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Since 2014 our matched betting community has been growing.
It’s a great place to get support, share offers and help everyone make more money!

Matt, Leeds
MBB user since 2015

I’ve been matched betting for a few years now and I’ll continue as long as the bookies keep offering bonuses! Even though I already knew how to matched bet before I started following this blog, I find it really useful as it pulls all the offers together in one place and tells me exactly what bets I need to put on, which saves a lot of time.

Dave, Manchester
MBB user since 2014

I’ve been following Matched Betting Blog for nearly 2 years now. I began during my student days to save up for Tomorrowland festival in Belgium for both myself and my girlfriend (£800) and we have just returned from a 4 star all inclusive holiday (£900) without a penny of our own money spent. Definitely worth a follow. I’m about £3,000 up since I started!

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