2016 matched betting diary

  • Hi guys

    New to this forum although I have been reading it a little bit recently and think a lot of people on here are really knowledgeable on the subject of matched betting. I have been matched betting for a few months, doing ok nothing amazing or anything. I wanted somewhere to keep a record of my matched betting and share with some people who know what they are doing so that I can both get some advice which is always helpful and hopefully help some other people out as well. The aim for next year is to try and make 5K by the end of the year. That should cetainly be possible as it is £400 per month. I tend to do accumulators, the football offers, like the bet365 and Ladbrokes ones and the horse offers on the channel 4 racing.

    Hopefully can make this an interesting and useful thread. Will post plans for the first few weeks of 2016 quite soon.

    Good luck to all of us for the new year.

  • RyanB 11

    Good luck mate, 2016 will also be my first full year of matched betting as I started back in May. I think i’d be happy with around 5k also, all the best!

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    Thanks Ryan

    OK so time to get off to making £100 this week. The bad news for me is that I am having to work tomorrow so am going to miss C4 Racing but I can get on it today.

    I have already covered a few races for a decent price and should be looking good to hit a few refunds. I have taken to Paddy Power App price boost and layed on Betfair for a profit of about £4.50 and we have two games on Skybet later to grab a couple of £10 free bets so that should be worth somewhere between £12 and £14. Hopefully get a decent start towards £100 this week today. Some examples of what I have covered:-

    15:05 Cheltenham Top Notch 3.5 3.5 William Hill
    14:30 Cheltenham Rons Dream 8 8.6 Bet365
    12:45 Cheltenham Alternatif 3.25 3.35 Ladbrokes
    13:20 Cheltenham Aubusson 6.5 6.8 SkyBet
    13:55 Cheltenham Village Vic 4.5 4.7 Ladbrokes
    13:20 Cheltenham SeeyouatMidnight 6.5 6.8 Ladbrokes
    13:20 Cheltenham SeeyouatMidnight 6.5 6.8 Bet365

    Probably going to have a got at matching some of the Darts on Paddy Power as well although that will need good matches but a price of less than £1 to match a £20 bet is going to be worth it.

    RyanB 11

    You should try cover the top 2 with ladbrokes & William Hill also check out my post as Betbright are also offering money back 2nd on cheltenham races also

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    Yeah will be doing that, also trying to add a few in with 365 and Maybe BFSB. Will cover closer the races as not seeing the best of matches overall at the moment

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    Not the greatest of matches on the horses today. Made £40 on the session though so not the worst of starts to the new year. Got some football bets to go on still today so see how they go.

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    Hi all, new here, been using PA for a while, made about £1500, but having made very little so far in Jan, I’m starting to think I don’t need the PA subscription……

    Hoping for £300-400 a month, but have to say for me in Jan this will be tricky. I started HR refunds and have done 10-12 now with nothing, 2 acca refunds and nothing, just small loss after small loss. Onwards and upwards they say !

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    opps wrong thread.

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    Firstly sorry for the lack of updates here, I have had a lot of unexpected work come in so have not had the time to do as much bettings as I would have liked.

    So far this month I am up around £150 which is a little behind where I would like to be at this point in the month. I have made a couple of small mistake that would have put me a little higher but still £150 is nothing to complain about. Most of this has been from C4 racing but I have also done 5 accas locking in profit on 4 of these, the Hills 10% boost is really good as it makes locking in profit much easier. I do still have one free bet to use as well. I am hoping for something to show up for the midweek football. Don’t think I have done much else yet but hopefully can get on it s bit now. Might see if it is possible to setup some midweek accas to catch up on the target a little bit due to being behind the £100/week target.

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    Have not kept this as up to date as I need too but been pretty bust between matched betting and other things. Like most people I got removed form Paddy Powers offer Bet 20 Get 10 but at the end of the day it is not the greatest offer other than the fact they do it fairly frequently still not that bothered by it but if they bring back the 2nd place horse refunds hope to still be able to do those (I fear the worst though).

    I have been mostly focused on doing accumulators and Horse refunds but not been putting the time into this that I need too. We are now 3 weeks into 2016 and I am up by about £250 so behind target. Not that £250 is anything to complain about in 3 weeks.

    Being unable to hit the C4 stuff is not ideal but Will Hill and Market Rasen helped today even though I only hit one refund in 6 races. I will have a total of 6 accumulators running this weekend. One weekend when I am in the house all weekend (they don’t seem to exist at the moment) I want to post a step by step demo of how I do accas then people can give feedback which might improve how I do them and if people like how they are done they can use it as well.On the football list to do this weekend:-

    William Hill In-Play offer
    Betsafe Man City In Play offer
    Titan Bet Sheff Wed Offer (if matches available)
    Skybets Odds boost offer
    Bet Victor Offer

    Accumulators are on with the following sites

    William Hill
    Bet Vision

    Also need to investigate the tennis stuff that is going on and the First Goal Scorer refunds that are available very soon.

    Current 2016 Profit = £254.76

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    Quick few qualifiers done this morning

    Betsafe Man City offer on Newcastle – QL of 39p
    Coral Offer on Leicester – QL of 10p
    Betvictor offer on Liverpool – QL of 75p

    They will all generate a £10 Free Bet so £30 worth of free bets for £1.24 if I can covert at a rate of just over 70% then it should be a profit of £20 which would be acceptable

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