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Stan James Offer – BTTS Free Bet

Posted by Matt (administrator) Fri, Mar 11, 2016 09:03pm Matt
Start Time: 12/03/2016 12:45

You’ve got to love these Stan James offers! Simply place a £5.00 accumulator (4+ selections) on the Both Teams To Score market on any Premier League games this weekend and Stan James will give us a £5.00 free bet, win or lose! This is what I like to call a speculative bet. By using matched betting, we should be able to get around £4.00 back from our £5.00 free bet, meaning that our accumulator is effectively costing us just £1.00 and we could win big!

Qualifying Bet:

To qualify for the free bet, bets must be placed as an “accumulator”, containing 4 selections or more and they must be placed before 15:00 on Saturday 12th March 2016.

It’s entirely up to you which selections you go for, but here are my picks…


1.909     Norwich v Man City     NO

1.909     Stoke v Southampton     YES

2.050     Bournemouth v Swansea     YES

2.050     Aston Villa v Tottenham     YES

£5.00 accumulator @ odds of 15.32 = potential profit of £71.60

Regardless of whether our accumulator wins or loses, we will receive a £5.00 free bet on Monday 14th March 2016. By using straightforward matched betting, we should be able to extract 80% of this as cash, so £4.00. That gives us a potential overall profit of £75.60, meaning we would only need to win 1 in 76 times to break even! It really is too good an offer to miss.


  1. Marcus

    How do you lay the qualifying £5 accumulator on smarkets? I’ve never tried to lay an acca before.


    1. Matt

      You don’t lay the acca mate, you just extract £4.00 from the £5.00 free bet. So in effect, you’re getting a £5.00 acca for £1.00.

  2. RyanB

    Almost there Matt, all you require is the impossible an Aston Villa goal ahaha!

  3. MrT

    What about laying the final game Matt as we have 3 out of 4 so far?

  4. Matt

    I’ve gone the same bar villa v spurs where I said no!

    Worth laying the last game I’d say, better to guarantee a smaller profit than get none at all imo.

    1. Oscar

      I’ve done the same, think I’m gunna risk it though

  5. Mr P

    I’ve layed the yes on the Villa/Spurs game, only a bit so its £20 profit if Villa/Spurs fail to both score and a sweet £50 if the SJ acca does come off,so will at least get a bit if Villa(I think Spurs will score) fail like they usually do,I will be happy ether way but will obviously prefer the latter result lol.

    Great Predictions Matt,thank you 🙂

  6. James

    This has never happened to me before!

    So how do I go about best laying Villa v Spurs?

  7. andytb82

    Same here, i am on the villa v spurs game and hav gone for both not to score. So to lay the last game how do you work out how much to lay and what the profit will be either way.

  8. MrT

    Hi James take it your a newbie. Just go to smarkets then select the game and go down to both teams to score and lay the yes. The lay was 2.14 when I did it.

  9. Dom

    Nice one Matt, holding on for the big one, I don’t think I’ll lay it, surely Villa can find the net tomorrow or maybe Spurs will kick one in for them!

  10. Gammon hangers

    Fairly new to match betting and been following this site for about a week now. Keep up the good work, followed this Acca and have a funny feeling it will land. However I have laid BTTS Yes for a £20 profit if it goes belly up. Good luck and great picks

    1. Matt

      I’m going to let it run guys because it’s slightly more profitable in the long run to do so, but I can’t blame anyone for taking the cash and running! For anyone who is struggling to work out the correct lay stake, you need to add £75.60 (your potential profit) to £1.00 (your potential loss) which equals £76.60 and then divide by 2.16 (lay odds minus 0.02 (to allow for the 2% commission)). That gives me a lay stake of £35.46 and a guaranteed profit of £33.75 regardless of the outcome.

  11. Fred

    HI guys I have gone with Matts predictions, can this be laid in play just in case Both teams dont score?

    1. Matt

      You can lay ‘Both teams to score – Yes’ at any time but it will depend on the odds at the time as to how much profit you guarantee.

  12. tony

    Matt does it again! Nice one fella!! 🙂

    Shame I only spotted this AFTER the Norwich v City game had started so had to include Leicester v Toon instead. No laying here then (yet!)

    Good luck all for the Villa v Spurs match today!

  13. Fred

    Laid it off for guaranteed profit cant see Aston Villa breaking their habit of not scoring lol

  14. kendover

    Thank god I did too

    1. Matt

      Fair play to those who cashed out. Nearly came good 5 minutes from time but for twice hitting the woodwork!

  15. Dec

    I swapped the villa game for a NO and had a nice return.
    Question… CAn you cash out on this type of bet with Stan James?

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