• I’ve worked my way through most of the welcome offers now and since discovering skrill I’ve been smashing it. Entirely using skrill as my sole method of withdraw + deposit now i’m onto the existing customer offers. Withdrawal time seems to be dependant on bookie, but instant deposit. Its pretty handy to juggle the money around and now my bankroll is the profit I have made, which is accumulating. Nice to have the money separate from real life.
    Haven’t looked at the Skrill MasterCard option,it may be useful able to get round a few bookies which do not accept skrill as initial deposit.

    Has anyone else had any experience with the other E-Wallets, or the Skrill master card?

    What are your money management strategies?
    Do you use a separate current account?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Mark 1

    never used Skrill primarily because a lot of offers i see say that customers who use it are excluded! I use paypal where possible and debit card otherwise although my bank statements now make me look like an addict!

    Ice Magic 3

    I use debit card for everything. But i have a spreadsheet to keep track of it all so not a problem.
    I think i was £1000 down at one point but now only about £300. I have about £1150 in betting accounts and the exchnage though

    Tony 12

    I have a dedicated MB bank account – so glad I set this up before starting as it just keeps everything nice an clean (and out of sight of the wife! haha)

    I use Paypal to deposit wherever possible, mainly as it’s the quickest way to get your money back out of a bookie. Failing that I will deposit via the debit card for that MB bank account.

    Never looked into Skrill either, like Mark, due to the fact that a lot of the offers are not open to Skrill/Neteller users. How fast is withdrawal to Skrill? I normally get withdrawal to Paypal within 2 hours from most bookies so far, which is more than fast enough for me just now.

    My google sheet has a tab I use solely to track exactly what I have deposited where, how and when, along with a section that shows me exactly where my money is at all times and a running total float balance.

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