it not be £50 + £20 (your stake back) + £18.14 (exchange) = £88.14

    1. Matt

      No mate, you don’t include the £20.00 as that’s your stake coming back. You’re staking £20.00 and receiving £88.14 back, which is a profit of £68.14.

  6. Chris

    Does anyone know if you have to do anything for the come on new customer offer or do you just simply place a 10 pound bet

    1. Matt

      You need to opt-in during registration Chris and deposit a minimum of £10.00. Your qualifying bet then needs to be placed at odds of 1.80 (4/5) within 14 days of opening your account. The £10.00 free bet should be credited within 24 hours of your qualifying bet being placed.

  7. ashley

    Just to make sure. If i want to guarantee profit, I have to back the team I original backed again (assuming they scored again) using sum you wrote in your note*?

    1. Matt

      You only place the additional back bet if your selected team scores first Ashley. The back stake in the note is based on the stake and odds used in the post. If your figures are different, you’ll need to calculate your own back stake.

  8. Tony S

    Could we not just lay United to score next @ 2.58 for the full £20?

    Given if they score first it’s win win?

    1. Matt

      If Man Utd score first and then go on to win the match, you’ll have made a sizeable loss Tony.

      1. Tony S

        You’d still make a profit?… you’d lose £35ish on the next goal lay but make £48 profit on the united win?… +£13

        1. Tony S

          That’s instead of laying them at all on the Match Odds market… sorry if I didn’t make that too clear

        2. Matt

          It’s a risk-free way of doing things Tony if you don’t mind breaking even if your selected team doesn’t score first and fails to win the match.

          I personally prefer the standard back and lay method. It’s a small qualifying loss and you only need your selected team to score first to have the option of locking in a big profit.

    2. Jamie

      Think you might be right Tony

  9. Pedro

    When you say lock in profit with an extra back bet, what exactly are you backing to lock the profit is say spurs scored first and I backed them?

    1. Matt

      If you have selected Tottenham and they score first, you are looking at a small loss if they go on to win or a big profit if they go on to draw or lose. You can therefore place an extra back bet on Tottenham to win the match to give you a guaranteed profit whatever the outcome.

  10. Neil

    I can’t find the promotion. I already have an existing account?

    1. Matt

      You should have seen it on the homepage Neil.

  11. Man Utd

    If I were you guys I’d put your bet on Spurs. Can see them going 1 up then bottling it in the second half.

  12. Mark

    For example, I’ve done £50 on Spurs at 2.05 odds and laid at 2.16, it’s likely that if Spurs score first they’d be around 1.30 to back (depending on the time of the goal) so based on 1.30 odds what would be my back bet in play to lock in a profit either way? Thanks

    1. Matt

      It’s best to work out the stake of your additional back bet once you know what odds are available Mark. The formula for working it out is explained in the note at the bottom of the post.

  13. JoshB

    Hi Matt,

    Surely the max profit would just be £48.14 because of the loss of our original stake of £20. Seems like you may have not accounted for that?



    1. Jamie

      No the £50 return from WH is profit, the actual return is £70 so he has accounted for the stake

  14. Jamie

    Locked in £28 from this after Man U scored

    1. Matt

      Nicely done Jamie.

  15. Jimmy D

    I backed utd straight after the goal and it meant guaranteed £14.15

    1. Matt

      I think you should have been able to lock in a little more profit than that Jimmy. How did you get on with calculating your additional back stake?

      1. Jimmy D

        Created a little spreadsheet last minute which may have been incorrect, was hoping for closer to £30. I ended up backing £22 on utd at 1.75 just after they scored

        1. Jimmy D

          Sorry I should have stated I backed on 2 accounts to cover both teams this is why my guaranteed amount was lower I think!

        2. Matt

          I think you might have got your calculation wrong on the additional back stake. I think you just needed to stake a little more.

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