Already have a few betting accounts

  • Hi,

    I already have a few accounts set up from when I do the odd Grand National bet. Can I still do matched betting or should I use my wife’s details who hasn’t got any accounts?


  • Matt

    I would recommend using your own accounts as registering accounts under your wife’s name may raise red flags if you share the same details, like home address, IP address, etc.

    The sign up offers are just the starting point, so you can still make plenty from bookmaker reload offers using your own accounts.

    You’ll probably find there are a number of bookmakers you’ve yet to sign up to too. There are over 50 listed on my New Customer Offers page.

    I hope that helps.

    Stephen Golder 1

    Love your content but surprised the forum isn’t alive…..I’ve recently stopped using PA along with a lot of others and may look to bring life into the forum…

    terradark 0

    Many online casinos have account verification by IP address, so it’s better to use your details for registration. It is better to immediately adhere to the correct position.

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