Targets/Goals? Record-keeping?

  • So, Matt is a ball hair off hitting his £9k profit target for 2015 (as I type this), clearly that will be smashed imminently and is really inspirational stuff!

    I started Match Betting “properly” in October (by which I mean dedicating several hours a week to it) and I have a £1,500 target for the end of December (£500 per month). I think I will manage that and maybe a wee bit more, so I as just curious to know if others have targets? What is realistically achievable for you?

    Also, does anyone else keep records of it all? I have a Google spreadsheet that has details of every account I have opened, every deposit/transfer I have made and every bet I have placed/laid. It’s definitely my OCD that makes me do it, but I do quite like a nice neat, up-to-date record of it all – am I alone in that?! 🙂

    Stay profitable!

  • New to matched betting?

    My Matched Betting Academy is the best place to get started. Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Tony S 7

    I keep track of mine just on notepad like… Also started properly last month… Finished 25/10/15 – 24/11/2015 with a profit of £500.88

    Only really keep record of where my money lies and total outlay, profit and any withdrawals…

    Use my PP free bets on the Result and both teams to score markets £5 home and away so with the 1-1’s today I’ve had a mare and finished about 4 quid down from the qualifiers… Not too downhearted though it could just as easily have gone the other way… Onwards and upwards… Kudos on the forum Matt

    RyanB 11

    Started back around May time, just over £2,500 roughly now.

    Got banned from Paddy which was abit annoying, but there are plenty of bookies to profit from!

    Keep my own excel spreadsheet of each bookies and balance in each, and any withdrawals/deposits that I do, and then simply work out my profit from that.

    Dockie 4

    I’ve not been matched betting for that long, perhaps a month. Made about £400 so far from that. Started arbing back in June and have made about £1000 altogether since then. The flights to The Azores for the family holiday have been paid for thanks to arbing/matched betting!

    A few casualties along the way sadly ie Coral, 888, BetVictor, Marathon. But I carry on! Lots of obscure companies whose welcome offers I’ve not abused as yet!

    Rich 0

    I’m similar to you Tony, started properly in October and have just passed the £1000 mark. Achieved this mainly by matched betting taking advantage of sign up and daily offers and have also recently started arbing.

    Keep a log of all my bets in a trusty excel spreadsheet along with a record of deposits/withdrawals from various accounts.

    Only casualty so far are Stan James who emailed me the other day to say that I can no longer take advantage of offers or promotions. Think it was the ATP Paris Masters free bet offer that did it for me. 4 out of my 5 qualifying bets won along with the free bet I received. Still use them for arbing though so all isn’t lost just yet.

    kjillman 1

    Started June 6th, currently at £3,700. Banned from Paddy,Boyle Sports ,Betfred and Totesports and now 888 sport. Only care about Paddy as the other three hardly do anymore offers. Has anyone noticed that Betfred and totesports have not done their Place 3 in play bets get £25 free bet for at least 3 months!

    Ice Magic 3

    Can anyone mention being banned above understand why they were banned?
    I got banned from BetVictor but I understand what I did wrong and won’t do it again. I don’t want it to happen to my other accounts.

    I keep a spreadsheet of everything I do. I started doing welcome offers in September but only discovered this blog in the middle of November and started doing normal offers.
    I made £445 in November and am at a total of around £740.

    My target is £500 a month so I will be very happy if I can achieve that!

    Ben 1

    I started out in August and have realized a profit of 4500€ so far. Most of it is from different Welcome Offers. I’m located in Germany, where some of the best bookies (Sky, Paddy) aren’t available and we have to pay a 5% tax on some sites, which is quite annoying. It’s still profitable, though.

    I keep track of my progress and bets with an Excel spreadsheet.

