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Wimbledon 2018 Offers

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 02/07/2018 11:30

Wimbledon 2018 gets underway today and the bookies are getting in on the action! There are some great offers available for the duration of the tournament, so provided we minimise our qualifying losses, we stand a great chance of making some big profits and here’s how…

Available Offers:

10Bet(M) Money back as a free bet (up to £10.00) if your selection loses in 5 sets
188BET(M&W) Money back as cash (up to £25.00) if your selection wins the first set but loses the match
21Bet(M) Money back as a free bet (up to £25.00) if your selection gets knocked out in a 5th set
Bet365(M) Men's Singles bets paid as a winner if our selection goes two sets up (if eligible)
BetMcLean(M) Money back as a free bet (up to £25.00) if your selection loses in five sets
Betway(M&W) Double winnings as a free bet (up to £50.00) if your selection loses the first set but wins the match
BoyleSports(M&W) Double winnings as a free bet (up to £25.00) if your selection loses the first set but wins the match
Bruce Betting(M) Money back as a free bet (up to £25.00) if your selection loses in a 5th set decider
NetBet(M) Money back as a free bet (up to £20.00) if your selection goes 2-0 up and loses the match
Paddy Power(M) Men's Singles bets paid as a winner if our selection goes two sets up
Toals(M&W) Money back as a free bet (up to £25.00) if your selection wins the first set but loses the match


WARNING: Please be aware of the retirement rules regarding tennis bets. In the event of a player retiring, if the bookmaker has different rules to the betting exchange, it could leave you exposed to big losses. Betfair and Smarkets have the same retirement rules, in that if the first set of a match is not completed, all bets related to the match will be voided. If the bookmaker has different terms to the betting exchange, you may want to consider dutching your bet with a bookmaker who shares the same retirement rules.


Qualifying Bets:

If you’re unfamiliar with qualifying bets, please see my Qualifying Bet Strategy page for a walk-through guide on how they should be done.

The strategy is the same for all eleven offers. We just need to select players with tight back and lay odds in order to minimise our qualifying losses and hope we hit the money back/double winnings triggers.

For the Bet365 and Paddy Power offers, we need to hope our selection goes two sets up and then loses, so that both our back and lay bets win.

The following example is for the 188BET offer. Having looked at the odds available for Ivo Karlovic v Mikhail Youzhny, we could place a qualifying bet on Mikhail Youzhny.

At the time of writing, laying our bet with Smarkets gives us the smallest qualifying loss.

We can calculate our lay stakes using my matched betting calculator…

Back Bet (Bookie)


Lay Bet (Betting Exchange)


Min £
Max £
Lay stake required: £
If back (bookie) bet wins
= £
If lay (exchange) bet wins
= £

Total profit: £

Optimal Underlay

Lay stake required: £
Exchange liability: £

If back (bookie) bet wins: £
If lay (exchange) bet wins: £

Optimal Overlay

Lay stake required: £
Exchange liability: £

If back (bookie) bet wins: £
If lay (exchange) bet wins: £

As you can see, the calculator tells us that our lay stake should be £24.35…

188BET logo

Place £25.00 on Mikhail Youzhny @ 1.88 = Potential profit of £22.00

Smarkets logo

Lay £24.35 on Mikhail Youzhny @ 1.95 = Potential liability of £23.13

Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the possible outcomes…

Youzhny wins the match+ £22.00 – £23.13 = £1.13 loss
Youzhny loses the match having won the first set- £25.00 + £23.86 + £25.00 (cash refund) = £23.86 profit
Youzhny loses the match having lost the first set- £25.00 + £23.86 = £1.14 loss

So, if Mikhail Youzhny loses the match having won the first set, we’ll make a nice profit of £23.86. Any other outcome and we’ll have made a maximum loss of £1.14. Risking £1.14 to make a profit of £23.86, gives us effective odds of 21.93, which I’m sure you’ll agree makes this is a profitable offer in the long run.

