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Bet Alchemist – £1.00 Cyber Monday Deal!

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 26/10/2018 00:00

4 big-priced winners out of 6 selections this weekend, means this Cyber Monday deal shouldn’t be missed! Grab your first month’s subscription with Bet Alchemist for just £1.00! Bet Alchemist is a horse racing tipster service, run by Nicky Doyle, who specialises in each way value bets. Having followed his tips for over two years now, it’s a service I’m happy to recommend!

Bet Alchemist Cyber Monday Offer

Black Friday Rewards!

Those that took up the £1.00 offer last week have enjoyed a fantastic weekend of results, with 4 winners from 6 selections.

All 4 winners came home at big prices too; Walk To Freedom (20/1), Tous Est Permis (9/1), Paisley Park (11/2) and Black Mischief (6/1).

This was an exceptional weekend of results, so don’t miss out on your chance to get involved at this one-time bargain price!

Bet Alchemist Homepage Banner (July 2018)

£1 for the first month (97% off)

Until Monday 26th November 2018, Nicky is offering his Bet Alchemist service for just £1.00 for the first month!

The National Hunt season gets well under way in November with the Betfair Chase at Haydock, the JNWine Champion Chase at Down Royal and the BetVictor Gold Cup at Cheltenham. Then there’s the Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury and the Fortria Chase at Navan, followed by the Long Distance Hurdle at Newbury.

Looking ahead to December, there are four glorious days at Leopardstown for the Christmas Festival and the prestigious King George VI Chase on Boxing Day at Kempton. December also sees the International Hurdle at Cheltenham and the Becher Chase at Aintree, followed later by the Welsh Grand National at Chepstow.

That’s before we turn our attention towards the Cheltenham Festival in March and then a month later, the Grand National at Aintree, the Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse and the Scottish Grand National at Ayr.

That’s a whole lot of racing in addition to Nicky’s usual weekend selections!

Bet Alchemist banner showing their National Hunt Season offer

Each way value betting is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Instead, we make long-term profits by consistently betting on horses that are overpriced.

A profitable 2017/18 jumps season

Nicky followed up profit points totals of 74.07 (2015/16) and 58.78 (2016/17) with a tidy 44.12 points profit in 2017/18.

That included some big-priced winners; Neverusachon (8/1), Kemboy (6/1), A Great View (9/1), Ultragold (16/1), Kildisart (7/1), Le Prezien (16/1), Blue Berry (28/1), Rathvinden (7/1), Summerville Boy (12/1), Waiting Patiently (9/4), Moulin A Vent (7/2), Wakanda (9/1), Doctor Phoenix (13/2), Buywise (20/1), Raz De Maree (25/1),​ Ballyhill (9/1), Emperor’s Choice (6/1), Gino Trail (7/2), Lil Rockerfeller (7/2), Sam Spinner (9/1), Go Conquer (7/1), Exitas (14/1), Top Of The Ra (16/1) and Court Minstrel (16/1).

Bet Alchemist has a proven track record

Like many of you, I’m always looking for new ways to make money, so a couple of years ago I thought I would try following a tipster.

I can’t speak highly enough of Bet Alchemist. It’s a professional service that has bagged 283.60 points profit since January 2016. At £10.00 stakes, that’s a profit of £2,836.00, minus subscription fees.

Bet Alchemist Monthly Results

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s about consistently taking value and being profitable in the long run. If you’re not willing to commit long-term, it’s not the service for you.

I won’t waffle on much more here, as you can find out more about the service and my experience in my Bet Alchemist Review.

Bet Alchemist Pricing plans

Nicky has kindly agreed to offer a discount for Matched Betting Blog followers.

Subscriptions are available on a monthly (£30 instead of £39), quarterly (£79 instead of £95) and semi-annual basis, with the latter offering the best value for money at just £25.00 per month. All prices are fixed for the lifetime of your membership.

Bet Alchemist Pricing Plans

Free option

If you’re undecided on whether to give them a go, there are a couple of free options to whet your appetite.

Nicky offers a free tips service where you’ll receive his selections for the big Saturday handicaps.

There is also a £1,000 to £5,000 challenge where Nicky attempts to help us grow our starting balance 5 times over across a 12 month period. Nicky came up short with his first attempt, finishing with a balance of £1,937 and a profit of £937, which isn’t bad at all for a free service!

His second attempt didn’t go quite so well, twice reaching the £1,639 mark before falling back down to the starting balance.

After conducting a survey with his subscribers, a small subscription fee has been introduced for Nicky’s third attempt. This should enable him to commit more time to providing a winning service.

Final word

Bet Alchemist is a great string for anyone to add to their moneymaking bow. I certainly wouldn’t be recommending it if it wasn’t.

I’ll look forward to the National Hunt season and to hopefully topping up my matched betting profits with some value betting on the horses!

NOTE: This post was originally published prior to the Cheltenham Festival 2017 and has been edited ahead of the National Hunt Season 2018/19. Therefore, please feel free to scroll down through the comments section below as it has plenty of frequently asked questions with answers and reviews of the service from other users.


  1. KK

    Thanks for the advice, Matt, I’ll give it a go!

    1. Matt

      You’re welcome mate!

  2. Ryllo

    Very new to horse racing, could anyone explain very quickly the difference between regular bet and each way bet?

    1. Rad

      A regular bet is just that. A reguar bet where you bet on a horse to win the race. In an each way bet you’re essentialy making two bets. One for the horse to win, one for the horse to place in say top 3. So a £10 bet becomes a £20 bet; £10 at odds of the horse winning and another £10 at odds of placing (eg. winning odds / 4 if the bookie accepts 4 places; they usually accept 3)

    2. James

      I’m pretty sure you can find that out ‘very quickly’ by a quick google search.

  3. James

    Roughly how many bets does he do every month?

    1. Matt

      He averages 40-50 bets per month James, so it’s fairly low maintenance. He focuses on the weekend action and big racing festivals.

  4. crackhead

    Thanks for the advice, Matt, but I won’t give it a go!

    1. crackhead

      You are still the best x

      1. Matt

        No problem at all. Thanks mate!

  5. The Minister

    Looks worth a shot for small stakes especially seeing has Matt has posted it. I know there’s no guarantees but the same question comes to mind with this type of thing in that why if they had an edge like this would they want to share it?!

