Another Sky enhanced treble

  • Palace Spurs and Everton @12.0 can be layed for a small profit @ 11.0. Or as i have done used my free £5 from the skybetclub. a lay of £4.52 gives a profit of £4.30 if it loses or £9.78 if it wins.

  • dangerzone14 11

    that’s a good suggestion about using the skybet free bet. my worry though would be getting flagged for taking up enhanced prices on a free bet. Might be seen to be taking too much value but im probably being paranoid.

    bluemoon101 0

    I have used my £5 free skybet on enhanced odds for rangers 2-0. Either way profit of £4.27. Worried now about above suggestion of getting flagged, but not bad profit if all goes well

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