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Posted by Matt (administrator) Sun, Jun 7, 2015 11:06am Matt

With the domestic football season over, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for following and supporting the blog. It’s great to see that the blog has continued to grow over recent months and that people are getting involved and taking up matched betting!

The offers may drop off a little during the football close season, but there’s horse racing to tide us over and with Wimbledon just around the corner and The Open golf to look forward to, there should be plenty for the bookies to work with over the next couple of months.  Be sure to add the blog to your favourites so that you don’t miss any offers ahead of the new football season. There were come crackers last year!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you guys have your say on the blog. I’d love to hear what you like about the blog and also where you think improvements could be made. Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

The blog is a hobby of mine and personally I love the fact that it’s clear of advertising and free to follow!  I’m hopeful that it will continue to grow, and any help you guys can give me by spreading the word is hugely appreciated!

Thanks again!


  1. Ross

    Your blog is clear and concise, easy to understand and you appear to be consistently helpful to anyone asking questions for help and assistance etc.

    So I’d say that you are providing a valuable service whilst helping many folks here make a very healthy amount of extra income each month!

    My only suggestion would be to include a users/members area where we could post our own ideas and suggestions to aid boosting all of our revenues on a daily basis. E.g. since yesterday I’ve made £32 profit with Betfred virtual offers and there’s quite a number of other offers you don’t mention on this blog (which I can understand for simplicity sake) which can be taken advantage of easily enough.

    Again great work Matt, the fact that you accept donations but don’t insist on monthly subscriptions is very honorable of you 🙂

  2. Graham

    Really enjoy the blog Matt! Still fairly new to matched betting but the blogs been really helpful will the offers which aren’t just “free £10 bet” such as the Paddypower 15.45 Haydock offer today. Definitely helps make the most profit after the sign up offers which I was struggling with before.

    Thanks for keeping it free, and not having advertising, keep up the good work!

  3. Terry

    Love the blog Matt, u do a great job with it and its the 1st thing I check on my fone every day. Been spreading the word but some people either don’t believe it’s possible or think it’s to hard. They really should just have a read at the blog as u make it so easy to understand. keep up the good work& thanks.

  4. Andy

    Hi Matt
    I think your blog is absolutely fantastic with its clean layout and up-to-date contents.
    What I appreciate the most is that you go through the trouble of explaining the maths for every single offer you posted, which is extremely helpful and I can’t praise you enough for it.

    Also congratulations for hitting your £4000 mark early! There has been some great offers this season, especially the last few weeks!
    Thank you again for the great work Matt!

  5. Richard

    Got into it recently and love it as it works and can net some extra tax free income! I would say an area where others can post offers would be great as occasionally the odd one can pop up at short notice. Keep it up and good luck in hitting your targets.

  6. Mikey

    Echo what Ross said, would be great if there was a members forum of some sort, as you say it’s a hobby so when offers are missed by the blog it would be great if we could all chip in and help one another.

    Other than that it’s fantastic and I hope everyone clicks the donate button from time to time.

  7. brian

    Well I’m making money from your advice so a big thanks to you. I’m starting a group called Matched Betting Anonymous cos this stuff is addictive 🙂

  8. John

    Really great blog; it is fantastic that we can make such easy money, and it often seems to be more than £200 a month. I agree with Richard’s idea of an area where others can post offers, but I really appreciate all the effort you make to post the offers that you do.

    One suggestion is perhaps you are slightly generous with the phrase “guaranteed profit” [e.g. the tennis offers are very difficult, and it is not always possible to extract 80% out of a free bet, especially on an in-play offer]. Also it would be interesting for “my profit” to be what you managed to make, rather than what you expect could be made when you write the post [e.g. at the moment your log says that you made exactly £3 on Sky Bet Club each week].

    Another suggestion is perhaps trying to integrate the posts where possible to increase efficiency; this is often touched on in the comments. Examples include when more than one bookmaker has an offer on the same event, and using the Sky Bet racing offer to qualify for the Sky Bet Club each week.

    Another suggestion is that there are other bookmakers with offers, which are not mentioned on this blog. I appreciate how difficult it must be to find time for this so I fully understand that this may not be possible, although again this could possibly be achieved using Richard’s idea.

    Another suggestion is to include risk-free casino offers.

    I feel as though I have made a lot of suggestions; however, once again, this blog is really great and I’m certainly not criticising it. I really appreciate this blog being free of charge, and hope that we can keep it that way by all donating a little bit of the money that we make.