    1. Matt

      Certainly no guarantees, but his track record speaks for itself and there isn’t a better month to give it a go with Cheltenham and Aintree looming! Have a read through his sales page mate as there’s a lot more information included on there.

    2. sleepless

      Makes more money as he’s probably gubbed everywhere. Worth a try though for Chelts etc.

    3. Aunty

      You’ve answered your own question. You only have a limited amount of profit you can make from a bookie before they 1) restrict your stakes and/or 2) ban you completely. Services often limit members so the prices (‘the edge’ you speak off) do not fall too quickly after the tip is released. If the profit relies on getting the early prices that’s something to watch for as that can become limiting to your returns if you miss out on the price. I’ve made the same amount by following another similar service over the last 7 weeks as MB (roughly £600) from £20 stakes and £10 EW. It’s highly lucrative but you have to have the strength of mind to cope for possibly 10 days with no returns, it’s not a guaranteed profit each day like MB.

  6. MR P

    I’m giving it a go,Nicky’s tips have made about £2000(to tenner stakes)over 6 Cheltenham fests,its worth a go.

    1. Matt

      Good man, he certainly knows his stuff!

  7. richard downes

    Signed up for a month, let’s see how it does.. Thanks Matt.

    1. Matt

      No problem Richard!

  8. The Minister

    I certainly hope we all make a few quid from it over Cheltenham!!

    Be interested to hear the thoughts of some of the old timers on here… Corrigan , the Johnson etc..The fog!

  9. Lucas Fuller

    Would you recommend this more than oddsmonkey?

    1. Matt

      I recommend them both Lucas as they’re two completely different services. OddsMonkey have some great tools to assist with our matched betting and Bet Alchemist offer value betting tips on the horses.

  10. biscuit1966

    If you sign up does he give tips out most days? I get his email at weekends.

    1. Matt

      Nicky focuses on weekend racing and the big festivals mate, so they usually come through on a Friday night for Saturday and again on Sunday morning for Sunday. With the big festivals, he usually sends his selections out the night before.

  11. Lucian

    Hi Matt! For a bankroll of £500 you advise bets of £10. Is that EW? so £20 in total? or £5 EW? Thanks.

    1. Matt

      Bet Alchemist advise that you start with a bankroll of 50 points, so if you want to start at £10.00 stakes, you would need a bankroll of £500.00. Most selections advise you stake 1/2 point each way, so that would be £5.00 each way for a total stake of £10.00.

  12. congregational

    I’m going to give it a go. They have a 60 day money back guarantee too.

    1. Matt

      Good stuff mate. The 60 day money back guarantee really underlines the confidence he has in his service.

  13. Jon

    HI Matt, i am very happy to try new systems with betting, thanks for posting this here. I have a question as you said you are with them for 14 months and its working for you. i am gubbed from a lot of bookies got few left (bet365, William hill, ladbrooks, 188bet) can i still make money with BetAlchemist. Does it matter if my account are gubbed or not?

    1. Matt

      You’re welcome Jon. Gubbing isn’t really an issue as we’re not looking to take advantage of promotions. What I will say, however, is that it’s advisable to place your bets with bookmakers who offer a Best Odds Guarantee, which you may or may not be eligible for with some of those bookmakers.

  14. Johnson

    This seems like nonsense.

    It’s been said above, why would he give tips if he has a positive expectation (he’s a winner) on his bets?

    You can’t be gubbed from a betting exchange (not normally anyway…) so why doesn’t he just bet all his money on the exchanges?

    Shame that Matt advertises this crap, really sad to see other users signing up on Matt’s recommendation.

    Gl anyway

    1. Matt

      Fair enough Johnson, you’re entitled to your opinion mate. Just wanted to share my thoughts on a service that I’ve been really impressed with. Those questions are answered on his sales page.

      1. Johnson

        Matt I appreciate that you allow me to criticise you on our own site, that’s very good of you.

        I hope that by allowing everyone to have their say you get something out of it. I believe it’s best to criticise offers like these as they have no empirical edge over just betting at random.

        I had a look at his site and it was a bit of a mess if i’m honest. Where does he justify not just betting the tips himself on an exchange? And if he’s doing it because he likes helping people, why does he charge so much?

        That’s simply why i think it’s nonsense.


        1. Matt

          I must admit, I think his sales page could be a lot better as it doesn’t reflect the quality of his service too well.

          Apologies Johnson, I thought it was explained on his sales page. It’s actually explained here in a Q&A interview > http://mb.tips/NickyInterview

  15. Tracy

    If he is offering the free tip service and the £1000-£5000 challenge, what are the benefits to signing up and paying a monthly fee?

    1. Matt

      The free tip service is usually just one tip each Saturday on one of the big handicap races. It comes with a full explanation as to why Nicky sees it as a value bet, so it’s an insight into the full package. The £1,000 to £5,000 challenge has well so far with our balances sitting at just over £2,650. It’s definitely worth following. To answer your question though, they’re both great little tasters of the full package, which offers far more bets and profit making opportunities.

  16. Sarah

    Worth a try I think thanks Matt

    1. Matt

      You’re welcome Sarah!

  17. tmanchester

    Would you recommend this or bookie offers over Cheltenham? I’d need to almost empty my smarkets account to have the £500 you see, so I wouldn’t be able to do any matched betting, I’m just wondering which will be more profitable.

    1. Matt

      If your funds are limited, you should definitely stick to matched betting. Following a tipster is something you can do when you’ve built your bankroll up and are looking for other avenues to increase your profitability.

      1. tmanchester

        I see, cheers Matt!

        1. Matt

          You’re welcome mate.

  18. Ricardo

    I started to come to the idea of making money through betting after just a year of matchedbetting and losing most of the valuable accounts.
    I think personally this or similar would be the next stage to continue making money after being gubbed as it can be seen as long term due to the fact that it can be done on the exchanges.
    To answer Johnson’s question I would have to say that if he gave his tips away for free or very cheaply then they would lose value as everyone would be jumping on the same horses bringing the price down and as he is placing value bets then he wouldn’t be helping the service.
    Also I see it often when people say that why would someone offer paid tips if they could make the money through his own bets? The answer would be to have two streams of income, one consistent through subs and the other through placing the bets which wouldn’t be as consistent.
    I think we can all agree that we would all choose the consistent flow over anything else as it takes away a lot of stress from gambling.

