888 Triple odds new customer offer

  • Hey guys

    888 is one bookie I dont have an account with yet.

    How do I gain the maximum profit from the triple odds new customer offer?

  • greig A 1

    Hi Chris,
    When i did it i worked out how much you would get from the tripple odds, then divide that by your wagering amount, that gives you your effective odds that you enter into the calculator. Get the lay odds as usual and the calculator should tell you how much to lay.
    Good lick

    greig A 1

    Good luck not lick

    Chris 18

    Cool, thanks mate (for the lick too)

    Tony 10

    Look for biggish odds too, to maximise profit and ensure you lose the money into your exchange account. I went for something like 18/1 when I did it iirc.

    Mark 1

    Pick a horse at 10-1 or over and Triple it, so 10-1 becomes 30-1.

    Put 31 as your back stake, 11 (ish) as your lay stake and collect your £17 profit. You’ll need £250 plus in your exchange account to cover this though.

    Pickle 57

    Did this yesterday picking a horse at big enough odds so i could cover it with my Smarkets account. Triple odds bet lost as hoped for and today 888 have sent me a email bet £5 at odds of over 1.5 on any event and theyll give me a £10 free bet so if thats standard from them you get to win twice.

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