21bet platform and licensing change. Existing accounts inaccessible.

  • Hi all,

    Long time viewer, first time poster.

    Has anyone got a 21bet account and more importantly one with a balance?

    I have received an email today that is apparently good news as they have migrated to a new platform and you have to re- register. The bad news is you can no longer access your old account so if you have a balance the email states you need to contact FSB Technology via help@fsbtech.com. I have just done that but the email bounced back as not recognised!

    I contacted 21bet chat via the new platform and they gave me a link to a contact form to request a withdrawal. I have completed the form so hopefully there won’t be any issues.

    The agent on the chat said they cannot answer any queries or help regarding pre- existing accounts.

    Just giving you a heads-up in case you need to do the same.

  • Warren Marshall 0

    Hi Andy thanks for the advice I tried to log into my old account not recognised so also sent an email which got bounced. I have now contacted FSB via the enquiry form. Let’s hope we get our full refunds otherwise think it a complaint to the Gambling Commission.

    AndyC 4

    Just had an email from FSB explaining the situation. Seems like 21bet have gone ahead and moved their platform without agreement / approval from FSB. They assure me the funds are safe and they are in the process of moving accounts to a new platform.

    Let’s just say it seems like 21bet have been a bit naughty (to put it mildly) and dropped FSB in it! Interestingly FSB have apparently informed the Gambling Commission about what has happened.

    Fingers crossed, should be back up and running ASAP on another site operated by FSB.

    Warren Marshall 0

    Hi Andy – thanks for the message I received an identical email so hopefully be up and running with my funds intact pretty soon Best Wishes Warren

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