  19. Tony G

    Thank you Matt. I have signed up for this. You are the greatest.

    1. Matt

      Good man!

  20. tchaitcho

    This is tempting however, what do people think about gubbings? isn’t following a tipster an easy way to the spotted by the bookies. And as profitable as we tend to be , might it not flag us, I have heard things like following tipster on twitters can get you quickly gubbed.

    1. Matt

      With this being a paid service, there aren’t as many people following the tips as you might expect. With only 40-50 tips per month, we’re not really placing that many bets either. Using Oddschecker to find the best odds also means our bets are spread out across a number of bookies too. I’ve been following since January 2016 and I’ve not had any problems so far.

  21. Tracy

    Thanks Matt for earlier reply,
    I am very tempted to sign up, can I ask, would you still be doing the bookies offers in conjunction with the tips?

    1. Matt

      No problem Tracy. Yes I would do both, bankroll permitting.

  22. Geoffrey

    Anyone that have tested the service that can tell how much his picks are affecting the market price? This is usually the problem with these kinds of services that it is hard to get the advised odds.

    1. Matt

      If the tips are sent out the night before, which is often the case for Saturdays, I often don’t place my bets until the morning of the race and I rarely have trouble getting the advised odds. Occasionally they’ll have fluctuated but this has been in the right direction sometimes too.

  23. Ryllo

    Anyone know a good free tipster for Cheltenham? from previous years etc etc

  24. Lee

    I think the latest twelve month rolling results indicate a profit of about 77 points, taking into account membership fees of £432 over this period staking £10 per point would give a profit of £338 over this period, so in my opinion only if you can afford to stake £25 to £50 a point is it worth following this route. The last two years at Cheltenham have resulted in losses, so again go into this with an open mind and only if you are prepared to lose money if things don’t go to plan, equally you could make a great profit at the festival but again this is gambling and if you are a risk averse match better then stick to that.

    1. Matt

      I completely agree with your advice regarding going into it with an open mind and only staking money you can afford to lose, however, I’m just wondering where you’ve got those figures from? Nicky has made 19.19 cumulative points profit across the last two Cheltenham Festivals and has made 185.09 points profit between March 2016 and February 2017?

      1. Lee

        A mistake on my part as far as I can see it was 2014 and 2015 that were the non profit years, the results regards the points for the rolling year are from a proofing service, so I guess it depends on what prices you take, somewhere I guess between the two figures is where it realistically might be, I still think that a decent bank is required (£2500) to make it worthwhile. I am not sure that I would be happy even using one third of my £3000 match betting profit to back horses, I always feel with a tipster you need to be in it for a decent amount of time especially if you do the festival, the frequency of bets is much higher and a bad run now could lead to a loss of confidence. Anyway thanks Matt for the effort you put into the site it is much appreciated.

  25. tyno

    Matt, sorry to ask you a question related to bet alchemist and not yours, but where do you find his super heinz bet?

    1. KG

      It’s under antepost/cheltenham festival 2017.

      Could you explain the super heinz bet?

      1. Matt

        A super heinz bet involves selecting 7 horses and consists of 120 separate bets. The 120 bets cover every combination of horses, so 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds and finally a seven-fold accumulator.

  26. Lb

    I have read on reviews that the selections tend to get smashed in on price would these horses be worth trading on betfair ex??

  27. James

    Price is £36 per month including VAT.

  28. tyno

    gave it a go today for his first weekend tips….and not a single one even placed.

    1. WM

      yeah me too.
      i expected at least 1 to give a return.
      got two emails with a total of 3 tips. I could have picked a horse to place myself out of 3 different races 😉

  29. Steve

    The sample size is obviously too small to make an assessment. I registered and received three selections for today – each way bets on Max Do Brazil, Prime Ventura, and Toushan. Prime Ventura placed, the other two didn’t. Overall loss was just £7.50 (I’m working with £15 per point).

    So if we get a strike rate of say 3 in 10, we will be in profit. I’m going to give this system a good few months. It’s too early to dismiss it based on a few selections.

    1. WM

      haha, we are receiving similar but different horses.
      I was also tipped Max Do Brazil and Toushan. But then Redhotfillypeppers not Prime Ventura.
      I would also give it a go, but on paper only. Not putting anymore money behind this until I experience it for real.

  30. Matt

    For those of you that are interested…

    Saturday 11th March 2017:

    Prime Venture advised at 16/1 – Got on at 18/1
    Max Do Brazil advised at 9/1 – Got on at 10/1
    Toushan advised at 8/1 – Got on at 7/1

    Prime Venture was beaten into 2nd by 1.25 lengths and the other two failed to place giving me a very small overall loss of 0.25 points.

    This is a long game guys so if you’re not looking to commit for any length of time, my advice is that it isn’t for you.

  31. Steven

    I would like to also add Matt, if I may, that you need to be fully committed to every selection. If you pick and choose which of his selections to go with, the system won’t work. You need to bet on everything tipped. I can completely understand why some people would be put off by this – I have around £200 tied up on their Cheltenham selections. This is a bit scary but I’m going to stick with the plan.

    1. Matt

      I couldn’t agree more Steven. Commit to every selection over a decent period of time if you want this to work.

  32. Doran754

    It seems he’s just giving different tips out to different people and eventually you’ll get that small pool of people that think it works because they’ve hit everyone.

    1. Matt

      Just to clarify who gets what…

      Paid subscription – You get all of Nicky’s selections
      Free tips – Nicky reveals one of the above selections as a taster
      1kto5k Challenge – This is a completely separate service and is free to follow. Sometimes Nicky will tip one of his already advised selections if he’s particularly confident about it’s chances.

  33. rich

    Matt,is he related to Ben Doyle ?

    1. Matt

      I don’t know mate, I’m not familiar with Ben Doyle.

  34. WM

    in fairness, the tip he gave today on the 1k-5k challenge did win, even though i was too scared to put any money on it after yesterday

    1. Matt

      Nothing wrong with that mate. It’s a free service so you can always just keep an eye on how he gets on. Just remember you don’t need to start with the advised bankrolls. You can start as small as you like and just divide by 30 to get your staking level.

