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  • Hi

    I’ve made a couple of hundred quid in the last few weeks since starting and hope to carry on doing so on a regular basis.

    Basically what I’m asking is how often do you mug bet and do you have any techniques for mug getting?

    Also which offers are more likely to get you banned? And which bookies ban people?

    Thanks in advance

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    mike j 11

    I don’t believe in mug betting helps in the slightest, I believe it’s all just randome. Only restarted match betting a couple of months back and I’ve been hitting it hard and not been gubbed yet. Dockie has lost quite a few accounts over time so he might be able to shed some light for you.

    A fair few on here were all restricted from paddy at roughly the same time, some were mug betting whilst others weren’t. I’ve heard 888 arnt afraid to restrict you when your on a winning streak

    beh 7

    So what exactly happens when you get banned/restricted? Do you get a polite email? I take it you can still withdraw any balance you have?

    78naD 2

    Yes, a polite e-mail and of course you can still withdraw your money.

    STC 4

    I haven’t been restricted on any and I’ve been doing this a while too.

    I do think that you have to be careful on your betting patterns from what I’ve heard from other matched betters. A lot of people who have been gubbed say that they got too “greedy” and never missed a promotion/offer and maximised each one to the max. I do believe that it’s important to increase your betting on certain accounts when you are using them a lot – Paddy powers offers last month made me a lot so I made sure that I was betting on other premiership games which wernt part of the offers (at minimal losses). Lot say that they get banned on 888 because they simple did the prem goals bet and then didnt use the account on any other occasion.. I purposely don’t do this offer every week for this reason (I do enough gub betting as it is and I don’t have time to do it on here too so I just don’t get greedy and do it once in a while)

    I also think that I’ve stayed under the radar as I’ve been quite successful/fortunate on losing my bets at the bookies and extracting money to my betting exchanges.

    betty 0

    Thanks for all the information guys, I’m gunna try and make this a long term thing.

    How long has everyone been doing it for? It is realistic to think I can stretch it out for a year? Maybe longer?

    kjillman 1

    I’ve been doing this ,since the end of May.Restricted at Paddy Power,Boyle sports,Betfred.totesports & 888 sport. Only really cared about Paddy.

    Paddy loads of mug bets but I still got restricted and with totsports I was nearly £1500 down with them(of course won all the time at the exchange) but they still restricted me.

    totally agree with others mug bets are a waste of time.

    Chris 19

    I also dont believe in the concept of mug betting as something to avoid being restricted/banned by bookies. You’re better off just not jumping on every single offer that a bookie puts out there and always doing the maximum stake.

    I’m also not sure as it’s unproven but losing more at the bookies rather than the exchange probably helps keep your accounts open.

    I’ve been restricted by Betway, only offer besides the opening £25 free bet I did with them is the Champions League top scorer. They at least called me to say they would honour the offer and continue to give me free bets when Ronaldo scored.

    Ben 1

    I have won enough unlikely bets to say that it’s impossibe to control my losses or winnings on a specific site.

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