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  • Hi Guys.

    Just a couple of bits of advice when any of you have a minute.

    For the sign up offers like Bet365. I don’t fully understand the rollover so it feels like a bit of a risk for me with less experience. Would I just have to place 5 x £50 bets(or any multiple that equaled £250 and lose them to the exchange to get the bonus?

    Also, how do I lay accumulators so i can take advantage of the enhanced odds for tables that tend to be a trend each weekend. I have tried Betfair but can only seem to lay singles.

    Thanks in advance.

  • New to matched betting?

    My Matched Betting Academy is the best place to get started. Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Shaun46 1

    @smcculloch494 until you have quite a bit of money behind you or indeed access to a lot of cash and quite a lot more experience of these match bets stay away from the rollover requirment offers for now, just for now as they can become disasterous if you are just starting off. If I can explain the rollover usually includes your deposit so for instance if you put £100 in for a £50 bonus the rollover would be 5 x £150 = £750 so quite a hefty sum to try and lose, you may get lucky and lose straight away if you are betting on high odds but sometimes they win and then you find yourself with limited cash to lay off the rest of the rollover requirement. Obviously if you deposit to the max this rollover figure of deposit + bonus = Huge rollover requirement.

    As for your second question to lay off the enhanced ACCAs you would do this in Betfair under football > Barclays Premier League > Saturday ACCAS 12:45, 15:00 or whatever times the match appears check all the times or indeed check the SUnday ACCAs depending on what day your offer is for.

    Hopefully this has helped and welcome aboard i’m sure some of the guys have alternative advice.

    deathstar 23

    I’ve just done the Bet 365 SUB and it took me about £2000 of float. its pretty straight forward but can be daunting because of the large sums involved. I was quite lucky as well because there was lots of footie on with teams as clear favourites and fairly good odds when I did it. I won every game at the bookie, so had to turn over £1200, but remember that the first qualifying bet counts, so I was pleased to see that I had already met some of the WR. oh, and I bet stakes of £200 and £400 and underlaid some of the games so have come out of it with £195 profit intact.
    I would suggest the best approach would be: Make sure you have enough float to cover all bets and WR, underlay where possible without losing too much, bet on the biggest game with the tightest odds difference (e.g. I bet on Liverpool @ 2.05/2.06)
    Most importantly: TAKE YOUR TIME! you have 90 days to complete WR, so wait for the absolute best odds matches you can find. probably also a good idea to do this offer when there isn’t much going on rather than having all your funds tied up on this offer while Chelts is on!

    roly24 10

    Great advice from Deathstar- time not a massive issue for most of the rollovers. Carry them out in controlled structured fashion and don’t be panicked into a daft bet. Plenty time here!

    smcculloch494 0

    Thanks guys.

    I will start small for now.

    Sorry to be a pain but I still can’t see any Accas option on the Betfair exchange when I click Football – then Barclays Premier League?

    Where is the tab on the screen?

    Tony 11

    You won’t see any accas under Premier League just now, as there are no upcoming fixtures in that competition.

    The acca markets are only put up the day before the events start, so they are now up for this weekend under the FA CUP section of betfair – take a look, you should see some?

    Keep an eye out for the Man City/Man U/West Ham combo (in the Sat 3pm section) as this has been boosted by PaddyPower to 5.0 It is not available as a combo yet, but will undoubtedly be added some time today, so should offer a wee arb opportunity then 🙂

    Hope that helps

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