  35. Hugo

    Yeh I second what Matt says about the long game. If you’re going to be scared off by a few losses then it’s not for you. You can see if you look at his results then you could be in for a loss over the next 3 or four months as he does tend to have runs of either good or bad results. You’ve got to commit to the averages and they show that he’s made decent profit over 5 years or so. I’m impressed with his stats considering how few bets he’s put on to come out with that unit profit in the time so I’ll be following them. Cheers Matt.

    1. Matt

      No problem Hugo!

  36. MR P

    I just hope Cheltenham brings a profit, I’ve joined up for the month, I realise its a long game, but profit at Chelts would be a nice start.

    1. Matt

      Always nice to get off to a good start when following a tipster. Fingers crossed mate.

  37. Duncan

    How has this gone today?

    1. Matt

      13.5 points profit on Day 1 Duncan. I’ve updated the post to include the results so far.

  38. tiamojuan

    +500 today Thanks Matt

    1. Matt

      Always nice to get off to a good start!

  39. Hugo

    Quality stuff. Not many horses placing but I couldn’t care less with two winners on day 1 of Cheltenham so very good profit. So close with Edwulf but I just hope the horse is ok. Thanks for the tip Matt really appreciate it

    1. Matt

      Yes it was a shame with Edwulf as he was looking like placing at the very least. A great day all round though!

  40. Duncan Bruce

    £500 at what stakes?

    I think I’ll give it a go but hope I haven’t missed the good luck

    1. Matt

      13.5 points profit suggests stakes of around £37.00. I always think £10.00 stakes is a good starting point.

  41. WM

    i gave it a go today on the 3 tips given on what i call the “£1k to minus £5k” challenge.
    I made a profit 🙂

    1. Matt

      Yes a good win for Apple’s Jade at 4/1 saw us marginally up by 0.5 points. For those that did the advised yankee bets as well, we were 0.5 points down.

  42. SJ

    Can someone explain to me the whole points stake system. If i have a starting bank of £300, how much is my 1 point stake? I’m talking myself in and then out of how much to stake! (I have done them all at £2.50 e/w and £5 win to trial it, and am definitely thinking of signing up, just want to make sure i’m doing it properly – apologies if this is the wrong place to post).

    1. SC

      Starting bank balance is £300 if you sticking by 30 points as laid out in his e-mails, it should be £10 = 1 point and 1/2 point is £5 🙂

      1. Matt

        He actually recommends a bankroll of 100 points mate. It’s the £1,000 to £5,000 Challenge that is based on 30 points. I have always 50 points so I guess it’s down to the individual.

    2. Matt

      You just divide your bankroll by 50 to get your staking level, so…

      £300.00 / 50 = £6.00 per point.

      So, for example, if we are advised to stake 1/2 point each way on a horse, that would be £3.00 each way.

  43. SJ

    Ah, I understand. So i’m not too far off then at £5 per point. Last question, as bankroll increases i presume we increase the stakes?

    1. Matt

      Yes mate. The easiest thing to do is log all of your bets in a spreadsheet with a running total. You can then have a box that divides your running total by 50, so that you know what to stake at all times.

  44. Paul Carney

    This service seems to have good results but I have been unlucky with it.I joined in Oct/Nov last year which seems to have been his worst spell of the year.Now I have joined again for Cheltenham with another diappointing performance. I appreciate that he goes for value bets so perhaps Cheltenham is not his strong suit given the huge fields in many races of good quality horses,plus being NH anything can happen in a race.

    1. Matt

      It’s easy to be put off if you get involved during a quiet spell, but you really need to commit and stick at it if you want to see the long-term gains. He had a fantastic month in January with over 47 points profit and I’ve every faith the profits will continue to come our way.

  45. Rich

    I too am disappointed with his performance in Cheltenham. I did all of the bets on the subscription and the free emails, for someone with 30+ years experience one would hope for better.

    I have to admit though I learnt a few things from his website / emails i.e. what a Yankee bet is and a Super Heinz as well as how Each Way betting works.

    The reality is it is very difficult to work out exactly which horse will finish first, ultimately there can only be one winner. So one could argue my expectations were too high, typically it seems he hits one big winner per day which tends to cover most of the losses from the punting.

    Match betting is more profitable as there is next to no risk apart from getting gubbed. I suppose rather than mug punting one would be better of punting Nicky’s tips which is what I did. It would certainly create confusion amongst bookies who are reviewing accounts that they want to gub, in fact it will make one look more like a normal punter.

    I think one has to be a bit more patient and give it time, it will be interesting to see how he get’s on during the weekend races. They are less competitive and maybe easier to predict winner/places.

    1. Matt

      I agree Rich, I think it does help our accounts from a mug betting point of view.

  46. Nic

    I started the 1 to 5K back in October 2016 with a bank of £150 thinking if he can turn it into £750 I would be impressed. Not really thinking it would happen hence starting with the small bank. 5 months on and the bank now stands at £301.11. I have to admit that I look forward to his selections on the weekend as he has produced a great return so far.

    1. Matt

      Yes it was a slow start Nic but things really picked up and we’re now sat on more than double our opening balance! It’ll be interesting to see if he can achieve the target within the 12 months he was aiming for.

  47. Mark

    Well, after a great start to Cheltenham it does feel disappointing to be ending in negative territory. However, I have enjoyed getting the emails and putting the bets on. The system is easy enough to follow and I’ve had no problems with prices. My own view is that there is no point committing yourself for a short period of time, you have to be in this for the long run to reap any reward.

  48. PS

    Hi Matt, I got similar results to those you have posted above for the Cheltenham festival. However my overall net profit/loss is lower than what you have published as I placed the Antepost bets for Cheltenham too which you have not included. Is it best to just stick to the Selections only on the website?

    1. Matt

      His antepost tips are in a different section to his normal tips so it’s entirely up to you mate. I just included his daily tips in the table as I know most of you signed up after the antepost tips had been sent out.

  49. Steve

    I echo what others have said that this requires more time. With massive fields and less than perfect ground condition, I don’t think we should judge Nicky’s performance too harshly. There were two second place finishes – Whisper and Mega Fortune. If these two horses won, then it would have been a very profitable four days.

    Matt’s results summary is a little misleading I have to say. As a paid subscriber, I also placed bets on all of Owen’s antepost selections. I’m working with £15 per point and my result for Cheltenham was a loss of £52. Luckily my matched betting profits over the four days more than covered this so I’m not going to lose any sleep. If I was not doing matched betting to offset losses, I would feel a little nervous. My overall loss so far is £75, add in the subscription fee and that’s over £100.