    JDUBU 2

    Hey i was just wondering how people were making around £500 a month?is that using existing customer offers?or opening multiple accounts and getting the free bet offers?at the moment i only follow Matts offers from this blog as i have already rinsed the new customer free bet offers. Any tips i would really appreciate it 🙂

    El chico 1

    I have kept a google doc of all winnings since the summer. I started matched betting in this time off my own knowledge and then stumbled on this site about October time. I was winning about 100-200 a month but this site put me onto lots of offers I hadn’t noticed. I notice there are some dodgy shysters trying to profit from matched betting by making it out like people need guided hugely etc. There’s a few on twitter saying “free for first month then monthly payments” ….when in reality anyone can do it. It’s actually work at times to hunt down the odds but I enjoy it tbh.

    JDUBU 2

    Hey Tony i was just wondering how you were making around £500 a month?is that using existing customer offers?or opening multiple accounts and getting the free bet offers?at the moment i only follow Matts offers from this blog as i have already rinsed the new customer free bet offers. Any tips i would really appreciate it 🙂

    MarkC 1

    I tend to just jot things own on a bit of paper with no proper records. I plan to keep a simplified diary for next year. I play a lot of poker on many of the sites that Matt mentions and matched betting is just a sideline to my poker.

    Paddy’s gave me a free $5 and I’ve spun it into my matched betting bankroll. I’ve never deposited and I’ve used their instore cashcard for withdrawals (or as I now do, hopefully lose on there) so I’ve never deposited. Done similar on Betfair (and a few other sites), £110 deposits and £7,000 withdrawals on my current card.

    I play the poker sites for various promotions so I’ve always a balance on these sites but I tend to stick to just 5 of the high street bookies for my poker and therefore matched betting.

    Gman 4

    Ive been matched betting since april, profits sitting at £3300. Been using a word document but will need to think about an excel spreadsheet instead. Banned from boyles, racebets and most recently 888, which is a gutter as was making a killing from the goals mean more promo. As long as I still have paddy, skybet and ladbrokes I’ll be happy. Hoping to make £4k by the end of the year.
    Anyone else find it really hard to convince friends/family of the benefits of matched betting?

    Guppyboy 0

    Record-Keeping is an absolute must. It instils discipline, helps prevent mistakes (mostly!), and keeps me motivated. Nothing like seeing the total £££s steadily increasing. I keep a spreadsheet of bookies with money IN and OUT and a running total. I keep a separate sheet which details each offer by bookie, offer, qualifying loss & profit.

    I’ve ‘dabbled’ in Matched betting for the last 4-5 years. When I started out I settled for £1-£2k just doing sign up bonuses over a year. After the first year I only bothered with re-loads that paid well, so that was pretty much B365 in-play offers with the occasional £25 offer from Ladbrokes. So I only made £50 – £100 a month.

    I am now working part-time so decided to get back into the matched betting (and very much inspired by Matt’s blog). I didn’t realise just how many promotions are going on out there, and it’s amazing how all the little £5 free bets add up to a decent second income by the end of the month. I’m now bringing in £400-£600 a month. I’ve made just over £2k in the last 4 months of re-booting

    Despite losing accounts at Ladbrokes, Betfred, Totesport and Stan James, there’s still everything to play for.

    MarkC 1

    That maybe deserves a separate thread Gman.

    I know most of my friends have the “gamblers always lose mentality”. I think they go from their own experiences. I’m a profitable poker player but I always get hit with “How much did you lose” when I tell them I win. Showing them P/L does no good, they simply don’t believe you can make decent money for very little risk.

    I’ve posted several times linking this site on both Twitter and Facebook. I’ve yet to have any friends contact me about Matched Betting. I guess many of them see it as complicated, using an exchange and decimal odds isn’t the easiest if you’ve never tried it before. Their also stuck in their losing ways in that gambling is just a flutter and not a means to make serious cash.

    As for myself, I matched betted years ago but I thought it was only good for start up offers until I discovered this site. I’d went through most poker sites in my freeroll days and therefore missed the first deposit bonus. Thanks to Matt, Now I’m using it to supplement my poker profits.

    Tony 12

    I am clearing at least £500 per month doing most of the offers that Matt blogs, plus a few more invite only ones (which I seem to get mainly from Sky and Corals). Other than that, I often look to price boosted events at various bookies that offer small arb opportunities, but then underaly them where I am fairly sure that they will happen – I have found that to be quite profitable too.

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