Save Time with an Odds Matcher

Updated: June 22, 2024

In matched betting, any time saved means more profit you can make. Odds matching software is there to do exactly that.

What is an odds matcher?

Instead of manually looking up selections at the bookmaker and exchange to find ones with ideal odds, an odds matcher does the leg work for you. It scans live odds from bookmakers and exchanges and pulls them into a table comprising all the highest-rated matched bets. That means you will maximise profit from your free bets and bonuses and minimise losses on your qualifying bets.

Then, all you need to do is pick out the top ones that meet your criteria and place your bets. It will link to the bookmaker page you need; some even allow you to place lay bets without leaving the odds matcher.

You can filter results by various things like sport, market type or minimum/maximum odds so that you only see the ones that meet the terms and conditions of the promotion you’re claiming. Some even have preset filters that can be used for the bookmaker’s welcome offers, saving you even more time.

Screenshot of OddsMonkey's OddsMatcher tool.
The original OddsMatcher from OddsMonkey.

Tips for using an odds matcher

While picking the top-rated matched bet each time might be tempting, I wouldn’t advise it. If the top-rated match is from an obscure event, like the 3rd division of the Russian ice hockey league, this can be a red flag to a bookmaker. They may then limit your ability to claim offers in the future.

With matched betting, the aim is to blend in with everyday bettors. You’re better off picking a slightly lower-rated but popular event like a Premier League football match. By doing so, you’ll make a few pence less but be able to keep your bookmaker account unrestricted for as long as possible. It’s not worth jeopardising your future profits for a minimal short-term gain.

What is the best odds matcher to use?

An odds matcher is one piece of software that’s worth paying for. Some free options are around, but all are limited in some way or very slow to pull in the latest odds. When you place your bet, the odds may have changed a while before.

Of the premium options, the odds matcher from OddsMonkey stands above the rest. Odds are near real-time; lay bets can be placed directly from the matcher for all the major exchanges, and it includes a plethora of filters. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly, which unfortunately can’t be said for every odds matcher.

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Do I have to use an odds matcher?

By all means, you can matched bet without an odds matcher. But an odds matcher will make your life easier. OddsMonkey offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no reason not to try it. If you aren’t completely satisfied, simply contact their support team for a refund.

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