Always take an ACCA cash out offer and does it increase?

  • Hi,
    So tried the NetBet weekly ACCA offer for the first time this week (bet £10 fourfold and receive £5 free bet) and went down the ‘no lay’ method (yes, it’s more of a punt than I like to take since risks at best a £6 loss) but picked my 4 games very carefully based on current form etc.

    So having won the first 3 games of 4 (Bournemouth at home to Birmingham tonight is the last), NetBet are offering me £92 cash out against a possible £165 if Bournemouth win tonight.
    Interestingly NetBet have just increased my cash out to £93.60 this morning, will it increase nearer the match or indeed could they take the offer away?

    Surely in this situation I should always take the cash out offer because it’s essentially become a ‘mug bet’ risk on losing my £92 just to make £70, and hedge betting is exactly the opposite to risk gambling?

    Interested whether people generally cash out part way on successful ACCA’s

  • Matt

    Hi @swifty999,

    I think it depends on the individual.

    Bookmaker cash-out offers are usually poor. You can often lock in more profit by laying your remaining leg at a betting exchange.

    To work out your lay stake, just divide the difference between your potential loss and your potential profit by the lay odds (minus your % commission).

    So, say Bournemouth were odds of 1.75…

    £10 (potential loss) + £165 (potential profit) = £175 (difference)
    1.75 (lay odds) – 0.02 (if your commission is 2%) = 1.73
    £175 ÷ 1.73 = £101.16 (lay stake)

    If you’re looking to cash out in future, it’s always worth just crunching the numbers to see if you can lock in more with the exchange.

    I hope that helps.

    Swifty999 0

    Thanks Matt, yes I did exactly that in the end.

    Layed the cashout value of £93 on Smarkets, costing me about £48 but guaranteeing the cashout value and Bournemouth won meaning £165 minus £48 minus £10 bet = £107 profit and I still got the Netbet free £5 bet for completing the ACCA.


    Nicely done @swifty999!

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