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Snowball Your Matched Betting Profits

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 07/12/2018 00:00

If you’re looking for ways to snowball some of your matched betting profits into even bigger profits, look no further than the Football INDEX. As a big fan of the platform myself, I invited the ‘Football INDEX Trader’ to give his take on the Index and provide some tips on what to look out for when buying players…

Football INDEX Trader Banner

To introduce myself, I am known as the FIT (Football INDEX Trader) and can be found providing analysis and guides to the Index daily on www.footballindextrader.co.uk.

A couple of years ago, I came across Matched Betting Blog and by following Matt’s excellent guides, I made thousands from the bookies over a couple of years, and all for just an hour or two’s effort each week!

When I discovered the Football INDEX, my first ever deposit came from the money I had earned through matched betting.

What is the Football Index?

Readers of this site will know that matched betting is a great way to make some extra cash.

What everyone may not know is that there is a great way to put those profits to work and snowball them on the Football INDEX!

Football INDEX 2018 Banner

The Football INDEX is a sports trading platform, somewhere between sports betting and a stock market.

We simply buy players, and depending on their performance and media exploits, the value of our players will rise and fall. If they do particularly well, we can win payouts called dividends.

Unlike a bet at the bookies, we don’t lose all of our money if a match doesn’t go our way. We may lose a bit of value on a player, but it will only be a fraction of our stake, unlike the all or nothing nature of a bet at the bookies.

If a match does go our way, the value of our player should increase and we may win dividends. Our ‘bet’ effectively remains in play until we decide to sell up.

The Football INDEX takes pride in not being a traditional bookmaker, which I like. No more all or nothing bets!

If you want to read more about how it works, you can take a look at www.footballindex.co.uk.

How much could I make?

To give you an idea of the sorts of gains that are possible, you can take a look at my New Trader Challenge. I started with £1,000 on Day 1 of the 2018/19 football season and each week, I’ve been live blogging my trades to my readers.

After just 15 weeks, I’ve grown my starting bank to £1,503.30, which is a nice 50.3% increase! I’m sure a lot of mug punters would take those figures at the end of a year. In my short time using it, the Index has gone from strength to strength and it continues to grow.

The Index is still relatively young but it’s becoming a mainstream product with adverts on Sky Sports, voiced by commentary legend John Motson. They’ve also recruited Guillem Balague as a brand ambassador, who is one of the world’s leading sports journalists with over one million Twitter followers.

Where do I start?

The Football INDEX has a very generous offer for new sign ups.

Football INDEX Welcome Offer

You can deposit up to £500 and trade for 7 days risk-free. You can buy a few players and try the platform out for that week.

If you’re in profit, that money is yours to keep. If you’re showing a loss, the Index will top you back up to your starting withdrawable cash balance, up to a maximum of £500.

For full details of how this works and the terms, see https://www.footballindex.co.uk/.

Is the Football INDEX for me?

Some matched bettors may naturally want to use the £500 risk-free offer for a punt. That’s fine to do, but of course I would recommend that you stick around if it’s something that interests you.

In my opinion, the Index suits patient, analytical types who enjoy running through statistics and making measured decisions (not unlike Football Manager!). The impulsive types can get themselves into trouble by panic buying/selling.

Football knowledge can be a big help but you don’t need to be a die hard football fan to succeed. If you have a head for statistics and enjoy research, you can do very well. It can actually be an advantage if you don’t have any preconceived ideas, as your decisions won’t be affected by emotion or bias towards your favourite team or similar.

There are many ways to trade and you’ll find short term trading supporters on Twitter, but personally, I advocate a mid to long term patient approach.

The Strategies

I’m not going to tell you what players to buy. If big social media accounts endorse a certain player, it can distort the market and it’s not helpful (unless you own said player) and I try to stay away from that kind of thing.

I can, however, tell you what to look for.

With the £500 risk free offer, this is the one time where you have the freedom to really take a punt and we need to make the most of that. Afterwards, we will be more measured, but for now let’s go for it.

I recommend sticking to a small number of players for the trial, perhaps 2-4. If your players succeed, you want to get paid well rather than spread your money too thin.

This week is a great time to get involved because we have a full schedule of Champions League and Europa League matches next week and you could look for players involved in those.

Football INDEX - November 2018 Highest Price Risers

They may pick up buyers in the build up to that, so by buying a week ahead, you may get in ahead of some of them. Some traders buy on the day of a match. I don’t recommend that, but it happens!

We are looking for players who will do well under the Index’s performance and media scoring systems. If your player does really well in the game, you could see a great profit.

Here are some of the things I might look for in a player:

  • Player’s team will have high possession and dominate the game.
  • Player will start the match.
  • Player is a goalscorer. A player generally has to score a couple of goals to win a dividend on a big match day, so we need someone prolific.
  • Player will ideally be a goalscorer with large overall involvement in the match. For example, a high number of passes would boost their score.
  • He’s 18-24 years old. Traders love a young talent and can go crazy for them. However, the veterans can still do great, particularly if you expect a big haul of goals.

Generally, I would also stick to players under £4 per share. Above that, they are quite expensive. A cheaper player is more likely to see more buying action if they perform well.

What Happens Next?

So, the Champions League games are just a few days away and we’ve found and bought our players. We need to keep an eye on the team news. If they’re doubtful to start or get injured, we may want to sell them and pick another target.

Generally, we can shrug off missing one game because it’s a long-term platform, but we are making the most of our risk-free offer here so we need to have the short-term in mind.

If you have stuck to my criteria above, traders will generally be optimistic about the player in the build up to a big game, which should cause our player to rise in value.

In terms of the match itself, we’re hoping our player scores and has a good game. For every goal they score or assist they make, we’ll get a payout. If they are the best forward, midfielder, or defender that day, they’ll get a bigger pay out. If they perform well, other traders may buy and push the price up.

I’ve set you up with a good idea of who to buy, but I won’t go into every detail of when to buy and sell. That would be a lot of text!

Ultimately, this 7-day offer is an opportunity to explore, so enjoy it and use it as a learning experience.

The Aftermath

So, we now need to make a decision.

If we have decided the Index is not for us, we can take our profit and make our exit. If we’ve been unlucky and made a loss, we can contact the Index and have any losses returned to us before we go.

My hope is that we’ve enjoyed our time on the Index and we want to stick around. I highly recommend this!

If so, you’ve had a week to watch the markets and see how they work, all without risking a penny.

Unlike the first week, we now need to be steady and calm. Just take your time until you get a feel for how the market works. Many people have portfolios in the tens of thousands of pounds and even hundreds of thousands is not uncommon.

We could get there one day, but I would recommend spending a few weeks playing with perhaps £100 until you grow in confidence. At first, start with a reasonably diverse portfolio of 10-20 players to spread any risk. Your players will not win every week and they do not need to.

Your focus now turns to making a profit over an entire season. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Every day, you can find free analysis, guides and tips on my site to help you along the way. You can also follow me on Twitter at @_FI_trader for additional daily thoughts and tips!

Thank you to Matt for kindly allowing me to make a guest appearance on the blog.

Good luck and I hope you find the Football INDEX as rewarding as I have!

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