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Betway Price Boost – Chelsea, Crystal Palace & Tottenham

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 13/01/2018 15:00

There’s a big day of Premier League action to look forward to and you don’t want to miss this Betway price boost. They’ve enhanced Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Tottenham all to win from 5/2 to a tasty 4/1! Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a risk-free potential profit of £10.24 and here’s how…

Price Boost Bet:

The maximum stake for this price boost is likely to be £10.00.

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Place £10.00 on Chelsea, Crystal Palace & Tottenham @ 5.00 = Potential profit of £40.00

We can lay the legs sequentially for a risk-free potential profit.

We start by placing a lay bet on Chelsea and Crystal Palace both to win in the two 15:00 kick-offs. If either team doesn’t win, our price boost bet has lost and we’ve broken even. If both teams win, we can then place our final lay bet on Tottenham winning their 17:30 kick-off. When laying sequentially, we continue placing our lay bets so long as our bets keep winning.

I like to place my exchange lay bets with Betfair as they have great liquidity and the site is really easy to use. Also, if we opt in, they are charging just 2% commission on Premier League Match Odds bets in January 2018.

We can calculate our lay stakes using my Sequential Lay Calculator

Select bet type

Back Bet (Bookie)


Leg 1 Lay Bet (Exchange)

Lay stake required (Leg 1): £

Leg 2 Lay Bet (Exchange)

Lay stake required (Leg 2): £
Leg 1 loses
= £
Leg 2 loses
£ + £
= £
All legs win
£ + £
= £

Matches 1 & 2: Chelsea v Leicester & Crystal Palace v Burnley (Kick-Offs: 15:00)

This leg covers two matches, so we’ll need to find the acca market via the following link trail…

Football > English Premier League > 15.00 Acca Sat 13th Jan

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Lay £10.53 on Chelsea/C Palace @ 2.92 = Potential liability of £20.21

If Chelsea/C Palace wins– £20.21
If Chelsea/C Palace doesn't win- £10.00 + £10.00 = £0.00

So, if either Chelsea or Crystal Palace don’t win, the offer will be over and we’ll have broken even. However, if Chelsea and Crystal Palace both win, we’ll have lost £20.21 so far.

Match 3: Tottenham v Everton (Kick-Off: 17:30)

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Lay £30.83 on Tottenham @ 1.31 = Potential liability of £9.55

If Tottenham win+ £40.00 – £20.21 – £9.55 = £10.24 profit
If Tottenham don't win- £10.00 – £20.21 + £30.21 = £0.00

So, if any of the three teams fail to win along the way, we’ll have broken even and there’s no harm done. However, if all three teams win, we’ll have made a nice risk-free profit of £10.24 on this Betway price boost!

I’d like to point out that the above workings are based on the lay odds that were available at the time of writing. If the lay odds fluctuate before we are able to place our lay bets, this may result in us making more potential profit, less potential or even a slight loss, so please bear that in mind before deciding whether or not to do this offer.

* Chelsea were the only team not to win their respective fixture, resulting in break even on this Betway offer. *

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