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Why open a second exchange account?

I always recommend having two separate betting exchanges to hand. Doing so gives you more options when placing your bets. If one exchange is down or doesn’t have enough liquidity on the market you want to bet on, then it’s good to have an alternative.

I always like to keep some money in my second exchange account so it’s ready when needed.

Betfair, the UK’s largest betting exchange, has the best liquidity of any exchange. The signup offer below will let you qualify for 2% commission rather than their standard 5%. This is more than Smarkets’ 0%, but you can often find back and lay odds that are closer together due to the increased liquidity.

Once signed up, you’ll complete some offers to familiarise yourself with Betfair. After that, the one you choose to use as your primary exchange is up to you.


Register an account with Betfair using the promotional code ‘EXCCOS‘ and pay 2% commission on your exchange bets.

Key terms

  • Open your new account using the promo code ‘EXCCOS‘.
  • Only deposits made using debit cards or Apple Pay will qualify.
  • 2% commission rate will apply, offered through the Betfair Rewards ‘Basic’ package.
  • Applies to bets placed on the Betfair Exchange (not Betfair Sportsbook).

Always check the terms of an offer yourself before placing any bets. Bookmakers and betting exchanges can amend their terms anytime, so it’s always worth double-checking.

Account setup

  1. Register an account with Betfair using the link below. Enter the promotional code ‘EXCCOS‘ to pay 2% commission on your exchange bets.

Matched Betting Blog receives a small commission when you sign up to Betfair via the link above. It helps support the site and keeps it free for everyone to learn matched betting.

The strategy

Once you’ve opened your new account, the strategy is pretty straightforward. Simply use Betfair as your primary exchange and enjoy the commission savings!

You can use this offer to maximise your matched betting profits.

When using the Matched Betting Calculator to calculate your lay stakes, simply enter 2% as your ‘Lay commission’.

The 2% commission is offered through the Betfair Rewards ‘Basic’ package, which you’ll automatically be opted into on signing up. You’ll continue paying the 2% rate indefinitely unless you decide to change your package.

Whether you’re just starting out on your matched betting journey or have plenty of experience already, the Betfair Exchange sign up offer should make a big difference to your bottom line!

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