888sport VIP

  • Is anyone an 888sport VIP member? I know a few here have been gubed by them but wondered how you would get such status? The VIP offers are excellent including the Goals mean more promotion which you qualify for by placing a £50 match on a team pre match.

    Tier 1 teams return £10 a goal, tier 2 £15 and tier 3 £20 and with Leicester in tier 3 you’d be quids in from them so far this season.

    There’s an email address to contact if you’re interested but I’m not confident I’d make the grade presently in fact I’m more likely to be gubbed at present I think!

    Anyone a member?

  • Andy 1

    I think you have to be a big player on their casino and poker site.

    Mark 1

    Thanks Andy, would make sense I suppose they’ll want to look after their high rollers. I do drop a few quid in the casinos every now and again, come out even in the long run I think, it’s in my head that it makes me less likely to be gubbed but I’m certainly not at the level as to be a VIP!

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