Today’s Free Competitions

Free games and competitions are well worth looking out for as you go about your matched betting. They typically involve making predictions on selected events to try and win prizes. Many people pass them up, thinking they’ll never win the jackpot. Still, there are often plenty of lesser prizes to be won, too, if you come up short. You never know; someone has to win the jackpot, right?

There are plenty of competitions available, and they’re all completely free! The only thing you need to spend is your time, and to be honest, they’re all pretty quick to enter.

Why do bookies offer free games and competitions?

Bookmakers offer free games and competitions because they want you to place real-money bets with them. They hope that by giving you freebies, you’ll think of them next time you consider placing a wager. They’ll often give you the odds of your predictions, hoping you’ll take the bet. Avoid falling into their trap!

Here’s a comprehensive list of available free games and competitions.

If you sign up with a bookmaker and only enter their free competitions, they may eventually restrict your account. Mixing up your betting activity and blending in with regular punters is best. You’ll find some pointers on how to do this in my ‘How to Avoid Being Gubbed‘ guide.

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