Nightmare Bookies?

  • So who are the bookies to avoid? Who are the bookies who limit you first? What bad experiences have you had? limited my account within 5 minutes of me opening it. I hadn’t placed a bet and was obviously given the Traders Decision rubbish.

    -Opened an account with 138 last week and played through the 5 bets to gain a £25 free bet. They refused my freebie on a technicality, but I told them I had screenshots of a Live Chat i’d had with them (I lied) and would report them to the Gambling Commission. They credited the free bet.

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    Tony 12

    No nightmares to speak of yet, but I am yet to tackle any of the larger sign up offers with the likes of 188, Fun88, Tonybet etc…

    I’ve done all the good old UK high street bookies but wanted to build a decent float before starting any of these 100 or 50% deposit bonuses. Need to read u on the best way to tackle them soon. Will watch this thread with interest, sidestepping any bookies that sound more trouble than they’re worth!

    kjillman 1

    I had no issue with 188,only problems were favourite- just stay away from them! 10 bet take an age to reply and to withdraw takes ages.

    Betsafe in play odds are rubbish. Have not tried Apollo,12 bet the bonus offer terms are tough if you win there need a lot of money

    deathstar 25

    Not a nightmare as such, but once I signed up at Apollobet and worked through the bonus, I signed up to SeanieMac and found I was bonus banned and limited to £1 bets instantly. Obviously no chance of a bonus like that, so I didn’t even bother with Boylesport.


    I had a rough time with come ons sign up. Needed to be rolled over at multiples with a min of 2 selections and minimum odds of 2. My free bet came in at odds of 6.something. Ended up splitting my bank in to quarters and doing 4 multiples of 2 with odds as close to 2 and hoped they came in. Kept doing this until I hit the roll over requirement then needed to see sending docs over and over so I could withdraw.

    Coco Popo 0

    Winner also blocked me as soon as I signed up. No bets placed, no deposit.

    They must be tracking either the referral web link we used or perhaps have a list from another bookie of email addresses or usernames.

    Titan limited my account once I won a couple of bets, so I lost my bonus there.

    You definitely need a good float to get the larger bonuses as sometimes the long odds do come in and then you have a big wagering requirement to meet.

    Herman 0

    Boylesports provide the services for a lot of bookies Apollobet being one of them.

    Ice Magic 3

    For me it’s Bwin. What a load of crap they are.
    I joined as they had a deal on facebook with a £50 back up bet. So I downloaded the iphone app and joined up, deposited £50 and then it crashed.
    Logged in on my computer to find my account has been shut down and I need to provide ID details. This actually took over a week as they are so slow in replying to emails.

    It took 2 weeks to get my account open but they haven’t applied any welcome bonus. They said I didn’t sign up using a code or link etc.
    So now i’ve waited a week for them to put the offer on my account but no reply from them and I think I’m just going to withdraw my £50 and forget all about them

    Ben 1

    Betworld blocked me as soon as I finished the registration. I can’t share any bad stories about other bookies so far (thankfully). Any experiences with the Welcome Offer from VIPStakes or Playros? I considered to get started on VIP Stakes, but read a bad story online. It seems like they don’t like to pay out bonus funds.

    JDUBU 2

    10bet were a nightmare for me as it took me around 4 weeks to get my money out of them. I tried ringing them many times i could never get through to anyone, the online chat rarely seems to work, they took ages to reply to emails. Be careful!

    Ben 1

    I can’t say anything bad about 10bet. I used their 200€ Welcome offer and won round about 2000€ there. They paid it out within a couple of days right after completing the rollover.

    El chico 1

    I’ve tended to stick with most of the big boys as the smaller companies tend to be big hassle at times in terms of I.d being sent etc. I haven’t used Betsafe again since I took up their no risk bet offer and then realised I had to play it through. The terms were very vague. They also asked for passport pic, bank card pictures etc! Seemed like they did everything possible to make it tough to withdraw.

    chris 1

    I’ve been restricted by most of them now but perhaps the most ridiculous thing is that Skybet have restricted me, since on their website they state that Sky Bet Club is for everyone!

    bfc19 1

    Just wondering what to avoid to stop being restricted?
    Quite new to this. Using PP a lot for their in play offer, trying to put a few normal bets on as well.

    Alboy 0

    Racebets were an issue for me.

    They limited my account as soon as i placed my qualifying £50 bet.
    After speaking with them they agreed to deposit my free £50 bet and after sending them credentials they allowed me to use the account, however they limited me to SP odds only so it was a nightmare to lay the free £50, i still managed to earn £35 though so wasnt to bad.

    Ben 1

    It seems like most of you guys didn’t read Matt’s guide about Mug Betting.

    It’s pretty normal for a bookmaker to restrict you if you just use their offers and don’t place any bets besides that. It’s pretty cheap in most cases to place several random bets once in a while. Matt managed to keep his account open, so it should be possible.

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