Big Losses – why I hate new account offers.

  • New account offers can be a huge pain in the arse, and, as I’ve now found, can easily lose you a lot of money as well as tying up plenty of funds.

    I’d almost completed my NetBet £50 signup rollover requirement, just had £205 left so I placed £155 on Valencia this morning at 1.71. the lay odds were only 1.74 so I just put an order in at 1.7 on Betfair and waited.
    Checked back closer to kick off to find that the Valencia had drifted to 1.81, with concern I watched the market trying to work out a way to not have to sacrifice a large chunk of the bonus I had almost unlocked by laying too high.

    So I eventually decided to lay £100 at 1.8 and back the draw with £30 at 3.7. Thus I would be able to completely lay off Valencia if they took the lead, or take enough green from the draw if it was 0-0 at HT or if Granada took the lead early on.

    HOWEVER I hadn’t noticed that the game had already gone In-Play in the time I was fiddling around and I hurriedly went to cancel my £159 lay at 1.7…mouse over button, then – SUSPENDED. Shit.

    1-0 Valencia. 1.7 lay matched.
    Valencia into 1.3. Agonised, I went back and averted a mega loss with a £150 back at 1.3. But the damage was already done

    -£196 red on Valencia
    £110 green Granada
    £211 green on Draw

    I suppose I at least managed to get partially ‘out’ before Valencia went 2-0 up 🙂 But in summary incurred a painful -£51.19 loss, wiping out the bonus I’d been sweating over for the last two days. Had a rubbish experience overall at NetBet as well, stakes were quickly limited after I accidentally picked a 4/1 winner I had £100 on.

    I’m not doing a shitty rollover sign-up ever again.

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    Regardless of whether that had been a signup offer or reload/matched offer, you would have lost money. You took a gamble that the 1.7 would get taken on Betfair. You then made a mistake in not cancelling a lay.

    Neither of these have anything to do with it being a new account offer instead of a reload/matched bet offer.

    Chappers1888 1

    Bloody rollovers and the like. Used my 20 bonus from betvictor today. Felt very comfortable putting on Bologna at 7s. Away to Milan. What could go wrong? Straight in the exchange. Noooo.

    DashBet 0

    Having to get through £900 before I can get my money out again makes me impatient and yes, it was a personal error that I took a gamble. The nature of sign-up rollovers, especially when there are zero suitable back-to-lays and the staking is high can personally leave me making hurried choices. Having to stake all that cash is stressful and is just personally something I really don’t like.

    DashBet 0

    Massive incovenience, especially when it happens on a Wednesday/Thursday and you can’t withdraw the money back to your bank account in time for the weekend 🙁

    roly24 10

    Why would u put an order in on betfair rather than just matching it out for a defined loss then move on? There’s no massive rush on the rollovers normally so tighter odds are achievable surely if u wait your time.

    78naD 2

    Shane’s right here, this was more down to taking a gamble on the market moving a certain way. It’s caught a lot of us out before.

    Chris 18

    This is pure human error. I extracted £43 from my Netbet sign up offer plus all the other free bets I have had so far.

    DashBet 0

    Of course it’s easy money if you do it right, but a lot of the time you’re effectively pumping cash from your exchange account to the bookie. £869 in NetBet now!

    Pavlon 3

    I won repeatedly on NetBet from a £10 initial sign up. Withdrawn over £1k. But do check what you actually have credited to your account. There might be a nice surprise there for you.

    Chris 18

    Patience my friend. You’ll lose it all back. Matched betting is not a quick and easy way to win money, I learned that with the Winner sign up offer which took me days to get through. Its guaranteed money though so learn to appreciate the work that has to go in. Hell I spend HOURS on this over the weekends.

    DashBet 0


    Oh my god!! I am so lucky 😀

    From Betfair:
    “I am contacting you today regarding the Valencia vs Granada fixture this evening.
    It has come to our attention, that due to a technical issue beyond our reasonable control, some of our markets were not turned in-play prior to the first goal.
    As such, we have no option but to void any bets that have been unfairly matched during this time.
    Fortunately, in this situation, it does mean that we’ve credited your account with a figure of £111.77
    Best of luck with the returned funds. If you have any questions please get in touch.
    Kind Regards,
    Ryan C”

    Ryan C, you absolute legend, I could kiss you. Explains why I wasn’t aware that the match had started! This means that instead of losing £50 I actually MADE £40 from this back/lay! And have my £50 sign-up offer intact too.

    I love sign-up offers! 😉

    Pavlon 3

    I think you owe Ryan C a beer.

    DashBet 0

    Haha, big time…I’ve just calculated this and I actually made £62.62 profit! Takes me over the £2k mark 🙂 Love it.

    pressurepoint 0

    I love it when things work out in the end!

    By the way, I have $3500 tied up in an Australian bookie (Luxbet) after a 34-1 golf bet won. It is killing me!

    Also, they are a bookie that advertise “juicy” odds early and then limit bets when you put the bet on (and then adjust their odds).

    So, it is a nightmare.

    kjillman 1

    I find with the crappy bookies where you have a bonus welcome offer just do the min amount it get’s you in the door and opens the account for you.Then you can milk the offers for example netbet late December/early jan offers.

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