• I can see how people can get hooked on gambling, as I find even MB is addictive, and we are making money.

    Does anyone else find this? Or Perhaps you have good ways on limiting the amount of time/effort/money they use for MB?

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    RyanB 11

    To be honest I wouldn’t say it was addictive like I occasionally very rarely use a free bet without laying so obviously I could have extracted say 80% of that for real cash but the odd gamble (if you can call it a gamble with a free bet) makes it more exciting.
    But im sure many will agree with me I would say Matched Betting is a very fun hobby of mine and im glad I discovered it!

    Dockie 4

    Funnily enough I was told last night by my wife that I’m spending too much time doing this. I agreed to have a couple of days off, start up again on New Years Day. Couldn’t help myself, just put my WH prematch on the match tonight!
    No gambling, just MB. Whenever I have a day off I get twitchy and moody as I’m missing out on easy dosh.

    beh 7

    As with Dockie, I perhaps get a bit twitchy if I’m not checking for potential offers. Could do with limiting the time I spend on it. I find the 2nd place racing offers particularly addictive.

    I can also see how someone might easily be tempted to the dark side after a bit of matched betting. You might start under laying something for an increased profit. Maybe hold off laying entirely waiting for better odds only to let it run. You win a few of these initially and decide to have a punt with some of the profits…

    JDUBU 2

    Lol my wife says the same but I can’t help it I hate missing out on easy money too!

    Coco Popo 0

    Yes exactly, the wife is often saying “Are you betting again?”
    Matched Betting – Yes
    Gambling – not really

    Like others have said, you don’t want to miss out on more “free” cash. It can just take a lot more time then it needs to find good matches, particularly on the in-play offers.

    I’m not really tempted to try and win by gambling as we all know that the bookies will win in the long run. But there are some low risk, odds in our favour offers to do.

    Tony S 7

    Anyone get the “long slippery slope” talk?… The missus can’t he her head around how it’s not gambling ?

    If I was losin money I wouldn’t do it


    Shaun46 1

    You guys make me laugh my wife can’t get her head around the system but she can see it’s not losing money.

    Mark P 1

    Yeah my wife just lets me get on with it – she’s not complaining when she gets those new shoes!

    crtnycrk 0

    Wife here!

    MB is my new favorite hobby and I’ve finally gotten my husband on board! I’ll admit it’s a low level addiction but only because it works. #hollaforadolla

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