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Ladbrokes Chelsea vs Manchester United Money-Back Special

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 19/01/2014 4:00pm

A great offer this one from Ladbrokes.  They are offering money back as a free bet up to £25.00 on all markets if both teams score in Sunday’s game between Chelsea and Manchester United.  Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a potential profit of £11.21!  And here’s how…

We need to select a correct score and hope it doesn’t come in, as only losing bets are refunded in the event of both teams scoring.  Having looked at the odds available, I’ve opted for a 0-0 draw (this is handy because if both teams score, our bet has already lost and we are guaranteed a profit).


Step 1:

Place £25.00 on 0-0 @ Ladbrokes @ 12.00 = Potential profit of £275.00.

Lay £22.30 on 0-0 @ Betfair @ 13.50 = Potential liability of £278.75.

Step 2:

Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the various outcomes…


0-0 draw£275.00 – £278.75 = £3.75 loss
Not 0-0 draw with both teams scoring-£25.00 + £21.19 + £18.75 (Assumes a 75% return from our £25.00 free bet) = £14.94 profit
Not 0-0 draw without both teams scoring-£25.00 + £21.19 = £3.81 loss


So as things stand we will win £14.94 if both teams score!  Unfortunately, we currently stand to lose just under £4.00 if both teams do not score and so we need to insure ourselves against this by laying both teams to score at Betfair.


Step 3:

As £3.81 is the maximum we stand to lose, we need to work out our draw lay stake by taking commission into consideration.  £3.81 / 0.95 = £4.01.

Lay £4.01 on both teams to score @ Betfair @ 1.93 = Potential liability of £3.73.

Let’s have a look at our overall potential profit/loss for the following outcomes…


0-0 draw-£3.75 + £3.81 = £0.06 profit
Not 0-0 draw with both teams scoring£14.94 – £3.73 = £11.21 profit
Not 0-0 draw without both teams scoring-£3.81 + £3.81 = £0.00


So, if both teams do not score we break even, but if both teams do score we make £11.21 profit for very little effort!


  1. Dangerous Dan

    Guest user

    The title for this one says Ladbrokes but then in the example you refer to Bet Victor. Still, lots of money to be made this weekend!

    1. Matt


      Thanks Desperate Dan, all sorted now!


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