    One redeeming feature is the strategy of placing E/W bets. This seems to be a good way of minimising losses. During Cheltenham, my total wagering was £510, so a loss of £52 doesn’t seem so bad. This is an indication Nicky’s selections have been quite sound.

    1. Matt

      I don’t follow Owen’s antepost selections Steve as I wasn’t overly impressed with his track record. I just stick with Nicky’s tips. The each way strategy certainly helps to minimise losses with us betting at the bigger prices.

  50. MR P

    I bet the normal tips on the first Cheltenhamday,made 11 points,as got Tully East at 12/1 but only got the other winner at 12/1(that’s ok,it still won) as well,did not bet on the next two days(was busy),but halved my stakes on Friday and made a loss of about £16,which was wiped out anyway by my free bets etc earned,so I earned £94 from the tips on the days I did,so cannot knock the guy,I’m well pleased :),like Matt says its a long game and it will profit over the long term.

  51. Josh

    Thanks for writing a guide. Looking into Bet Alchemist during Cheltenham unfortunately though matched betting tied up a lot of my money and time. However I have just started today! I have started with a £400 bankroll, £8 per point and £4 per half point – does this sound correct? I see the website recommends a £600 bankroll I think it was but I cannot commit that much money, especially since matched betting has the potential to tie a lot of money up.

    1. Matt

      Yes that should be fine Josh. I have always used the 50 points rule.

  52. Jon

    When I try to join it wants £30 + £6 VAT for a month or quarterly £79 + £15.80 VAT.

    Why does your guide above state “That’s massive value for just £30.00. That’s just £1.00 per day!”

    ” Nicky has kindly agreed to offer a discount for Matched Betting Blog followers. Subscription will cost just £30.00 per month or £79.00 per quarter, which are fixed prices for the lifetime of your membership.”

    Why no mention of the VAT? may only be £6 a month £15.80 a quarter but that’s extra profit loss.

    Just seems off not mentioning the VAT.

    1. Matt

      That’s a fair point Jon. I’ve amended the post and the review page accordingly.

  53. Roman

    Tired of following tipsters I started laying high odds horses in big races, it’s an Inverted risk to reward ratio as you risk much more than potential gain, but my ongoing win rate is hovering around 99%, occasionally I will suffer a loss which would take around 25 lay bets to clear, at 99% win rate is isn’t a big deal though. Bottom line – to each his own, no matter how unorthodox method is, as long as you make ongoing gains that’s all that matters.

    1. Anders Turn

      Can i ask how big your sample is?

      1. Roman

        I do at least 3 bets per day, pretty much every day over last 12 months or so. My stake is £10 at odds of 25/1 to 30/1. I don’t do hurdle races.

        1. Anders Turn

          I see thanks for the information

    2. huge

      Don’t think I can believe this, this looks like a method to go broke for me

  54. xD

    I need to place 0,5pts EW (1 total)?

    1. Matt

      Yes, If Nicky recommends we bet 1/2 point each way.

  55. Peter

    What time are the bets most likely to be revealed?

    I have no access to placing a bet Thursday and Friday until 4pm so concerned I will miss the best odds. Especially Friday due to weekend racing and want to follow all the tips.

    1. Matt

      The first lot of bets are due to go out at 21:00 on Wednesday night. During the big festivals, Nicky usually sends his selections out the night before.

  56. Timmy

    Not trying to be funny but bloody hell, he had a shocking 2015. Fair play that he’s open about it but if you were putting £50 bets down you’d be £4k under over the year. Oof.

    1. Matt

      You need to play the long game Timmy and adjust your stakes accordingly. If you start with a bankroll of 50 points, you should always divide your balance by 50 to get your staking level for each round of bets.

  57. mark smith

    Bank roll management is key. Could be an extra money maker.

  58. Tom

    Well that was a dreadful set of tips today. One horse pulled up, one came last, and the other came 10th. Will be avoiding this.

    1. Matt

      That’s fair enough Tom. You have to be committed long-term when following tipsters. It’s not something you can dip in and out of. There are going to be ups and downs and if you don’t think you can ride out the downs, then it’s not for you mate.

  59. Danny65

    I signed up last month, currently up nearly 3pts, Nothing exceptional so far and way below what I select on my own so will give him the 60 day period for a refund and stop if there is no improvement. It looked promising on paper, time will tell.

  60. Andy Parker

    I’m regretting signing up for this, I follow a free tipster on twitter who is constantly making profit, every day whereas this guy is charging a subscription for it and firing pretty wild at the moment. Every broken clock is right twice a day and all that.

    1. Matt

      All I can say is that his track record speaks for itself Andy. It’s impossible to have upswings all of the time so it requires patience. Four placed finishes out of six tips today left us up slightly on the day.

  61. Rich

    I signed up before Cheltenham……have had an awful run since. Lost loads of cash in the meantime!! And worse still I paid for the “privilege” – I am going to cancel soon.

    I wish Matt did’nt recommend it to me, I would have saved myself a few bob. I think that tipping service discredits this site, Matt obviously earn’s a fee for recommending this tipster so unfortunately his views are biased.

    If you want to win and make money then stick to match betting, very little risk with loads of upside. Long term your account will keep going up and you won’t give the money back through punting.

    Leave the punting to the mug betters.

    1. Danny65

      Today was lousy,….again Rich. My own system made 30.5 pts this last week compared to the minus 8 pts I have had in the same time from him so like you, I suspect my time with him is limited unless there is a big improvement.
      His selections are nothing like I get and I don’t bet on anything under 5/1 so there is a flaw in his logic somewhere. His fields of selection seem far too big for me, you could reduce the risk by making better selections on smaller fields.

      1. Matt

        Four placed finishes out of six selections yesterday, so we’re due a winner. Runs like this occur all the time, you just have to sit tight.

    2. Matt

      Not sure what you’ve been doing there Rich as we’re not far from break even point since the start of Cheltenham. As I’ve said previously, I wouldn’t risk the reputation of my blog if I wasn’t a profitable member myself and didn’t truly believe in the service.

  62. Peter

    Worst experience betting I have ever had betting this one.