    Keep up the good work Matt 🙂

  9. Phil

    Hi Matt

    I’ve just started match bettting after reading your blog. I want to say a big thanks to you, for taking the time to provide useful and valuable information, it’s really appreciated.

    As someone who has never gambled, some of the terms can be very confusing.

    There seems to be a few standard freebies offered by the bookies. Treble odds for instance, I think a detailed post on how to make best use of these would be good. As a beginner I could quickly revert back to the post, rather than look back through the blogs posts to find an occurence where you’re used it in the past.

    Keep up the great work Matt

  10. craig

    Just for the grand national bet alone you are a god in my eyes, keep up the great work. Your sites been a great help. As a bit of a thicko I’d like all the maths from the bet displayed on each page or a link to a fully explained example. Thank you once again.

  11. Jon

    Started following you 3 months ago and up to £782 profit, great website, clear, concise and to the point, keep up the great work and from me personally, thank you


  12. Richard Oldale

    Don’t fix what ain’t broke! It’s perfect as it is. Been following the blog for a while now and had the confidence to start using Betfair to squeeze out those extra weekly pounds.

    £5000 pa tax free! That’s the aim for the coming year…and looking forward to donating very soon to the upkeep of the site.


  13. chriso

    Hi Matt
    Only recently started looking in here and really enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work! Although I did a fair bit of matched betting (and casino bonus bagging) a few years ago, things were a lot easier back then – and there were a lot more bookies to go at – so it wasn’t really necessary to bother with the small existing user offers, especially the more fiddly ones. So your blog is very helpful is getting to grips woth those.

    I would just echo what John said earlier about the difficulty in extracting 80% from SNR in-play free bets. I did do one day of the French Open tennis offers but gave up after that as it was too much effort for too little reward. And the Paddy Power in-play football offers are nice regular earners but Paddy’s in-play prices are pretty poor and I’m usually nearer to £3.50 from a £5 freebie than £4.

  14. Perry

    Hey Matt Although I am not new too matched betting I have learned a lot especially regarding horse racing offers. Great result yesterday via PP. Again keep up the great work and I check your site several times a day. Every pound earned via matched betting is a pound saved to our holiday. Thanks again Matt.

  15. hafi

    Keep up the good work! Very helpful!

  16. Mikey

    Hey Ross would love to know how to make money off the virtual offer?

  17. Ross

    Hi Mykey, for the Betfred virtual offer first check which sport the offer is available for in their promotions section (currently it’s football today @ Sunday 31/5). Ideally(*) you want to bet on a favourite at 2.0 odds, so you have a 50% chance of winning.

    So if you win then you’ve made £10 and if you lose you get £10 free bet to use on any (real) sport which you can extract £8 (80%) by using the standard matched betting technique.

    This isn’t completely risk free as you stand to lose £2 per losing game, however with the 50% chance win providing you with a nice £10 profit, you statistically should do well out of this offer in the long term!

    (*) Note – you don’t have to pick 2.0 odds, however the odds need to be at least 2.0 and if you picked 3.0 odds (as I did in one game) then it would potentially take more games to provide you with a balanced number of wins.

  18. Andrew

    Excellent, excellent blog.

    A members area and a more realistic profit would help. For example the Paddy Power Offer – 14:15 Nottingham May 31, 2015. I watched it all day and the day before as I opted the offer myself. I couldn’t find decent odds and I noticed it was one of the few occasions you didn’t name your actual bet. Is that because it was only a theoretical win as the odds were so poor?

    There have been some offers I struggled with but then your site pointed me in the right direction. It’s truly fantastic

  19. jonnyhammer

    Clear, concise blog, a very useful intro to this which id never looked at previously. The only problem I’ve encountered is that Paddy, Betfred, Boyles etc will very quickly restrict your bets unless you are losing consistently.

    For instance, Paddys offered me just £6.12 on the bet £20 get £10 free bet offer. Thus i was only able to garner about £4 on the bet. Realistically you wont be able to keep taking up these offers to their full value as UK bookies will quickly restrict you.

    For this reason i’d echo the request of others for a forum and a wider range of bookies as many of these listed on the blog are the ones that are quickest to limit winning accounts.

    1. Matt

      You raise a fair point, however, you need to be consistently placing mug bets to make yourself appear more like an average punter. This reduces the risk of having your accounts limited. I’ll get a blog post up about mug bets at some point.

