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Dortmund v Schalke Offer – Paddy Power

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 16/05/2020 14:30

It’s Dortmund v Schalke in the German Bundesliga on Saturday and you don’t want to miss this Money Back Special from Paddy Power. Simply place a bet on any market and if Dortmund win, Paddy Power will refund all losing bets as cash, up to a maximum of £10.00. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a potential profit of £8.40 and here’s how…

Key Terms:

  • Qualifying bets must be placed between 17:00 on Tuesday 12th May 2020 and 14:30 (kick-off) on Saturday 16th May 2020.
  • This offer applies to all Dortmund v Schalke markets.
  • If our first bet loses and Dortmund win, Paddy Power will refund our stake as cash, up to £10.00.

Qualifying Bet:

If you’re unsure about how to place qualifying bets, check out my Qualifying Bet Strategy page for a walk-through guide on how they should be done.

It makes sense to place our qualifying bet on Schalke (5/1) in the Match Odds market as that will also qualify us for Paddy Power’s 2UP offer. If Schalke go two goals up at any point in the match, Paddy Power will pay our bet out as a winner, regardless of the final result. Early payout offers are well worth looking into if you haven’t already!

We can calculate our lay stakes using my matched betting calculator.

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Aim to lose no more than £1.60 on our qualifying bet


Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the possible outcomes…

Schalke win+£50.00-£51.60£1.60 loss
Dortmund win-£10.00+£8.40+£10.00£8.40 profit
Draw-£10.00+£8.40£1.60 loss

So, we’ll make a nice profit of £8.40 if Dortmund win the match and we stand to lose around £1.60 on any other outcome. Risking £1.60 to make a profit of £8.40, gives us effective odds of 6.25. So, given that Dortmund are odds of just 1.444 (4/9) to win the match, this is a profitable offer in the long run.

If eligible, our cash bonus will be credited by 12:00 on Sunday 17th May 2020.

* Dortmund won the match 4-0, resulting in a profit of £8.40 on this Paddy Power offer. *


  1. Ryan

    Guest user

    Hi Matt,

    Why don’t you just put £10 on Schalke double chance and then you won’t be risking anything with possibility of making £15 profit as odds are 2.5?

    Thank you

    1. Matt


      Yes you can play it that way if you wish Ryan for the 2.50 (6/4) shot of making £15.00 profit.

      If Dortmund win though, as the 1.50 (1/2) odds suggest they should, you’ll only break even. The method outlined above gives you £8.00+ profit if Dortmund win.

      Essentially, it depends which way you see the match going.


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