    Took you at your word with eye catching

    “Perfect timing

    There couldn’t be a better time to get involved because if you sign up right now, your first month’s membership will cover all of the following festivals…”


    “Nicky boasts an excellent Aintree Festival record and his first lot of bets for this year’s festival will be released at 21:00 on Wednesday (5th April 2017).”

    Not only have no winners been selected but tips are so random and I could have done better sticking a pin in the list of runners.

    Yes you can say his record speaks for itself but if you look at the results there are long periods of non winners 2015 very bad year and like someone said above a broken clock is still right twice a day.

    Ultimate thing that did it for me – I am paying for the service and here are my Grand National results from my expert tipster:

    Horse A did not finish
    Horse B did not finish

    And to add insult to injury my email today congratulates the picking of the grand national winner on the free part of the site.

    Also congratulations on the twitter site.

    Yeah congratulations on a horse you i did not back because i followed and trusted your paid for tips.

    I know you have made profit but you really should have thought before recommending this service.

    I have now searched and found much more profitable and free services and this one is a complete let down.

    As a side note the selections were listed for the wrong time one day.
    One email said the tips for the next day would be in on *date and it was the wrong date.
    Other tip for a 6f race explained the horse should jump smartly when it is a flat race so how is it going to jump?

    All of which don’t give you much confidence in someone giving you advice on where to place your hard earned cash.

    Now have to leave and am taking a heavy loss but can’t continue with the nonsense. No doubt a winner will now appear out of thin air but having looked at 2017 results 16 non winners in a row then there were two low priced winners then 8 non winners low price winner 14 non winners then a high priced winner then 15 non winners.

    53 non winners 3 low priced winners and a high price winner whilst paying £30 + VAT for the privilege – not great by any means.

    1. Peter

      Make that 54 non winners and counting.

    2. Matt

      As always, you’re entitled to your opinion Peter. The Grand National is a difficult race to predict and when horses fall or unseat their rider, it’s unfortunate. I will say though that if you’ve been following the staking plan correctly since just before Cheltenham, you shouldn’t have incurred a heavy loss. Variance is a big part of following a tipster and it’s unfortunate that you’ve joined during a dip. I cannot emphasise enough that this is a long-term commitment and not a get rich quick scheme.

      1. Peter

        I have commented that I joined not as a get rich scheme but as you gave a glowing report of how great Aintree was going to be and it just was not.

        I fully took on board to be in it for the long run.

        However I have looked over the bets and advice and am not convinced. The horses I have just watched lose and I watched all 17 of them were way off.

        I think this is a broken clock is still right twice a day so yes they have had winners but down to pure luck and I could run a tipster service and get a similar strike rate just from pure luck.

        That and the mistakes made on the site and in emails makes you wonder how much attention to detail are they putting on the selections.

        The Grand National – all I am saying it is a little insensitive to tell someone in an email who is paying you for tips and gave two losers that hey we did tip the winner. Surprised they did send an email saying hey shame you lost xxx because we made xxx on the winner of the National just a shame our picks lost.

        Hey your losing hundreds of pounds do you know one of our friends gave out the winning lottery numbers last night :).

        Also one of the horses tipped did have a history of falling so don’t take the national as being hard to predict.

        I actually picked the winner 2nd and 4th myself by doing hard research so it can be done.

        Just wish I had not backed Alchemists picks as well.

        BTW you say a smaller bankroll than they advise. Your review states ” Bet Alchemist recommend a starting bankroll of 50 points ” they however recommend an 80 to 100 point bank and after taking their advice and having 17 bets without a winner ouch it hurts 🙁

        Don’t get me wrong I love your Blog it’s just I think and as you say we are all entitled to our own opinions that you should maybe not have promoted this.

        That said they will probably go on a massive winning streak now lol.

        1. Matt

          I must admit I’ve noticed the odd typo or administrative error, but I’m willing to forgive that so long as he continues to be profitable long-term. With regards to the email, Nicky was merely building awareness of Owen Healy’s free tips by congratulating him on tipping the Grand National winner. The main benefit of betting each way is that it helps us avoid big losing runs. The winners may have been sparse lately but we’ve had plenty of placed finishes to soften the blows.

          Fair enough though Peter, I respect your opinions and we’ll agree to disagree. The winning streak will come, it’s just a case of sticking at it.

  63. Jon

    Any idea how to contact them?

    I used the website contact form and got reply within 24 hours no problem on a normal query.

    I have then asked them to cancel my account and the no quibble refund and now after 3 days still no reply whatsoever.

    Just how do you cancel if they won’t talk to you!!!!!!!

    1. Matt

      You just need to go to My Account > Edit Subscription Status. It’s explained in their terms and conditions Jon. You will then be taken to Clickbank where you can cancel your subscription. It’s very straightforward.

  64. tyno

    I used the email address provided on the bet alchemist website after following for two consecutive losing months, asked for the no quibble 60 day refund. He replied and said I will recieve it…. a couple of days passed I received one months membership refund instead of the two that I am owed, and when i go to send another email to ask where the second months refund is I learn that they be blocked my email address! that’s cracking customer service for you.

    1. Matt

      That sounds odd, though that’s not the correct way for cancelling and requesting a refund as per the terms and conditions.

      You just need to go to My Account > Edit Subscription Status.

      You’ll then be taken to Clickbank where you can cancel your subscription. It’s very straightforward.

  65. gareth

    Is there evidence that his tips shorten in price? I am wondering whether we can introduce a match betting element for us who really dislike giving bookies anything?


    1. Matt

      Sometimes the odds will shorten as the race draws nearer but we can usually get our bets on at the advised price without any issues.

  66. Hugo

    Well here’s old Sod’s Law coming to play just as Matt has recommended a tipster. It’s unfortunate there’s been a bad run straight away but I don’t see why people are getting so upset when they can see from his records that you can expect even up to a year of loss so having a whinge after a month seems unfair. The guy has made steady profit over the years and for those saying they could stick a pin on random horses and do better I beg to differ. It seems everyone wants too much too quickly these days.

  67. Huge

    Why can’t you just place your bets on the exchange? You won’t get limited there

    1. Roman

      Firstly, you are absolutely correct. On the other hand, subscription and affiliation is guaranteed income, which can be very rewarding.

