NEW CUSTOMERS: Choose your Coral offer – £16.43 Guaranteed Profit

Posted by Matt (administrator) Fri, Mar 20, 2015 07:03pm Matt
Start Time: 21/03/2015 12:45

As you know, I don’t often blog about new customer offers but Coral have really raised the bar this weekend and I thought it deserved a blog post.  If you don’t already have a Coral account, listen up!  New customers can choose an odds enhancement from six Premier League matches this weekend and by using a simple strategy, you can guarantee £16.43 profit and here’s how…


First of all, here are the matches you can choose from…

Coral Choose Offer

Valid From: 1600hrs Thursday 19th March
Valid To: 1245hrs Saturday 21st March


Coral Choose Offer 2

Valid From: 1245hrs Saturday 21st March
Valid To: 1330hrs Sunday 22nd March


The following strategy can be applied to any of the 6 offers above, but I’ve opted to show you how the Man City offer should be done.

The odds of Man City beating West Brom at the time of writing are 1/3, so 5/1 is a ridiculously good price! The maximum stake for this offer is £5.00 and winnings are paid out in cash. If Man City fail to beat West Brom, Coral will also give you a £20.00 free bet!  All of this means we can use matched betting to guarantee a profit!  Paddy Power are currently offering the best odds on the West Brom/Draw (Double Chance) but feel free to shop around…


Place £5.00 on Man City @ 5/1 = £25.00 potential profit


Place £8.57 on West Brom/Draw (Double Chance) @ 5/2 = £21.43 potential profit

Let’s have a look at our overall profit/loss…


If Man City win +£25.00 – £8.57 = £16.43 profit
If it's a draw -£5.00 + £21.43 = £16.43 profit + £20.00 free bet
If West Brom win -£5.00 + £21.43 = £16.43 profit + £20.00 free bet


So regardless of the result of Man City v West Brom, you will make a guaranteed profit of £16.43 and an outside chance of £20.00 in free bets on this Coral offer!

It’s likely that the West Brom/Draw (Double Chance) odds will fluctuate between now and kick-off and if they do, don’t panic! Just divide £30.00 by the new odds (in decimal form) to work out your new stake amount. So if the odds have changed to 2/1 for example, you would calculate £30.00 / 3.00 = £10.00. So £10.00 would be your new stake.

For those of you wanting to choose one of the other matches, calculating your matched bet stake is really straightforward.  Just divide the amount your bet returns by the decimal odds of your matched bet.  So for the ‘Liverpool v Man Utd both teams to score’ enhancement, you would divide £35.00 by 2.10 (Both teams to score – No) = £16.67.

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