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Smarkets Offer – £10 Risk-Free Every Week

Posted by Matt (administrator) Matt

The Premier League season is well underway and Smarkets have launched a fantastic offer to keep us busy during the Winter.

From 3rd December 2019 until 10th February 2020, all new and existing Smarkets customers can earn a £10.00 risk-free bonus each week. Simply risk £10.00 or more on five different Premier League matches to receive £10.00 risk-free the following week.

Smarkets Offer - £10 Risk-Free Every Week
Smarkets Offer - £10 Risk-Free Every Week

Key terms:

  • Offer runs from 00:00 on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 until 23:59 on Monday 10th February 2020.
  • Offer is available to ALL new and existing Smarkets users who opt-in here.
  • Users who sign up via SBK (Smarkets’ Sportsbook) will not be eligible for this promotion.
  • Each week, users must have at least £10.00 of settled exposure on five different English Premier League matches.
  • Bets on Premier League outright markets will not count towards this promotion.
  • Eligible users will receive their £10.00 risk-free bonus the following week, for a maximum of ten weeks.

How does this offer work?

To qualify, we need to have at least £10.00 of ‘settled exposure’ on five different English Premier League matches each week.

In simple terms, this means we just need to ‘risk’ £10.00 on each match. We can do this by placing back bets of £10.00 or more or by placing lay bets where our overall liability is £10.00 or more.

The ten qualifying periods are as follows…

WeekQualifying Period
13rd December 2019 – 9th December 2019
210th December 2019 – 16th December 2019
317th December 2019 – 23rd December 2019
424th December 2019 – 30th December 2019
531st December 2019 – 6th January 2020
67th January 2020 – 13th January 2020
714th January 2020 – 20th January 2020
821st January 2020 – 27th January 2020
928th January 2020 – 3rd February 2020
104th February 2020 – 10th February 2020

If we meet the qualifying criteria, we’ll get what Smarkets call a £10.00 risk-free bonus the following week.

This simply means any losses from the point of the bonus being credited will be refunded up to the bonus amount.


There are a couple of different ways we can approach this offer…

Option 1

If you use Smarkets on a daily basis for matching your bets, it’s likely you’ll place some eligible qualifying bets without even thinking about it.

Premier League matches are perfect for a lot of football offers, so provided you’re risking £10.00 on each match, it will count towards your weekly quota.

If you find you’ve only placed bets across three matches, you can simply place a couple of further back bets so that you’ve met the requirement.

Option 2

If you don’t use your Smarkets account all that often, you can simply place back bets of £10.00 or more on five different Premier League matches and lay them off at another exchange like Betfair or Matchbook.

Trading out

One of the main things to be aware of with this offer is that it’s your exposure at settlement that counts towards your qualifying bets.

If you trade out in play and your exposure at the end of the match is less than £10.00, it will no longer count towards qualifying.

Risk-free bonuses

Once our qualifying bets have settled, our £10.00 risk-free bonus will be credited by 11:59 on the following Tuesday. Once credited, any losses will be refunded up to the bonus amount.

If you don’t use your Smarkets account much, you can simply treat each bonus as a risk-free bet.

If your Smarkets account is pretty active, you may just want to use your account as normal and enjoy the refunds.


  1. Simon G

    Guest user

    I laid on man U and Leicester double. Does this count towards ?

    1. Matt


      Unfortunately not Simon.

      The offer doesn’t start until 00:00 on Tuesday 3rd December 2019.

  2. Simon G

    Guest user

    Ha yes. Thought it was from dec.

    In any case the main bit was about double or trebles counting ? Or is it just singles ?

    1. Matt


      It only applies to individual match markets Simon…

      ‘Bets on Premier League outright or accumulator markets would not be counted towards by this promotion.’

  3. Mark B

    Guest user

    So with the free bet do you back at high odds & lay off (close match) SNR. Or do you just bet at high odds if it wins great if loses get £10 back. If so what do you class as high odds. Thanks Mark.

    1. Matt


      My understanding is that you get a ‘£10.00 risk-free bonus’ and once it’s been credited, any losses will be refunded up to that amount.

      If you’re looking to maximise your profit, you can treat it as a risk-free bet.

      You need to use the ‘Risk-Free Bet’ setting on the calculator and enter £10.00 as your ‘Cashback’ amount.

      Anything with odds above 5.00 should be fine. The back and lay odds are usually pretty close with exchanges.


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