Switching Exchange Colour Themes

Updated: January 23, 2023

I’m pleased to announce that you can now change my website’s colour theme to match the betting exchange of your choice. Prefer Smarkets? Then use green to signify back bets and blue for lay bets. Use Betfair as your primary exchange? Then use blue for back bets and pink for lay bets.

Changing the colour scheme will apply to all calculators and back/lay highlighting throughout the site. The only exception is for an offer or guide where you can only use one exchange. I will lock those pages to the relevant colour theme for that exchange.

Smarkets is the new default colour theme

Most matched bettors use Smarkets as their primary exchange, as their 0% commission promotion allows you to maximise your profit on every offer. As such, I’ve made Smarkets the default colour theme. If you haven’t tried Smarkets before, I highly recommend opening an account and giving them a try.

Prefer Betfair? No problem, switch to the Betfair colour theme to keep everything as it was.

How to switch the colour theme

Switching between themes is easy. If you’re on a computer, hover over the colour palette icon in the main navigation next to the ‘Login’ or ‘My Account’ link, then select the theme of your choice. If you’re on a mobile or tablet device, open the main website navigation and switch straight from the slide-out menu.

Switching theme on a computer

Switching theme on a mobile/tablet

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