* Youzhny lost the match 3-1 having won the opening set, resulting in a profit of £23.86 on this match. *


  1. matchedbet12345

    Heres a list of retirement rules if u r confused:

    188bet (Match completed, void if change of surface): dont lay on exchanges use dutching
    21bet (1st set completed): can lay against exchanges
    bet365 ( Match completed) dont lay on exchange use dutching
    BetMcclean (Match Completed) dont lay on exchange use dutching
    Boylesports (Match Completed) dont lay on exchange use dutching
    BruceBetting (1st set completed) can lay against exchanges
    Paddypower (1st set completed) can lay against exchanges

    1. Martin

      Thank you for sharing this info. Have always avoided tennis due to the retirement rules. Will give a couple of these a crack now.

    2. Matt

      Thanks for adding those.

    3. Ali

      Never attempted dutching and would like to try it with the 188 offer. Any advice on how to calculate stakes etc would be very much appreciated. Cheers!

      1. Matt

        You’ll need to use a dutching calculator Ali, which is something I’m hoping to add in the not too distant future.

      2. tim

        This one works for me: https://www.oddschecker.com/betting-tools/dutching-calculator

        When dutching the obvious targets are those where one bookie is quoting much higher odds on one player than the other one is while the 2nd player is around the same odds on both.

        If its to win a freebet eg up to £25. U can do the usual divide 25 / decimal odds-1 to find the ideal stake. Plug the odds into that calculator and play with the total bet at the bottom until you get your stake, the amount u have to place on other bookie and the qualifying loss

        Or go OddsMonkey premium and use their tennis matcher (for ones u can lay against exchange) and dutching matcher 😉

  2. jim

    There are hardly any retirement in aso I ignore it,tennis match

  3. Sole

    Obviously with the Paddy Power type offer, don’t bet on the women’s games as once they go 2 sets up that’s game over.

  4. Hootz

    I’m trying to use the 188bet and Boylesports on the same match to maximise chances. If you dutch using them as well it saves time and effort! So 188bet on Player A and Boylesports on Player B

    1. matchedbet12345

      Got a double hit on them today. Its good that the offers are the reverse of each other lose first set and win match or win first set and lose match. So got a £16 freebet from boylesports and £17.50 cashback from 188bet

  5. Dave

    What level of qualifying loss do you aim for on these bets?
    Specifically looking at dutching Betway, 365 & 188, so there would be a special on both sides?

  6. Alan

    I’m working my way through the new customer offer for 188Bet at the moment. Will these bets be counted towards my qualifying for the offer and also be eligible for the individual bonus?

    1. Matt

      I’m not sure on that Alan, you would need to ask them the question.

      It does say in the terms, ‘10. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or new customer offer.

  7. Alan

    Ah! Thanks. That doesn’t look good!

  8. James

    Hi Matt, wonder if you can help me with something?

    I’m doing the 188bet offer, win he first set but lose the match for £25 cash added to account.

    I want to lay my bets off once my selction has won the first set and lost the second (for example) – I know I can lock in profit by laying off the selection I don’t want to win. Whenever the players lay odds get to 1.5 or below or similar. What calculations would I use?

    I hope that makes sense!

    1. Matt

      Hi James. You would need to lay the player you DO want to win. Using the example above, if you had backed Youzhny to beat Karlovic and Youzhny wins the first set, you would stand to make a profit if Karlovic wins, so you would lay against Karlovic.

      To calculate your stake, you would just need to divide your £25.00 cash refund by the lay odds (minus 0.02 to account for the 2% commission). So, if Karlovic had lay odds of 2.50, you would divide £25.00 by 2.48, giving you a lay stake of £10.08 and a guaranteed profit of £8.75 regardless of the outcome.

  9. Will

    10Bet Offer (M)
    GBP 10 Free Bet if player lost in 5 sets (min odds 1.5)

    1. Matt

      Thanks Will, added.

  10. Dave M

    Paddy Power are doing an offer – bet £10 on the men’s final, get a free £10 bet for the World Cup final.

    1. Matt

      Thanks Dave, I’ll get that added.

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