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Betfred Offer – Ryder Cup 2016

Posted by Matt (administrator) Fri, Sep 30, 2016 12:09pm Matt
Start Time: 30/09/2016 13:35

The Ryder Cup 2016 gets underway today and you don’t want to miss this Betfred offer! Place a pre-match bet on three or more Fourballs or Foursome matches on Days 1 and 2 and Betfred will give us a free bet to our average stake, up to £25.00, to use on the following day’s play. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a guaranteed profit of £28.00 and here’s how…

Qualifying Bets:

If you’re unfamiliar with qualifying bets, please see my Qualifying Bet Strategy for a walk-through guide on how they should be done.

To qualify for our first £25.00 free bet, we must place a £25.00 pre-match bet, at minimum odds of 1.50 (1/2) or greater, on three different Fourballs or Foursome matches being played today (Friday 30th September 2016).

To qualify for our second £25.00 free bet, we must place a £25.00 pre-match or in play bet, at minimum odds of 1.50 (1/2) or greater, on three different Fourballs or Foursome matches being played on Saturday 1st October 2016.

I like to place my exchange lay bets with Smarkets as they have great liquidity, the site is really easy to use and they only charge 2% commission in comparison to the 5% charged by other betting exchanges.

We can calculate our lay stakes using the matched betting calculator.

Betfred LogoAim to lose no more than £2.00 on each of our 6 qualifying bets

So we will lose approximately £12.00 in qualifying for our 2 x £25.00 free bets.

Free Bet:

Our 2 x £25.00 free bets will be credited by 11:00 on Saturday 1st October 2016 and Sunday 2nd October 2016 respectively and will expire 24 hours later.

By using straightforward matched betting, we should be able to extract 80% of our 2 x £25.00 free bets as cash, so around £40.00. If we take into consideration our overall qualifying loss of £12.00, this gives us a guaranteed profit of £28.00 on this Betfred offer!


  1. lincoln

    pre match or in play bets?

    1. James

      think this is for new customers only. Read the full T&cs on the promotion 🙂

      1. Jacob

        you’re wrong about that one mate – it’s for everyone

  2. Matt

    Is there a good time to back/lay on this one or just hope odds don’t fluctuate too much?

  3. mark smith

    pre match?

  4. biscuit1966

    Can’t see this on the Betfred homepage at 3.45pm. Has it been closed?

  5. Jordan

    I think Matt made an error. It was pre-match offer. He writes pre-match but then says in-play.

  6. Matt

    Yeah just read that myself on their website, presumed it was in play earlier through reading this but too late now to put my bets on, shame as I wasn’t sure about doing this in play but pre match would have been fine.

    1. Tony S

      All 3 fourball qualifying profits… Odds were unreal

    2. Matt

      Apologies guys. As Mark says below, it was a habitual typo.

  7. mark smith

    Cognitive bias, thinking it’s inplay cause betfred normally do inplay x3 £25 bets

  8. Andrew

    Damn I did this in play yesterday. £6 QL and stress getting matches that weren’t to loss making. Oh well lesson learned to always check the offer myself. I’ll do this again today to claw back the losses. Matt has made me plenty of money and we are all human! Anyway at least I’ll look a bit muggy at Betfred!

    1. Matt

      Apologies again Andrew, but yes, please always double check the terms of an offer before getting involved.

      1. Andrew

        Good news Matt, I’ve just checked my account and I did receive the free bet. Reading today’s terms and conditions it says pre-match and in play bets qualify so all good.

        1. Matt

          Good to hear Andrew!

        2. Richie

          Same here – was kicking myself not reading the terms and conditions, but free bet is there today. I did notice that they had difficulty getting their markets up and running between the time the four ball pairings were announced and the matches started, so perhaps it was causing difficulty and they widened the terms to include in-play. Regardless, seems the terms now include pre-match, so much easier to manage than their usual in-play offer.

  9. Digibets

    is the Matched Halved market on Fred same as Tie market on smarkets/bf?

    1. Tony S

      It is mate!

  10. Pete

    Anyone got any tips re: what they’re gonna put their freebets on today? Apprecitate any help…

    1. Dave

      Put it on a draw Pete on one of the singles match. Use the free bet caluclator on the blog to work it out. Close high back/lay odds is what you would want to go for.

  11. Dave

    Anyone got their free bets for this yet?

    1. Andrew

      Not yet Dave but I think the terms said by 11am. So hopefully not long.

      1. Dave

        Thanks Andrew. Got it now.

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