Where our money really comes from… [is this moral]

  • …surely it effectively comes from real gamblers. Sometimes they may make something out of us, but in the long run we make money [like the bookies] and punters lose money. A lot of this money must come from crime, and a lot of it must be putting poor people into debt. So isn’t matched betting actually very immoral?

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    Tony S 7

    how do you people sleep at night?

    Ice Magic 3

    Its not our job to assess whether people can afford to bet against us! Or whether its drug money etc

    Tony S 7

    Agreed Ice… I spend very little of my winnings on drugs ?

    Pickle 58

    SO if we werent doing it are the bookmakers gonna give them all their money back. I see it as a way of recouping some of the money ive given the bookie over the years.

    beh 7

    Money ain’t got no owners, only spenders.

    mike j 11

    Are we actually having this conversation??? If you ain’t comfortable then don’t do it.

    Mark 1

    We can’t control what other people do with their money, only what we do with our own. I’m quite happy to take the bookies money or any other punter who wants to take my bets on the exchange.

    I’m sure most of us have been on the mug punting side of the fence at one time or another and I for one knew the risks of making a bet and didn’t expect anyone to give me anything back when we lost.

    You’ve got to be 18 to gamble and that makes us all big boys and girls so there’s nothing immoral about it!

    mbPete 0

    Very interesting point Chris, I have no moral problems with it myself but it is a good thing to think about.

    Tony 12

    Good thread with some interesting thoughts. Not sure I agree that all those regular joes are earning their mug punting stakes through drug dealing or other criminal activity mind, but I like the fact that you have at least raised the question OP.

    IMO Match Betting is a moral as any other form of investment.

    roly24 11

    I think you need to chill out Chris. If we weren’t picking up on the offers others would so relax mate. Any pals or colleagues etc I flag up MB to can’t get their head round it not being gambling but if that’s their thinking – shame. Keep up all the good profitable wink guys and certainly into 2016!! Cheers again to Matt for the blog itself – great site.

    Andrew V 0

    It’s true of course that serious problems follow betting around but let’s not forget that most bettors are ordinary folk like you and me—betting is a social freedom. Would you rather live in a world that snatches away your next chocolate bar?

    If anyone’s interested in a longer read I’ve written an essay on the morality of sports betting here: https://tenyearsburning.com/2016/01/18/morality-of-betting-defence/

    FoG_BLoG 47

    I’ve definitely thought about this a bit. My profits come from the bookies and I’m happy about that. It’s just taking a little back. I do realise that the bookie can only afford these offers because of the amount of money they make, some off hopeless desperate gambling addicts.

    I have though about donating profits to gamblers anonymous or something but it’s probably too ironic.

    Anyway, I’ve not made enough yet to consider giving any away.

    Also the gambling industry is part of the entertainment industry. Yes regular punters lose money but that’s just the cost they pay for their entertainment.

    ADG89 1

    My favourite line from the thread is;

    “Money ain’t got no owners, only spenders.”

    Never knew Bob Dylan was a matched better!

    I very much think that any money we make is coming solely from the bottom line of the bookies P&L’s, so if we are going to feel bad for anyone it should be the employees of the bookmakers and their shareholders as they will miss out on bonuses/dividends – I reckon there will be less sympathy for them than people suffering from gambling addictions!


    The old saying “a bet is between a thief and a fool ” has never been truer,

    Andrew V 0

    Thieves and fools—the haves and have-nots presumably? Well then you’ve just labelled bettors and non-bettors alike. If there were a level playing field out there then you might have a point…

    We’re not all lowlifes, and those that are had just as many problems before they placed their first bet.

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