Fanteam Sign Up Offer


Register an account with Fanteam, and they’ll match your first deposit as a bonus of up to £20.

Key terms

  • Minimum first deposit of £10.
  • You’ll receive a bonus equal to the amount of your first deposit, up to £20.
  • Bonus must be wagered six (6) times before it becomes cash.
  • Minimum odds of 2.00 (evens).

Always check the terms of an offer yourself before placing any bets. Bookmakers can amend their terms anytime, so it’s always worth double-checking.

Account setup

  1. Sign up for a betting exchange account if you haven’t already. You’ll need this to match your bookmaker bet.
  1. Register an account with Fanteam.
  1. Deposit £20 using a debit card. Depending on the outcome of your bets, you may need to make further deposits to complete the wagering requirement.
  2. Switch to decimal odds.


  1. Your £20 bonus must be wagered six times at minimum odds of 2.00 (evens) before you can withdraw it. That’s £120 worth of bets (£20 x 6). Your cash balance will be used before your bonus balance, so you need to bet your total £40 balance to ensure you’re wagering the bonus.
  2. Check the back odds at Fanteam and the lay odds at the betting exchange to find a suitable selection. Your bonus stake will be returned with any winnings, so keeping your odds low will minimise the funds you need in your betting exchange account.
  3. Use the ‘Free Bet‘ setting on the Matched Betting Calculator and check the ‘Stake returned‘ box to calculate your lay stake.
  4. Place your £40 back bet (your total balance) at Fanteam.
  5. Place your lay bet against the same selection at the betting exchange.
  6. If your bet loses, you’ll make your profit at the betting exchange, and you won’t need to place any further bets. If your bet wins, repeat steps 6-9 until you’ve completed the wagering.

If your initial bet wins, you’ll need to wager the £20 bonus another five times, so £100 worth of bets. Remember that your cash balance is used before your bonus balance. For example, if, after your initial bet, you have a cash balance of £60 and a bonus balance of £60, you would need to place a bet for the full £120 to wager your £60 worth of bonus funds. If that bet wins, you would have £40 worth of bonus wagering remaining.

As a rough guide, limit your total wagering losses to around £5, giving you a £15 profit on this Fanteam offer. Your profit may be higher if you lose your Fanteam balance before completing the wagering requirement.

How to complete bonus wagering

Bookmaker bonuses are usually ‘stake returned’, which means you get the bonus stake back if the bet wins. A bookmaker will usually ask you to wager a bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw it.

When wagering bonuses, you can place them at low or high odds. Low odds enable you to minimise your qualifying losses. However, as your bets are more likely to win, you may have to complete the entire wagering requirement. Higher odds mean higher qualifying losses. However, if you lose your bookmaker balance to your betting exchange account, you won’t need to complete the entire wagering requirement.

See my Bonus Rollover guide for a complete walkthrough of the process.

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