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Smarkets Exchange Guide

Level: Beginner
Updated: February 19, 2021

In this guide, I’ll help you get set up with a Smarkets Exchange account and introduce you to their site.

Smarkets offer one of the most technically advanced betting exchanges in the world and with industry-leading commission rates, they pose a serious threat to Betfair in the betting exchange sector.

Smarkets Sign Up Offer

Smarkets are currently offering all new customers a £10.00 bonus to get things started.

Simply deposit £20.00 or more and Smarkets will refund your first £10.00 of losses in cash.

Banner showing the £10 bonus sign up offer from Smarkets

Banner showing the £10 bonus sign up offer from Smarkets

To get the offer, simply click ‘CLAIM £10 BONUS‘ and you should then see a page that looks like this…

Smarkets Registration Page

There’s no promotional code required to claim this offer. Simply complete the form and hit ‘CONTINUE’.

Smarkets Sign Up Page

Once you’ve entered the last few bits of info, click ‘SAVE DETAILS‘ and you’re all set!

Depositing funds

You don’t need to worry about depositing funds until you’re ready to place your first bet.

Once the time comes, it’s just a case of clicking ‘DEPOSIT‘ from the drop-down in the top right hand corner.

You’ll see a number of payment methods available, including Credit/Debit Card and Trustly.

Smarkets homepage

The Smarkets Exchange is very user-friendly and finding our way around is pretty straightforward.

Smarkets Homepage

All available sports are listed down the left-hand side, and if we’re looking for a particular event, we can also use the search box at the top of the page.

The top markets are showcased in the centre of the homepage for ease of access. So if we want to take a look at the Portugal v Spain markets, we can select it here.

Smarkets markets

Once you’ve selected an event, you’ll see a page that looks like this…

Smarkets Event Page

The available markets are listed down the centre of the page.

More often than not though, we’re interested in the Winner market, which we’ll now take a closer look at.

Smarkets Exchange explained

Smarkets Winner Market

All markets are split into two halves; a green half and a blue half.

The green column represents the best available back odds for each selection.

For matched betting purposes, we just need to focus on the blue column, which shows us the best available lay odds for each selection.

The monetary values underneath the odds show us how much is available to back or lay at those particular odds. This is known as the liquidity.

How to lay a bet on Smarkets

Laying a bet on Smarkets is really straightforward.

We simply find the selection we want to lay and click the corresponding blue button. So if we wanted to lay Spain, we would click the ‘1.99‘ button…

Smarkets Winner Market Spain

Once that has been applied to our betslip, we just need to enter the amount we wish to lay in the ‘BACK STAKE‘ box and click ‘PLACE BET‘…

As you can see, our potential profit or loss for the possible outcomes are shown on the left-hand side…

As you can see, our liability for this lay bet is £9.90.

So, just to clarify here… we are betting against Spain.

If Spain win, we’ll lose £9.90 to the backer.

If Spain don’t win (if they draw or lose), we’ll win the backer’s stake of £10.00 (minus 2% commission).

Don’t worry if you’re still a little unsure of things. Everything should click into place once you get started with your first couple of offers.

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