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  • Ive put £100 in to get the £50 free christmas bonus but didnt read all the terms properly. To get it i need to wager the full £100 on trebles or above with each individual selection being at least 1.6. Anyone think this is doable with minimal losses or should i just cash back out?.

  • Shaun46 1

    Can you do it the same way as Matt did it with the offer from Betsafe? As that was a treble also and he shows up step by step how to cover it I believe but do your maths first.

    Pickle 57

    Id say you could but the problems are Tottenham wouldnt be a qualifier as their odds are too short plus if Matt was only going to make a tenner with enhanced odds it would probably be a fair loss without them enhanced. Im thinking its a rubbish deal that im not gonna be able to do.

    Starlord 0

    Yes. It’s a terrible offer. I wouldn’t go near it.

    sam 0

    Depends whether there are any other roll over requirements or not.

    If you have odds of 2.0,2.0,2.0 for example and -2.5% loss and lay them separately after knowing the outcome of the previous leg:
    in 50% of the cases: -2.5% loss
    in 25% of the cases: -2.5% – 2*2.5% = -7.5% loss
    in 25% of the cases: -7.5%-4*2.5% = -17.5% loss.

    That being said, odds may change a lot and make the loss way higher.
    edit: nvm, just checked their odds, way worse than -2.5% unfortunately.

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