      1. jonnyhammer

        Yes, they only like those who look likely to lose, dabbling in the casino or games they like also, it makes you look more like a mug LOL

      2. chriso

        This is why I quite often like to do a bit of dutching even though it’s not as straightforward as the back/lay approach and can often lose you a little more. But the advantage is that you can disguise qualifying bets for one bookie offer as mug punts at another bookie. Also, I like to intersperse the bonus offers with seeming mug punts anyway. That way it looks a lot more like you went on to the bookie site to make a bet and just happened to notice the offer.

  20. Simon

    Great site Matt,

    Very reliable and calculations always to be trusted. I’ve found it a very useful site and visit two or three times a day.

    What a fantastic hobby, keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated.



  21. Tristan

    Hey guys, can someone help me out? I placed a £30 free bet on a football match that was yesterday, and I used a calculator to work out that the expected profit would be £17 either way (it was low stakes as I didn’t have much money for the liability on betfair). However in the 89th minute when it was clear that the team I backed and layed was going to lose, there was an option on betfair to cash out my bet, which it said would give me a profit of £27. I didn’t go for it as I wasn’t sure, but if I did would this have made me an extra £10? Cheers.

    1. John

      As the team looked as though it was going to lose, it looks as though the bet on Betfair was going to win, meaning that cashing out would have probably reduced your profit slightly [the cashout would have paid slightly less than you would get if you waited until the end of the match], but with a very small chance of making you lots of money [if the team won].

      1. Tristan

        I thought it might be something like this, thanks!

    2. Matt

      Who was the free bet with and what odds and lay stake did you place?

      1. Tristan

        It was Napoli v Lazio with titanbet, the back was 2.35 and the lay was 2.26.

      2. Tristan

        Any ideas?

  22. Khuram

    Thanks alot Matt. Great site, so clear and concise. Appreciate all the effort.

  23. Mikey

    @Ross ty for taking the time to reply mate.

  24. Ziggy Sr

    All, if you view your bets history you will find, for instance, that your PP bets will show a lot of lost bets as wel as win bets, also your lay bets bookie (betfair) will also show the same! What is the panic about dutching(???)

  25. Ben

    Awsome blog personally netted me 400 in a month of following you. Although this includes a few sign up offers and “risking profits” in my lay betting. I mirror the comments by many about a members area, maybe a forum. Personally I’m not a gambler and stumbled upon this blog from a friends recommendation. I like the way everything is very clear, concise and to the point. To blur this with extra profit potentional notes would be a shame. There seems to people willing to do the math and homework to help like minded individuals in the comments, so a forum/ members area seems a natural progression. Amazing blog matt and I shall be donating a small percentage of my profits after this comment. Top lad!

  26. Steve

    Great blog and has really helped me to get to grips with Matched Betting.
    I am slightly surprised you haven’t had any trading restrictions on any of your accounts though. I started following you in February and have already had trading restrictions from Skybet and BetVictor meaning I am not allowed to participate in any of their free bet offers. Stan James have shut my account completely. Yet all I have done with each bookie is follow the offers you highlighted. Maybe I have just been unlucky!

    1. Matt

      Sorry to hear that Steve. Can I ask, do you place mug bets at all?

      1. Steve

        I did a couple of mug bets with each of them, but they won!. I think for each account i was probably in profit to the tune of about £150 vs deposits made.

        SkyBet Club and the Playoff Final offers are what i was excluded from. They will allow me to do the Saturday moneyback horse racing offer but i have to use the freebet on Horses with odds of less than 5.0.

        1. Matt

          At least that’s something then mate.

  27. Mikey

    Very unlucky, iv done practically every sky offer for over a year, and so has my sister….and not had any issues.

    Stanjames are pathetic so that’s normal

    Surprised by betvictor, they have some great odds though so you can sometimes mug bet with an arb to dump them some money if you’ve built up a balance (not that it helps you now)

    1. chriso

      Regarding BetVictor, yeah I try to avoid making a withdrawal (same with any bookie really) & get the money into the exchange/s. I have the feeling that bookies tend to review accounts closely mainly when there’s a withdrawal request. Occasionally, of course, you win big at the bookie and can’t really avoid taking some cash out.

    1. Matt

      Cheers Keith, spotted this last night. I’ll get it blogged!

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