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Newmarket July Festival 2018 Offer – Betway

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 12/07/2018 13:50

The Newmarket July Festival 2018 gets underway on Thursday and you don’t want to miss this Betway offer! Simply place a bet on the first race each day and if our selection loses, Betway will refund our stake as a free bet, up to a maximum of £10.00. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us an overall guaranteed profit of £18.00+ and here’s how…

The Offer:

This offer is available on the following races at Newmarket…

Race Time Date
Bahrain Trophy Stakes 13:50 Thursday 12th July 2018
Bet365 Handicap Stakes 13:50 Friday 13th July 2018
Bet365 Superlative Stakes 13:05 Saturday 14th July 2018

Losing stakes are refunded as a free bet, so this is effectively a risk-free offer. We’ll need to select horses with long odds in order to maximise our profits. The back and lay odds should tighten up on the day of each race.

Qualifying Bets:

Having looked at the odds available for the Bahrain Trophy Stakes, we could place our qualifying bet on Wells Farhh Go.

At the time of writing, laying our bet with Smarkets gives us the smallest qualifying loss.

We can work out our lay stake by using the ‘Risk-Free Bet’ setting on my matched betting calculator. We can enter £8.00 as our ‘Cashback’ figure as this is the amount we can expect to extract (80%) from our £10.00 free bet refund, should our horse lose…

Select bet type

Back Bet (Bookie)


Lay Bet (Betting Exchange)


Min £
Max £
Lay stake required: £
If back (bookie) bet wins
= £
If lay (exchange) bet wins
= £

Total profit: £

Optimal Underlay

Lay stake required: £
Exchange liability: £

If back (bookie) bet wins: £
If lay (exchange) bet wins: £

Optimal Overlay

Lay stake required: £
Exchange liability: £

If back (bookie) bet wins: £
If lay (exchange) bet wins: £

As you can see, the calculator tells us that our lay stake should be £8.39…

Betway logo

Place £10.00 on Wells Farhh Go @ 8.00 = Potential profit of £70.00

Smarkets logo

Lay £8.39 on Wells Farhh Go @ 8.60 = Potential liability of £63.76


Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the possible outcomes…

Wells Farhh Go wins + £70.00 – £63.76 = £6.24 profit
Wells Farhh Go doesn't win - £10.00 + £8.22 + £8.00 (extract 80% from our £10.00 free bet) = £6.22 profit

So, regardless of the outcome and with some good odds, we should make a guaranteed profit of £6.00+ on each race, giving us an overall guaranteed profit of £18.00+ on this Betway offer!

If eligible, free bets will be credited within 24 hours of our qualifying bets being settled and will be valid for 24 hours. Free bet stakes are not included in any returns.

I’ll update the following table during the festival with suggested bets for each race…

Race Selection Back Odds Lay Odds Profit
Bahrain Trophy Stakes Wells Farhh Go 8.00 8.60 £6.24
Bet365 Handicap Stakes Zap 11.00 13.00 £5.68
Bet365 Superlative Stakes Certain Lad 8.00 8.80 £6.03


  1. Deano

    Can you help me please.

    The horse won the race. This is what I did:

    I backed the horse £10 at 8.0 and gained £70 profit.
    I layed the horse £9.11 at 8.8 and lost my liability of £71.08

    This brings me to a total loss of £1.08 and no £10 freebet?

    1. rich23

      looks to me you have layed too much. when putting the 8 and 8.8 into the calculator gives a stake of £8.20 and a liability of £63.96 which would have won you £6.04. £70 at the bookies and a loss of £63.96 at the exchange = £6.04. The £10 free would be given if your bet lost . but yours won so you have lost £1.08

    2. rich23

      actually, did you use the risk free calculator or the standard one?

    3. Matt

      Rich is right Deano, it appears you have used the ‘Qualifying Bet’ setting rather than the ‘Risk-Free Bet’ setting on the calculator. The ‘Risk-Free Bet’ setting takes the potential refund into account and gives you a lay stake that guarantees a profit regardless of the outcome. Take a look at my Risk-Free Bet Strategy guide for more info.

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