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Betfred Offer – Greyhounds Bet 3 Get 1 Free

Posted by Matt (administrator) Wed, Dec 14, 2016 10:12am Matt
Start Time: 14/12/2016 18:38

There’s a big evening of greyhound racing tonight and you don’t want to miss this Betfred offer! Simply place a bet on 3 or more separate races from Belle Vue tonight and Betfred will give us a free bet to our average stake, up to £25.00. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a guaranteed profit of £17.00 and here’s how…

Qualifying Bets:

If you’re unfamiliar with qualifying bets, please see my Qualifying Bet Strategy for a walk-through guide on how they should be done.

Qualifying bets must be placed at minimum odds of 1.50 (1/2) or greater, to be eligible. To qualify for the maximum £25.00 free bet, we must place bets totalling £75.00 across 3 separate races from Belle Vue tonight (Wednesday 14th December 2016)…

Racecourse Race Times
Belle Vue 18:38     18:56     19:11     19:26     19:43     19:59     20:16     20:33     20:51     21:08     21:24

We will need to lay our bets for this offer on the Betfair Exchange.


NOTE: The liquidity for greyhound racing does not improve until approximately 5-10 minutes before the race starts. You should therefore only do this offer if you’re comfortable with that. If you’ve not done a greyhound offer before, you may just want to observe the changing odds or at least use lower stakes until you get the hang of things.


We can calculate our lay stakes using the matched betting calculator.

Betfred LogoAim to lose no more than £1.00 on each of our 3 qualifying bets

So, we will lose approximately £3.00 in qualifying for our £25.00 free bet.

Free Bet:

Our £25.00 free bet will be credited within 24 hours of our qualifying bets being settled and will be valid for 7 days.

By using straightforward matched betting, we should be able to extract 80% of our £25.00 free bet as cash, so around £20.00. If we take into consideration our total qualifying loss of £3.00, this gives us a guaranteed profit of £17.00 on this Betfred offer.


  1. Tony

    How much approximately do I need in Betfair to cover all 3 races?

    1. Bob47474

      Depends what odds you go for and if they win. Just dump £100 in there and see how you get on

  2. Steve


    Do we need to opt in for this? I can’t find a banner or a promo on the site for this offer.


    1. Matt

      No opt in required for the greyhound one Steve, just the Premier League one.

  3. Rick

    It’s only showing SP and not actual odds…

  4. Tony

    This is beyond awful, there’s literally no chance you make a qualifying loss of less than 4 pounds and that’s on a SINGLE HOUND only! Margins are bigger than Lineker’s ears, certainly regret choosing this offer, Betfred worst bookie out there I can assure you

    1. Rick

      Was gonna say, it’s very very difficult to get good odds. Might as well follow it through now but nowhere as good a offer as it initally seems.

      1. Tony

        I’ll be like -13 from QF bets only so this offer should make more than 7 pounds… Not worth it but already started… hoping the footy one will turn out better

  5. Tony

    At Chelsea Tony – Betfred are certainly not the worst bookie out there! You are showing your newbieness by saying something like that 😉

    Take a look at the offers they have run over the last fortnight – hell, just look at the offers they had running JUST TODAY…. greyhounds (admittedly not everyone can handle these!), MBS 2nd all races at Kempton and the Bet 3 Get 1 on EPL games tonight.

    Add in the genuinely worthwhile price boosts that they run DAILY and you will find that Fred ends up being one of your most profitable bookies once you have actually been at this for more than 2 minutes.

  6. Bigtone123

    Agree with Tony here. Fred are one of the bookies that put regular food on my table

  7. Tony

    Have you tried talking to their customer support? Slower than a snail, rude as anything and randomly quit the chat with no real explanation when the case is not in their favour – my sign up offer, I placed my QF bet it settled and after 56 hours there was nothing – that “thing” on the chat told me I wasn’t verified (WHICH I WAS) and then quit the chat???! The next min I go again and one of their staff says oh okay we’ll add the bonus no problem? Are they bipolar or? Also, how great are these offers you wager £75 + round £100 in your bookies to win £7… Their prices are horrible and to top it all the hound offer – 10 mins before the race, there were no odds… 3 mins before start they’re in and the smallest margin is 3.25 in fred and 3.85 on Fair – which makes for a QF loss of £5 on just one bet 🙂

  8. Tony

    So, keep your edgy opinion for yourself… 2 mins or 3 mins in MBing either way is enough for me to make a statement which I proved with facts

  9. Rick

    Fair enough Tony if you’ve had a problem with them, but from my experience there are a lot of worse bookies out there in terms of offers, navigation of site, customer support, etc.

  10. Tony

    I’ve been to almost all (before Match Betting), BetFred seem the worst but haven’t used the legend itself – Winner

  11. Tony


    One bad Live Chat person and one bad night of dog racing (which you were warned about before you even started the offer) and you’ve written off one of the best bookies out there for MBing… sigh ?

    The dogs offer isn’t the most profitable one going because of the swingy odds and late-forming markets, and this isn’t helped when the offer only runs at one meeting (which isn’t normally the case). With that in mind, don’t do it if you can’t!! No need to do every offer is there?

    I could give you plenty of FACTS to back up my assertion that Fred is a good bookie and one you should not be so quick to dismiss, but frankly I can’t be arsed when you come out all guns blazing with an attitude like yours. Too many like you nowadays tbh, is depressing. I’ll leave it to the others over on the forum to answer you 20 questions a day from now on as well.

    Good luck

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