Titanbet Bet & Watch Horse Racing £10.00 Free Bet

A nice little offer from Titanbet. To celebrate the launch of their Bet & Watch feature, simply place a bet of up to £10.00 and if your horse lets you down your next bet is on them! You simply can’t lose, it’s risk free betting at its finest! Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a potential profit of over £6.00! And here’s how…

Step 1:

To claim our free bet, we need our qualifying bet to lose.  The best strategy is to select a horse with long odds which is therefore less likely to win the race.  With this in mind, I’ve decided to place my bet on a horse called ‘Off the Pulse’ which is running in the 6:25 at Wolverhampton today.

Place £10.00 on Off the Pulse @ Titanbet @ 7.5 = Potential profit of £65.00.

Lay £9.43 on Off the Pulse @ Betfair @ 8.0 = Potential liability of £66.01.

Step 2:

Let’s have a look at our current potential profit/loss for the two outcomes…

Off the Pulse wins +£65.00 – £66.01 = -£1.01
Off the Pulse doesn’t win -£10.00 + £8.96 (£9.43 minus 5% commission) = -£1.04

So the maximum we stand to lose on this offer is £1.01 if Off the Pulse wins.  If he doesn’t win, then we will receive our free bet.

Step 3:

Off the Pulse finished 4th in this race and so my account has been credited with the free bet.  It is time to claim my profit.  The terms and conditions state that the free bet stake is not returned so we need to choose this setting on our matched betting calculator in order to get the correct figures.  With this is mind and considering the odds available, I’ve decided to place my free bet on a horse called ‘Underwritten’ in the 6:55 at Wolverhampton today.

Place £10.00 free bet on Underwritten to win @ Titanbet @ 15.0 = Potential profit of £140.00.

Lay £8.02 on Underwritten @ Betfair @ 18.0 = Potential liability of £132.33.

Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the two outcomes…

Underwritten wins +£140.00 – £132.33 = +£7.67 profit
Underwritten doesn’t win  -£10.00 (free bet) + £7.62 (£8.02 minus 5% commission) = +£7.62 profit

Whatever the outcome of the race, we are guaranteed to gain £7.62 from our £10.00 free bet.  If we take into account our £1.04 loss earlier, we stand to make a minimum profit of £6.58 on this offer.

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