      1. Huge

        “On the other hand, subscription and affiliation is guaranteed income, which can be very rewarding.”
        I don’t understand what you mean

        1. Roman

          I misunderstood your comment, as your comment wasn’t a reply to another poster. My response was to do with the reason being given why person behind BetAlchemist decided to offer his tips to paying subscribers. You could make much more via subscription vs straight punting.

  68. kartiloco

    How much of a bankroll would you need to have build up from matched betting before starting with a service like this?

    My current float is ~£500 but that is all I can use, and I still have lots of welcome offers with free bets etc. that I can do. I’m in my 1st month of MB still.

    1. Matt

      My recommendation would be to focus on matched betting mate. Bet Alchemist is for the more experienced matched bettors who have built up a sizeable bankroll and are looking for other ways to make a profit through betting.

  69. SNes07

    Any idea how you cancel your subscription and get a refund?

    1. Matt

      To cancel your subscription, just head to My Account > Edit Subscription Status. You will then be taken to Clickbank where you can cancel your subscription. To claim a refund, I think you just need to drop them an email within 60 days of signing up.

      1. SNes07

        I’ve been refunded one month but still waiting on my email being answered about the other month.

        1. Matt

          Drop them another email and chase it up mate.

        2. SNes07

          Finally sorted mate cheers

        3. Matt

          No probs, pleased to hear they’ve sorted it for you.

  70. Scott

    A lot of bad comments for this so just wanted to chip in. I signed up last month and after a bit of a ropey run things have picked up nicely over the last week and a bit.

    If you’re used to the no-downside approach of matched betting, then the variance with something like this will likely be hard to take. I’m pretty confident in this bloke though and fully intend to re-subscribe when my current 3 months runs out.

    I don’t know the lad that runs this blog, but I honestly think this is a pretty solid recommendation from him.

  71. Mark

    I’ll also chip in. I joined back in March (ouch!). My advice to anyone trying out this service is you have to be in it for the long term. If your plan is to do this for a couple of months then you might get lucky, or you could make a big loss. But that isn’t what this service is about. Just look at the records. We are often backing horses at long odds (with value), so there are going to be losing streaks. This requires careful money management I.e. a good bank size to absorb these hits. Experienced bettors understand this. Bet Alchemist’s approach is that over time these value bets will show a profit, but it could take many months to achieve this.

  72. Brian

    I am a very experienced horse racing punter and (over the last 6 years) matched bettor. Two things from my perspective. As is heavily stressed by Matt and others that you have to be long term committed, prepared to work within the staking system (lowering your stakes in line with a losing run / increasing them in a winning run) and able to cope with the psychological pressures from variance, to use this sort of approach. If you don’t have the discipline to do all three things – don’t go there.

    Don”t get hung up on big meetings like Cheltenham or Ascot. These are often particularly difficult as they tend to have large fields of very high quality horses in them, some of which will have been aimed at a particular race for months in advance. These meetings are actually harder to predict than the average Saturday afternoon racing. I suspect that is why the March results were so poor. Meetings later in the season such as “Glorious Goodwood” and the York Ebor meeting are often more productive as there is more form to go on.

    1. Gary

      Hmmm I’ve follows ten bets so far and not one has even placed. Not impressed so far

      1. Matt

        It’s been a testing start to the festival Gary. Things can only get better…

  73. Tristan

    Do you think it’s worth doing small £5 stakes to start out just to test the waters Matt?

    1. Matt

      You can stake whatever you’re comfortable with Tristan. I would say you don’t have to stake anything at all but Nicky posts his results on the site so there wouldn’t be much point in subscribing until you’re ready to get involved.

  74. Charles

    Will the 1k to 5k free tips give me bets on Cheltenham this weekend ?

    1. Matt

      Should do Charles. Nicky usually sends his selections out at around 11:00 on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and during the big meetings/festivals.

  75. map1984

    Something that puzzles me, why would we use bookies instead of the better value exchange markets? Surely you’d increase profitability and not risk accounts getting gubbed using a sports exchange?

    1. Matt

      Most of the bets are each way, so we can get better odds at a bookmaker rather than the exchanges. Another reason is that a lot of the bookies offer a best odds guarantee, which is something you don’t get at the exchanges.

  76. Csaba Bagi

    Can’t see the offer on the website.

      1. Csaba Bagi

        Pop up was blocked. Cheers

  77. J

    Hi Matt,

    Thinking of giving this a go but just a question on this guarantee, if the profit is less that the fees for the year, do you know if we can still get a year refund?

    e.g. the site makes a profit of £200 for the year but our fees for the year will be £360. Then it’s not really a profit so do you think/know if we can claim for a refund then?


    1. Matt

      The offer only applies to the subscription fees mate.

      1. J

        Yeah I know that but he says the guarantee is if he doesn’t make a profit in 2018. What if he only makes just a few £s profit, can he then turn around and say that he won’t refund the subscription fees because he did make a profit. Yeah he might have made a profit but that could quite a bit less than the total of the subscription fees!

  78. jimmyb

    Personally think there are far better tipsters out there than Bet Alchemist out there which you can follow for free. Wouldn’t recommend paying for any tipster unless you’ve been proofing them for a few months. You can easily have a losing year following someone decent and betting is probs not for 95% on this site

    1. Matt

      Yes it’s certainly a long-term commitment Jimmy, which is why Nicky has decided to run such an offer. I agree that it won’t appeal to most people on here, however, there should be a few people who find the post useful.

    2. Chris

      Any links to these free tipsters that you follow?

      1. jimmyb

        Hugh Taylor and Ben Linfoot are two decent guys who give tips daily for free

        1. Chris

          Cheers for that. Will check them out

  79. Dan

    I can only go off my experience, I did 10 months and made nothing, just about broke even at a push.
    You must consider a few factors if you are going to use tipsters,
    1) Even if you have got your fee back, it is your money their bad bets are losing and in the first few months I lost hundreds.
    2) Can you get the advertised odds. Not often enough in my case.
    3) Are you around to place every bet, if not that winner could well be missed, so if you have 2 weeks abroad, your results will not be his results.
    4) Bookies, do you really want to be taking early odds all the time and then expect to keep accounts?
    He showed a profit on paper over the period I was with him, it was far from it in real life taking the above into consideration.

