Are scammers?

  • Yesterday I received an email from Betway, offering me a £25 matched deposit. I asked them about it today to confirm the details and they claim they have no knowledge of any such offer. I just Googled them and it seems the company has a pretty bad reputation. Any experiences anyone?

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    Metoss 8

    Betway are a scammer company from Malta that can afford to advertise on tv with the money they stole from other people. Any money deposited there will be lost the moment you win a bet, as they will suspend the account right away. These Malta con artists are not very smart, they just do the same scam over and over. Stay away.

    Metoss 8

    Help stop the scammers by reporting them to and talking about them in forums. Drop a quick report at this link:

    bbobb 21

    I don’t think they’re scammers but they will gub you pretty quickly.

    betman 40

    As above.
    I doubt you have been scammed, but if you have then go to IBAS rather than just writing a bad review

    Also if anyone wants to report them to the advertising standards agency for their current adverts, only caught the end of one but my young daughter seemed a bit traumatised at some man’s face covered in blood…. which I don’t expect after I’ve watched the 4.10 on at the races!!

    manchestman 0

    Betway are not scammers, I have had and still receive nearly every week, countless free bets. Maybe the CS advisor just wasn’t aware of the emailyou received. Try asking someone different or forward your email back to their CS, asking them to double check its validity? I don’t know for certain, but would guess that if you received an official email, it would be genuine and would be honoured as long as you keep to the exact letter of their terms
    As to gubbings:
    Most bookies gub quickly if they guess you’re a matchbettor! I’ve lost several accounts, Sunbets going down last week. Sometimes seems to be no rhyme or reason. All you can do is follow various tips such as depositing more than the minimum amount to claim a bonus, do plenty of ‘mug’ bets (always laying off for as small a loss as possible), have a ‘favourite’ football team , NBA team etc (preferably one that attracts low odds) that you often bet on. Stick to main events, any televised sports should be ok. Try to ‘lose’ your money to the exchange of your choice rather than withdraw, whenever possible. If you use software to find good qualifiers scroll down the list to find a high profile match – probably only lose a few more pence anyway!
    As I said though, sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be any pattern to gubbing. I tried to follow my own advice but lost Sky nearly a year ago whereas bet365 is still going strong. I still get all the free bet invites and deposit matches from bet365 (I’m in year 6 now) and have had £hundreds off them. Definitely worth losing a few quid each season.

    Bazza74 4

    They are quick to gubbed. I think I got three bets on. Before the email saying no more promotions. Haven’t used them since.

    Lewdy 0

    I signed up to spincasino (same company) for Topcashback. Never got the cashback.

    Alvin 6

    No they are not scammers IMO; was one of my favourite brands for matched betting over a good few months before getting gubbed. Others seem to say they gub very quickly, although it wasn’t the case for me. In your scenario, just send them a screenshot of the offer you got to sort it out.

    Tornado 1

    I got gubbed pretty quick a couple of years ago but have used them every day for months doing EW bets. Not had any issues with them.

    deathstar 23

    I quite liked betway, had loads of free bets off them and account lasted over three years. I think the thing they hate more than anything else is betting on horses. When I eventually got gubbed I turned to arbing and lasted about 4 bets before being limited to peanuts.

    take a screenshot of the email they sent you and show it to CS, I found their agents have no clue about offers being sent out, but once you show them evidence they honour the offer. see if you can find an email address rather than relying on live chat, they are just there for account/deposit problems.

    Damienrln 2

    They are scammers indeed .

    This week end i took the £10 esport free bet matched bet offer but i never been credited, and i did everything properly regarding the offer .

    The most annoying is when you go on the tchat to claim it and they are fobbing you off over and over again, always to say something that doesn’t make sense to confuse you and cover up their scam.

    The phone contact number has been disabled as well as the email contact adress . So the only way to reach them is live tchat , which is hold by a bunch of con artists.

    I don’t know why Matt is still uploading their fake offers because it’s more than a waste of time !

    I will never put a step again on this website .

    sam_69 14

    I got quite alot of free bets and boosts before they gubbed me. A good 3 or 4 months. At one point I was doing their superboost everyday and it seemed to win nearly 40% of the time and so I was having to take money out quite often from them. Never had any problems getting the money out. There was one occasion when I did not get a free bet and so went on the webchat and a nice lady sorted it out for me. I am not sure they are worse than anyone else and probably a bookie I would use if I was a real punter.

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