ApolloBet Offer – 4/1 if Everton or Liverpool win

Posted by Matt (administrator) Sat, Feb 21, 2015 10:02pm Matt
Start Time: 22/02/2015 14:05

As you know, I don’t ordinarily blog offers that don’t involve matched betting but these ApolloBet offers are worth sharing.  Simply place a £10.00 bet on or Everton or Liverpool to win on Sunday and if either of them win their match, ApolloBet will pay out at 4/1 even if your bet failed to win…


ApolloBet Liverpool or Everton


Just to clarify exactly what is on offer here… If we place a bet on either Everton or Liverpool and if both or either team win, we get paid out at 4/1.  If both teams lose, then our stake is refunded.


This offer applies to the following matches…

Everton v Leicester City – Sunday 22nd February 14:05 KO

Southampton v Liverpool – Sunday 22nd February 16:15 KO


Example of how this offer might work…


Place £10.00 on Everton to beat Leicester City @ 1.80

Let’s have a look at the possible outcomes…


Everton win £18.00 cash returned + £32.00 free bet
Everton don't win but Liverpool do win £10.00 cash returned + £40.00 free bet
Neither of them win £10.00 stake returned as a free bet


It’s an unusual offer, but a great one.  It’s unlikely that both teams will fail to win and even if they do, you’ll get your £10.00 stake back as a free bet, making it a risk-free shot at a nice return!

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