    1. Matt

      I would certainly agree with your points around your personal availability. It’s not a problem for me as I pick Nicky’s emails up pretty swiftly and can usually get the advertised odds. Occasionally I’ll miss the best odds but there are others time where the odds have drifted in our favour. We’re not getting tips every day with this service which I think makes it a lot more manageable. As always though, it’s each to their own and this is just my personal opinion.

  80. Brian Frew

    I have been using this service for the last four months, having given it a six month trial before that just using the free Saturday tips. The Saturday tips made a profit over time, so I signed up. After deducting the fees I am +£580. I started at £20 a point (generally £10 each way bets) and moved up to £25 a point when a profit had been established. I have now moved to £30 a point. You have to be prepared for long losing runs (December was horrendous) but January has got us back on the front foot.

    A “betting bank” of 100 points is recommended and that is reasonable. You will get long losing runs and have to be able to live with this. He is recommending mainly high odds “value bets”.

    It is very useful indeed for a matched bettor like me that is gubbed at most of the high street bookies – provided you have not actually been limited by them – just banned from promotions. I am now able to make use of such accounts that were otherwise not worth having. It is also useful with all my accounts as the bets you are making, well in advance of the race on long odds horses, helps provide “cover” for matched betting activities on the same site.

    I would strongly recommend making yourself available when Nicky’s emails arrive (he tells you in advance) so that you can get bets on before odds are cut. He recommends BOG (best odds guaranteed) books and this is important as the odds have gone out on some winners.

  81. Donald

    I’ve just been having a look around the internet for some proofed results for Bet Alchemists tipping service. I found some info on Racing-Index and I’m struggling to see how he can be profitable even if you are committed to following for a longer period.


    Maybe I’m just not reading the information correctly but I don’t see anything particularly great in these numbers.

    The figures given are –

    SP Profit = Total number of points profit/loss based on Starting Price (SP)


    BSP Profit = Total points profit/loss based on Betfair Starting Prices

    How much do these vary compared to his advised prices? Is there a better source of information to see returns based on his advised prices?

  82. Mac

    I have been using this since January 2016, and have barely broke even, probably a few hundred down if you include the subscription fees.

    I use approximately £15 per point depending on the state of the betting bank, and generally put the bets down quite soon after they are emailed to me.

    I don’t know if the profit readouts are just inaccurate, but £2000+ from a £10 bank seems wildly off to me. Perhaps someone else who also uses the service could tell me where I am going wrong!

    1. Matt

      I’ve used the service for the same length of time Mac and have made similar profits to those listed by Nicky. I’m not sure where things are going wrong for you?

      The Secret Betting Club did a report on the Bet Alchemist service and how profitable it is to advised prices and Betfair Exchange, which shows that the prices hold up very well.

      This page contains the link to download the free report > https://secretbettingclub.com/blog/warned-tipster-251-201-101-winners/

  83. Tom

    I’ve done his free Saturday tips since mid-November. Not brave enough to use £1000 so used £100. Done everyone one of his recommended bets and after 5 months have £125. To be fair that’s only because of one horse at very long odds on an each way bet winning its race, essentially accounting for the whole £25 profit. So I’ve given it a go and decided its not for me. Just glad I didn’t do the subscription service.

  84. Paul Carney

    His service made a loss at Cheltenham last year.

    1. Matt

      That’s correct Paul. It’s important to understand that this is a long-term strategy and cannot be measured on one 4-day period alone. It’s about taking value over a sustained period of time, so if you’re not willing to commit long-term, it’s simply not for you.

  85. Martyn

    This is a total contradiction to match betting. It could make you money and it also can lose all profits and hard work. Did it with lots of other tipsters and it doesn’t work believe me. That’s why I do match betting and other low risk trading.

    1. Matt

      You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion Martyn. All I can say is I use this service myself and I know it’s profitable long-term. I accept it’s not for everyone, but it may well be of interest to some.

  86. Chris

    Hey guys.

    Just to say that as an alternative you can check out the forum on this site where we picked out most of the winners mentioned above especially those at Cheltenham plus many, many more completely free of charge.

    Aintree will have a daily thread from tomorrow.

  87. Dave

    Missed the deal by one day . Need to keep my eye out for the next one !

    1. Matt

      I think the deal is still available Dave. Nicky wanted to let it run a little for any latecomers!

  88. Stephen H

    Do you make a commission on the getting people to sign up to this tipster service.

    1. Matt

      Yes Stephen, I am affiliated with Bet Alchemist.

  89. Simon

    My opinion, and my opinion only based on my experience.

    I wasn’t comfortable enough to sign up to the full service so registered for the free 1kto5k service to get a feel for the selections etc. To say it was dreadful was an understatement. I had no choice but to bail after 3 months (good choice seeing its down 2.89 points over the past 12 months) by which time I think we had hit a single place result on a low odds each way bet only. Everything else had lost. I ran out of bank I was prepared to use. I continued to follow his selections on paper and it was never a decent selection.

    Today I get an email from him stating that “The challenge this year didn’t go as well as expected” but apparently this is because he doesnt put much into the free service so for a small fee he’ll put a bit more into the 1kto5k selections. Otherwise hes going to call it a day as he cant justify making selections and not charging. I suppose if he did call it a day everyone that followed him for the past year would have saved money!

    My opinion only – avoid like the plague. Might be a money back guarantee attached but what about the £100’s or £1000’s he loses you in following his awful tips. Actually, his ability to pick a loser is uncanny and my suggestion is you could well look to lay whatever he tells you to back.

    Matt – love the site, my opinion is nothing personal just my experience.

    1. Matt

      You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion Simon.

      All I would say is that your opinion is based purely on the free tips and not the subscription based service. The free tips just about broke even over the 12 month period.

      I’ve been a subscriber to his service for some time now and although we have rough patches of variance, the general trend has always been upwards.

  90. Mark

    I did Bet Alchemist for about 15 months, using stakes of £25. I have since bailed from the service logging a £150 loss. My experience:

    1. You can get the published odds, but only if you get your bets on as quickly as the emails arrive. In reality this only happened for me about 30% of the time. This erodes potential profits.

    2. Availability. This is a huge problem. There will always be times when you are unavailable to get bets on. I only missed 4 days in 15 months, but 3 of these days had big winners which would have put me into profit!

    I have no doubt that if you follow the service perfectly and wait patiently every week to get the best odds you will make a profit. However, in practice i doubt this will happen for the vast majority of punters.

    And for that reason, i’m out!

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