Matched Betting Challenge

Last year exceeded my expectations, as I finished 2016 just short of the £18,500 mark, having started on £10,000. By achieving this solely from existing customer offers, I’ve proven that you can keep profiting beyond the welcome offers. With last year being so profitable, there’s every reason to believe we can smash our targets again this year.

I always like to set my annual profit target at £6,000. That’s £500 profit per month, as advertised on the homepage. I’ve therefore set my ‘End of 2017’ target at £24,500.

You may notice that I don’t account for mug bets in my profit log. It would look a bit messy if I recorded every mug bet I place and the simple truth is that my mug betting losses will be more than covered by exclusive offers I’ll receive throughout the year. These are invitation only offers and so are also omitted from the profit log. Just make sure you allow the bookmakers to send you exclusive offers via email and mobile. You certainly won’t regret it.

Another source of revenue are the daily horse racing offers. I tend to just blog the big offers, but you can find a comprehensive list of available offers on my dedicated Horse Racing Offers page.

You’ll be able to keep up to date with my progress via my Profit Log and also the progress bar at the top of the homepage.

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The rules:

  • The aim of the matched betting challenge is to make £6,000 clear profit each year from bookmaker’s existing customer offers.
  • New customer ‘welcome offers’ do not count.
  • The target must be achieved within a continuous 12 month period agreed at the outset of the challenge.


There are three types of offers that I take advantage of and they are as follows:

1. Advertised offers

These are the big offers that are open to everyone. I always dedicate a blog post to each offer, showing you how to take advantage of them and maximise your profits. I’ll do my very best to ensure I don’t miss any offers, but you’ll generally find them on the bookmaker’s promotion pages. As I’m sure you’re aware, the top bookmakers also frequently advertise on TV and radio.

2. Speculative offers

These are offers that will sometimes incur a small loss but in the long run, should bring big profits. An example of this would be an accumulator offer where the bookmaker promises to give you a free bet to the same value of your accumulator regardless of its’ outcome. By using matched betting to claim the majority of the free bet back, it means we only risk a small amount for potentially big gains. To see what I mean, take a look at Stan James Free Bet Offers.

3. Exclusive email offers

I cannot stress enough how important it is, that when signing up with bookmakers, you allow them to send you offers by mobile and email. Not only is it the best way of keeping up to date with offers but from time to time they will send you exclusive offers. These are offers especially for you and nobody else. Bookmakers will often send you these deals if you’re account has been inactive for a while. They hope that by enticing you back, you’ll continue to place bets with them and line their pockets.

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Matt Kirman - Matched Betting Blogger

Matt KirmanMatched Betting Blogger

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