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Barcelona v Man Utd Offer – Paddy Power

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 16/04/2019 20:00

It’s Barcelona v Man Utd in the Champions League on Tuesday night and you don’t want to miss this Money Back Special from Paddy Power. Simply place a bet on selected markets and if Messi scores, Paddy Power will refund all losing bets as a free bet, up to a maximum of £10.00. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a potential profit of £6.50 and here’s how…

Key Terms:

  • Qualifying bets must be placed between 17:00 on Friday 12th April 2019 and 20:00 (kick-off) on Tuesday 16th April 2019.
  • The eligible markets are First/Last/Anytime Goalscorer, Correct Score and WhatOddsPaddy.
  • If our first bet loses and Messi scores, Paddy Power will refund our stake as a free bet, up to £10.00.

Qualifying Bet:

If you’re unsure about how to place qualifying bets, check out my Qualifying Bet Strategy page for a walk-through guide on how they should be done.

It’s entirely up to you what you place your qualifying bet on. Our best option is likely to be the Correct Score market. Ideally, we should select a scoreline that doesn’t see Messi score, but it depends on the odds that are available.

At the time of writing, the lay odds aren’t quite tight enough, so I’ll use fictional lay odds for 1-0 Barcelona (17/2) in the following example and I’ll update the bottom of the post with an actual selection after the match.

We can calculate our lay stakes using my matched betting calculator.

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Aim to lose no more than £1.50 on our qualifying bet


Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the possible outcomes…

1-0 Barcelona+£85.00-£86.50£1.50 loss
Not 1-0 Barcelona and Messi scores-£10.00+£8.50+£8.00£6.50 profit
Not 1-0 Barcelona and Messi doesn't score-£10.00+£8.50£1.50 loss

So, we’ll make a nice profit of £6.50 if Barcelona don’t win 1-0 and Messi scores and we stand to lose £1.50 on any other outcome. Risking £1.50 to make a profit of £6.50, gives us effective odds of 5.33. So, given that Messi is odds of just 1.50 (1/2) to score anytime, this is a profitable offer in the long run.

If eligible, free bets will be credited within two hours of the match ending and will be valid for 7 days on football markets.

If you’re unsure how to extract £8.00 cash (80%) from the £10.00 free bet, check out my Free Bet Strategy page for a walk-through guide on how it should be done.

* ‘2-0 Barcelona’ was available at back odds of 7.50 and lay odds of 8.80. Barcelona won the match 3-0 and Messi scored, resulting in a profit of £6.36 on this Paddy Power offer. *


  1. Ben

    Guest user

    Well done! Annoyingly I couldn’t find any bets with close enough back and lay odds so gave it a miss. I don’t really know how you’re supposed to find them as even with an OddsMonkey subscription most of the First Goalscorer, Correct Score, Anytime Goalscorer etc markets don’t appear on the OddsMatcher? I scanned through manually on Smarkets and BetDaq about 1/2 an hour beforehand but couldnt find anything obviously close.

    In future it would be great if you could post a comment on here before the match starts to let us know what bet youve gone for so we can follow your lead!

    1. Matt


      Unfortunately, that’s just not practical Ben. Those odds were available a few minutes before kick-off.

      The OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher isn’t needed for an offer like this. It’s just a case of keeping an eye on the markets and hoping you find something suitable. Sometimes it doesn’t happen and you just have to skip it and move on to another offer.


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