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Soccer Saturday Price Boost – Sky Bet

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt
Start Time: 12/01/2019 15:00

There’s a big Saturday afternoon of Premier League action to look forward to and you don’t want to miss this Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost! They’ve enhanced Liverpool and Leicester to win, plus our choice of Burnley to win, lose or draw. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a risk-free potential profit of £24.24 and here’s how…

Soccer Saturday Price Boost:

The maximum stake will vary per customer, but is likely to be £10.00.

It’s entirely up to you which combination you go for. Having looked at the odds available, we could place our qualifying bet on Liverpool & Leicester to win & Burnley to draw with Fulham.

At the time of writing, laying our bet with Smarkets gives us the biggest risk-free potential profit.

We can find the acca market via the following link trail…

Smarkets > Football > Accumulators > Saturday

We can calculate our underlay stake using my matched betting calculator. We just need to open up the ‘SHOW ADVANCED’ section and click the ‘UNDERLAY’ tab…

Select bet type

Back Bet (Bookie)


Lay Bet (Betting Exchange)

Min £
Max £
Lay stake required: £
If back (bookie) bet wins
= £
If lay (exchange) bet wins
= £

Total profit: £

As you can see, the calculator tells us that our lay stake should be £10.21…

Sky Bet logo

Place £10.00 on Liverpool & Leicester to win & Burnley to draw with Fulham @ 12.00 = Potential profit of £110.00

Smarkets logo

Lay £10.21 on ‘Will Liverpool & Leicester win and Fulham draw with Burnley on Saturday, January 12th? – Yes’ @ 9.40 = Potential liability of £85.76


Let’s have a look at our profit/loss for the two potential outcomes…

Treble wins+£110.00-£85.76£24.24 profit
Treble doesn't win-£10.00+£10.00£0.00

So, if our treble doesn’t win, we’ll break even and there’s no harm done. However, if our treble does win, we’ll make a nice risk-free profit of £24.24 on this Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost!

* Liverpool and Burnley won and Leicester lost, resulting in break even on this Sky Bet price boost. *


  1. u6c00


    I went with Fulham to win back odds 13.0 with lay odds 9.6 but used the standard lay. Gives a guaranteed £3.30, which I’ll take over those pretty long odds.

    You can get 9.4 lay odds at the moment with betfair, but the higher commission makes smarkets a slightly better return.

  2. kaptainoatz


    If you want to take all 3 choices for £10 you can reduce the amount of lay liquidity required with this method –
    1 – Place £10 on each super saturday bet.
    2 – On smarkets bet a bit more for the lower odds, so the return is equal for each outcome.
    3 – Now calculate effective odds for the Liverpool and Leicester both to win (regardless of 3rd match) by dividing the return by total staked (skybet + smarkets).
    4 – Use this effective odds with normal qualifying bet calculator to calculate the amount to lay for the Liverpool and Leicster to win market on smarkets.

    1. Matt


      Be careful taking all three choices at Sky Bet as it may arouse suspicion.


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