2nd Place & Bet365 4/1 winner offer advice needed

  • Hi Guys,

    I’ve been dabbling with 2nd place refund offer on the GG’s with small stakes at the moment in order to get my technique right. Matt’s guide is helpful but doesn’t really explain what to do with multiple offers on the same day. I get the fact that for 2d place offers you’d back different horses at different bookies but what tends to give the best outcome when using the 4/1 winner offer with a 2d place offer? Backing 2 different horses or backing the same horse and covering 1st and 2nd place?

    I’m also just working my way through my opening offers so and advice on the best bookies for these offers would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance guys


  • New to matched betting?

    My Matched Betting Academy is the best place to get started. Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Ice Magic 3

    If you haven’t done Netbet I would recommend them.

    I’m just getting into the horses myself. The bet365 offer is lucrative but does require putting a lot into your exchange to cover your wins. The trouble is you have to pick a winner so a bit of luck needed but if you get your bet on a bit earlier and lay at the last moment you should minimise the cost down to £0-2. If you get a winner then you can use the risk free bet calculator to guarantee a profit of £35-40 on the next race

    It does take a bit of time to do but if you hit a couple of winners you’ll have a very good day.
    It’s also tempting to punt the risk free bet if you get one or underlay for a massive bonus if you pick another winner.

    Johnson 3


    Are you a pathetic, worthless punk?

    Recommending Netbet for an offer to begin with is ridiculous. Try the small offers at big names e.g. Will Hill , Coral etc to build up your bankroll for project Zeus (Bet365).

    Tony 11

    I would also question your advice about getting bets on early and then laying at the last minute! That’s hardly a safe proposal to be passing on to novice match bettors tbh

    Ice Magic 3

    Excuse me Johnson. WTF?
    Ive made over £200 profit from Netbet. Found their odds to be pretty good for low qualifying losses and theyll give you £50 for signing up.

    Laying close to the race start is the advice ive read on here. Best matches done at the start. when i say backing early i meant like 15-30 mins before the race as there are ony short gaps between each race. Of course you can always do both at the last minute but in my experience he odds shorten. I am only a novice though so wont bother posting any advice from now on

    Ice Magic 3

    Also Johnson the original post os asking for sign up offers. Not on going offers.
    I also assumed that he’s probably done the main bookies

    Rich1982 0

    Thanks for the responses guys. if we could keep the name calling to a minimum that’d be good though.

    I don’t think I was clear enough on my original post, I have done a lot of the big bookies and am currently just finishing off my netbet welcome bonus. I was enquiring as to which bookies are best for the 2nd place offers and back a winner type offers as I will probably do my welcome offer for those bookies next.

    Also, Ice Magic’s advice may not have been the best strategy but it does raise a good question. When is the best time to back and lay? Personally, I find that horse prices can be erratic close to the off.

    Johnson 3

    Ice Magic, the weak must make way for the strong. Evolution marches on. The scythe is remorseless. I hope the scythe’s remorseless swing can bring some comfort to you.

    Rich you have to grab life by the balls. Really grab all the balls you can. They’re your balls now. Close to the off is always the best time to bet, find a method that lets you look at the exchange and bookmaker prices at the same time to make it easier.

    Dockie 4

    Ice Magic, Johnson is also known on here as Jeremy Usborne and Mark Corrigan. All characters from the fantastic Peep Show. I’m sure he doesn’t really think you’re a worthless punk; it’s one of Johnsons best lines. Though it’s probably lost on you if you don’t know Peep Show.
    Just ignore him and keep posting!

    Dockie 4

    Classic Peep Show. However not everyone will get it and will think you’re weird.

    Ice Magic 3

    I think hes weird

    Starlord 0

    Still some poor advice. “In my experience the odds always shorten”. Yes, some prices with shorten, some will drift. The book will balance itself. You cannot just assume that your selection will shorten in price before the off. If that always happened you wouldn’t need any bookmaker accounts. You’d be a millionnaire Betfair trader!

    dekoder 1

    Books that do 2nd refund offers (friday/saturday/sunday C4 races mostly):
    William Hill (mobile only)
    BetBright (sometimes)
    sportingbet (usually just 1 race, sometimes all)
    skybet (usually 1 race; sometimes refund if fav win or refund if bet loses)

    Betfair Sportsbook does bonus if hit 4/1+ winner.

    Also PP do refund if 2nd to SP favourite right now (every day) but it’s a lot harder to hit; only worth doing if there is a clear favourite in the race.

    If there are few bookies doing refund if 2nd on the same race the best tactic would be to cover few horses with shortest odds. But in reality it depends on odds being close and luck. No point covering best 4-5 horses for big qualifying loss and then that 10/1 nag comes 2nd.

    78naD 2

    RaceBets another good one for these.

    Also on certain races Betfred and Totesport worth having.

    The key here is multiple accounts. We all have a wife / girlfriend / sister who could open an account. I just tell the wife to stick 25 on a certain horse on her mobile some days (to keep those of you shouting ‘fraud’ every 5 mins at this). It’s not.

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